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  1. Check VFT website vintage flat track .com or something people take motors out of 450s all the time and sell the rolling chassis
  2. My TT500 never fell over on the kickstand side but my ktm did. Because the kickstand is light and weak and I'm not sure why that's important. But if I spend $150 more than the $9000 I paid for the bike then I won't have to worry about scratching my $50,000 pick up when I have to lean it against it to park. (drops the mike)
  3. God, what is happening? Can they not make a kickstand anymore? I have a crappy one on my ktm too. Is this part of the de-evolution of society?
  4. dualsport

    The xr would be an awesome choice. A 500 will melt the paint off any cars you have to deal with. The engines were built to last forever. As long as the previous owner didn't run it out of oil. I had an xr600 with a plate that I would trust to go anywhere. It would play at the bottom of the deepest darkest canyon then take me through traffic in downtown San Francisco. I really regret selling it.
  5. Just chalk it up to "paying your dues" and count it as a learning experience. Glad you made it through and are still riding.
  6. If it was me (and I'm surprised it's not) go get a brand new set of tiny files, set the bike up in a spot that is well lit, comfortable level to work at and warm. Someplace where you will be left alone and address each thread and clean it as nice as it can possibly be. Like another guy said the threads that matter didn't get hurt just the ones beyond. And put a NEW nut on. Take your time. Do it right. You have ONE more chance to fix this right. If you don't stack all the odds in your favor you're looking at a total disassembly. And you don't have to do it all at once, be patient and get them as close as they can be to their original form.
  7. Is that south of hwy 58 near the scales?
  8. They made an SL90 also. It had the horizontal cylinder but I think it had a manual clutch.
  9. Damn, sorry I'm older than I think. Honda Ct 90. The rest of the world uses them for daily transportation I think. Probably the most common motorcycle in the world. Try beatrice cycle or dratv.com ? You can build a complete new bike there. A lot of crusty old riders started their addiction on 90's.
  10. Wtf it's a honda 90 and the intake valve is tight because they ran the shit out of it and spraybombed it black. Take the left side cover off of the flywheel and put it on top dead center. Then unscrew that top valve cover and set the lash at .002 in. Also it needs a good 6 volt battery connected to it to run. cheers
  11. The tank is gone, seat gone. Chunk broken out of the cam cover, some fins broken off the cylinder. But nice frame, wheels gauges etc. it's a parts bike now
  12. Sweet bike! I found one like it laying in a dumpster after a crew cleaned up an old barn near me. I was horrified, went straight to my truck yard and jumped in a crane truck and drove back to the scene of the crime and fished it out. It's was pretty f#}^{}ed up but I took it anyway. As far as the forks go, maybe the PO was short and he did that to lower it. Great bike, we all rode those back in the day. Good times!
  13. What is the country of origin on the new parts? Sometimes electronic parts made in China are less quality than Japan. I had a new coil go bad this summer. But anyway you'll figure it out, have a good vacation, wish I was there!
  14. Possibly the pick up coil. If it starts and runs for a while and dies after 20 minutes that would be my guess. I had an Xr 600 that would take me anywhere but if it got a drop of water on the coil it would die. Wouldn't restart until it dried out. (Found a crack in the plastic cover) you still have a great bike, don't leave it there!
  15. Greetings, I recently purchased a '05 450 exc. so far pretty impressed with it. The possible problem i am having is oil seeping out of a recessed fitting of some sort in the general area near the kick starter.its at the top of the case behind the #1 filter. From looking at an oil diagram I think it might be a bypass of some sort. The bike only has 135 hours on it and runs fine but makes a mess where ever I park it. Help, what do I do with it?