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  1. foxracing15

    What did you do to your RM today?

    hell yea man im about to send my shock out soon
  2. foxracing15

    What did you do to your RM today?

    replaced steering stem bearings, put on an rg3 top triple clamp, new pro taper evo bars (Windham/RM mid bend) + pro taper bar pad, pillowtop grips, pro circuit aluminum throttle tube, and the forged aluminum pro circuit levers (made by sunline) pretty happy with the control setup now. forged levers look real nice bought the top triple clamp used on ebay, and it's in GREAT condition. only paid 60 bones
  3. Hey everyone, I have a question about the suspension on my bike. I have a 2004 Suzuki RM125, and i believe the stock suspension is setup for a 160-165 pound rider. I am 185-190 without gear, and most likely need a bigger shock spring, (maybe fork springs too?). Well, I believe my suspension needs serviced or rebuilt because it feels weird. It is really spongy like, and even when pushing down on the seat to compress the rear shock, the rebound feels like it just comes back up pretty slowly. (I have tried adjusting the rebound on the shock all the way through the clickers, and didn't notice much change.) Well, can anyone tell me if I should rebuild it or not? I'm definitely not a pro by all means. My dad has a 2005 rmz250, and his rear shock rebounds up rather nicely. You can definitely tell the difference between the two just by sitting on them. Well, if i rebuild the shock, i would like a heavier spring, bushings, and i would like to put new bearings in the swingarm, linkage etc. Or i'm debating on going the route of a revalve. I am going to be racing this year, and I would like to have my bike setup solely for racing, although i will still ride some trails. I am 6' tall, 185-190 without gear and riding for 5 years Factory Connection seems to have pretty decent pricing, and am thinking about having shock and maybe forks revalved. They will also replace worn parts (at my expense). If I go that route, should I get the shock and forks revalved, or just the shocks. Also, is it worth it? Some people say it's definitely worth it, and others say it's not.. Thanks everyone
  4. foxracing15

    New rm 125 owner :)

    Hey man, congrats on the new bike! check out this link for your question on your exhaust: http://www.dirtrider.com/tech/141_0302_2003_two_stroke_exhaust_test/index.html good luck with your bike!
  5. foxracing15


    thanks for the reply. I understand that the top and bottom triple clamps are not cast together, but i was reffering to the bar clamp which is cast into the top triple clamp on my bike. So i could not buy different sized bar clamps for oversized bars.
  6. foxracing15


    Hey guys, on the 04 RM125, the bottom part of the bar clamp is cast in with the top part of the triple clamp. First of all, does the 05-07 have the bottom bar clamp cast, or is it removable from the top triple clamp? And also, would a set of top and bottom triple clamps from and 06 RM125 work with my 04 RM125? Thanks
  7. foxracing15

    Which tires?!

    Hey all, just need help with my tire selection. I want to throw some tires on my rm125 over the winter I ride in mainly soft muddy dirt to intermediate. What have you guys had luck using in terms of traction and durability? I will hopefully be racing in the spring, so i need something with great traction and something that would last the main ones i'm looking at are the pirelli mx mid soft 32, michelin ms3, maxxis si, dunlop mx31 or 51, or bridgestone m203 & m204
  8. foxracing15

    Villapoto podium speech

    didn't like villopoto 2-3 years ago, and don't like him now
  9. So, I'm thinking about racing motocross this year, and I'm near Pittsburgh, PA so i think that i would be considered AMA District 5. So, District 5 includes a number of different motocross tracks, ranging from an hour away to around 3 1/2 hours away. My question is, to earn AMA points in District 5, do i have to race every track, or can I pick one track i like, and race it every week? Is there a certain District 5 schedule i have to follow, racing certain tracks on certain days?? Thanks
  10. foxracing15

    04 rm125

    Hey guys. got a few questions that i would appreciate getting answers for. Which full exhaust system would give my bike, 2004 RM125, the best increase in power and the best power throughout the bottom, mid, and top? What are some cheap mods that can give me a boost for when i race? greatly appreciated
  11. foxracing15

    i need to go pro, advice?

    good call. atleast you won't get burnt out so quickly.
  12. foxracing15

    i need to go pro, advice?

    not trying to say you can't... but a lot of people have been working for this dream since they were kids, and most don't make it.
  13. foxracing15

    Oldschool Graphics

    there are websites where you can make custom graphics for your bike http://www.tweqs.com/?gclid=CLnH6rmMmqYCFYnd4AodtRebmg you can fully design them on this website. i haven't bought any from them, but if you search like "tweqs graphics" or something like that, here on TT, you can find a few reviews. hope this helps
  14. hahaha, orgy in the middle of the woods CLASSIC lol
  15. foxracing15

    Old Yellow

    For those of you who know what im talking about, I want to know where I can possibly get the "old Suzuki yellow" colored plastics for my 2004 RM125. like the 1999/2000 color Suzuki yellow for example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VrxqcWo0A4 the "new Suzuki color" or "neon yellow" looks ok, but i just like the darker yellow a lot better. thanks, garrett