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  1. bobkoch

    Yamaha WR450F 2016

    So far thrilled. Bike handles great turns in a dime. Takes whoops like a trophy truck!
  2. bobkoch

    Yamaha WR450F (2016)


    So far thrilled. Bike handles great turns in a dime. Takes whoops like a trophy truck!
  3. bobkoch

    Rekluse z-Start Pro Auto-Clutch

    Works great! Super good for racing and trail riding
  4. bobkoch

    Athena GET Big Bore Cylinder Kit

    More power across the band. Great lugging power
  5. bobkoch

    Yamaha YZ250 (2005)


    Love my YZ250. Set up for desert with wr transmission.
  6. bobkoch

    Yamaha YZ250 2005

    Love my YZ250. Set up for desert with wr transmission.
  7. This can be purchased in place of a Desert License! However points will only be counted for this series. You may still race any other D-37 event.
  8. District 37 AMA has created a new series for the Southern california desert! 10 races on 7 weekends total of 8 days of racing over the year. These will be a short course held with existing events! Desert Scrambles are normally 2 loops. For the California Scrambles riders are scored on the first loop! This way pitting is not required! A desert tank is still recommended! See link for Details!http://www.district37ama.org/offroad/scrambles.html
  9. bobkoch

    BLM insurance requirement!

    The stipulation is for the ride organizer to provide the insurance. I agree it is stupid for anyone to race without insurance. For every injury or death during a competition about 50 occur from Play riders doing stupid things. If the Obama care feds wish to require insurance to ride in federal lands then where will it stop. Why do so many support the nanny government. I guess what people want is cradle to grave care. However get ready to give up your rights! When a citizen gives up freedom for security. He will have neither!
  10. bobkoch

    BLM insurance requirement!

    And besides $10,000.00 might get you into the door of an ER today. Not past the second door however. They can burn that much on aspirin.
  11. bobkoch

    BLM insurance requirement!

    Liability has been a requirement for years. It would be stupid not to have Libality policy. The BLM has upped Liability to 2,000,000.00 recently. However this is Medical Insurance requirement! For all participants. No where does a Promoter or club purchase Medical insurance for the riders. They must provide their medical coverage. Eddie Mulder requires you list who your insurance company is and the policy information on the Application. However He does not purchase the medical! Same with many tracks.
  12. bobkoch

    BLM insurance requirement!

    It was Given to Gerry Counts applying for a Dual Sport ride. I am told The rule was postponed one week so Checkers could race tomorrow.
  13. Ever since the truck accident in Lucerne the BLM has been coming out with new requirements almost every week! Latest is The CA BLM is now requiring that you provide $10,000 of medical insurance for all your participants. Permitted events! So long to Dual sport or Desert events!
  14. bobkoch

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    I have several 2-stroke bikes and several 4-stroke bikes. Looking for a Rocket powered like Evil rode along with the coyote.