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    Hi guys, next month I'm spending a couple of weeks in the Vancouver area on vacation from the UK. I thought while I was there I would check out some shops and maybe pick up some new riding gear. Does anybody know of any shops that do good deals on kit in that area and are there any web links ? Unfortunatley I wont have my bike with me but I also hear you can hire down hill mountain bikes, anybody know anything about this ? Thanks in advance deako
  2. The 250 with a 350 kit is a awsome bike, its advantages over the bigger bikes are less recipricating mass making it feel lighter than 400's, 450's and 525's. It then has the close ratio gearbox of the 250 making good use of its extra power. The CDI taken from the 250 lets it still rev like the smaller bike and yet you have the extra torque of a bigger bike with additional 100 cc's. Pretty good all rounder I'd say !
  3. Deako

    Whats wrong with my bike ??

    I think it was more down to a freak incident of nature! The hose seemed to have a small cut in it, the track I raced was quite flinty, maybe it got roosted by another bike, who knows. I wouldn't think it was over pressure looking at he evidence, its a shame as I'm sure gonna miss that 280 kit.
  4. Deako

    Whats wrong with my bike ??

    Well I opened up the engine today first thing I found was that I had lost all of my coolant through a split on the hose ! This had obviously happend during the 3 hr race, it then boiled dry which caused the cylinder to loose a large section of plating and hence compresion. It seems as though the head and valves have survived this attack so it looks like I'll be back to the original cylinder and 250 piston but if thats as bad as it gets it looks like I may have come of lightly.
  5. Deako

    Whats wrong with my bike ??

    No the bike seems to be getting plenty of fuel, it just went from flying around the track at the two hour mark to a dead halt, the amount of oil coming out from the breather seems to have increased a fair amount during the race. The only positives are that a buddy of mine told me the bike was not smoking at all when i passed him and when I try to turn it over it sounds normal (ie no horible metal noises!)
  6. Ok, I have an 03 WRF running a YZF cam and thumper-talk 280 kit, I race the bike at hare scrambles type races (3hr duration) on a regular basis. I have to be honest and say that I noticed a small amount of oil coming out of the large engine breather pipe couple of weeks ago. Today whilst doing an event for the first time in three years I had a dnf because at the two hour stage the bike just stopped. At first I thought it was a fuel problem but then I realised I was still good in that department, a quick check for a spark and all was well. The breather pipe seemed to be spitting out a bit more oil, the bike refused to start and hasn't since, I had a nice 2 mile push back to my van. I'm thinking this is going to be a valve issue, anybody have any thoughts, please be gentle though !
  7. Deako

    Decompression Plug (uk)

    Thanks for the offer vibeguy, i think I may have misunderstood stood the advert at the the tt store as states 'US Only' but I think it means at the price quoted and additional shipping charges will be required elsewhere. I have just placed an order for one, if it doesn't work out I'll PM you, thanks again, Deako
  8. Does anybody know where I can get a quality decompression plug like the Thumper Talk one in the UK ? , my 03 leaked oil past the original so I bought a standard replacement one only to have that one leak a couple of hare scrambles later ! Thanks deako
  9. Deako

    Wheel fitment sizes?

    Matt96xr6 thats great thanks, all i needed to know !
  10. Hi, anybody know if YZ125 wheels and discs from an 04 model will bolt straight onto my 03 WR250f ? Many thanks
  11. Ok keep us posted how you get on. Deako
  12. Deako

    450 RMZ first test

    Just read a test here in the UK in a newspaper, the tester raved about the bike and again only picked up the twitchy front folks as a possible weak area. He described the motor as "Awesome" stating even with the 4 speed box he could perform race starts in 3rd. His conclusion, "At last a serious contender for the Honda" Hope thats of use for you guys still waiting. Deako
  13. I'm interested to see you guys are running 185 mj, I have the 280 kit and was told that you should down size your main (can't remember the reason as to why)I'm currently running a 178 mj, have you tried any other sizes to arrive at the 185 ? Thanks deako
  14. Well I tried removing the battery again, and it just fired right up! I guess I just must have forgot how to kick the first time !!! So no need for any wire changes just disconnect and ride Thanks for all your sugestions guys. Deako
  15. Hey sorry guys just got back after working away for a few days, its around midnight here now, I'll check again tomorrow as there seems to be a lot of good advice. Thanks all update asap !