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  1. yathump

    intermittent high idle yz250

    Do you have the bike set to idle? The 06 i had would do the same thing sometimes and also when i would start it sometimes, once i turned the idle down to where it would just idle for a split second before i'd have to blip the throttle i never had another problem
  2. yathump

    2002 YZ250 rebuild

    Also what kind of riding are you doing, where is the airscrew set The oil will be discolored cause of the cltch wear, that is all the that oil does and there is not much of it but if your un certain on hours on the topend/bottom end it may be worth the look Have you done a compression test?
  3. yathump

    CR500 Latest Incarnation

    Beautiful bike man Loved my 01 steelie An aluminum framed 500 is still my dream bike, any you've bulit yourself a beautiful example
  4. yathump

    Gear oil for yz250

    As long as its wet clutch compatible theres no reason not to run it
  5. yathump

    2002 YZ250 rebuild

    Also what does the clutch oil look like? maybe worth while to pull the clutch cover and have a look to make sure everything is good on that side
  6. yathump

    2002 YZ250 rebuild

    Those marks are on the clutch basket wouldnt worry about that for a bottom end sign, any idea on how long its been since its been looked at, take your measurement when you get the topend off for bearing play in the bottom end if its in spec then i'd ride her, those marks could be from casting slag in the houseing
  7. yathump

    Yz125 Bog/Hesitation of Idle

    Is it a bog or a burble? A bog would indicate a lean condition a burble would indicate a rich? How fresh is the motor?
  8. yathump

    Michigan roll call

    Ludington, been away for awhile, as in years hopefully could get another bike soon
  9. yathump

    Mods For Gas Gas CC 300 Enduro riding

    My guess would be that its all personal preference items that you want for protection/comfort, what are some things you're looking to improve on? May help some people chime in
  10. yathump

    gasgas zoke problems

    So its not just a GasGas problem, i'd direct it more as an possible issue with the suspension components that they happen to choose not the bike company themselves. If they heard these complaints they may look into it, bashing a company on an open forum because of a possible problem with what they use is just irritateing. Maybe direct it towards suspension companies that work on them and see what they say? If they've ever seen/dealt with this before
  11. yathump

    Lower Mi Trails Still Ridable?

    Glad too hear you had a good ride, i'm liveing through you guys right now ridewise
  12. yathump

    Lower Mi Trails Still Ridable?

    They reopen after firearm deer season is done, you can ride all yr, stay off the snowmobile trails when its there time though. You can technically ride during firearm in a couple hr window during the day or at night
  13. yathump

    Lower Mi Trails Still Ridable?

    You still should be good, got some rain/snow mix yesterday(Friday Ludington area), Saturday looks to be your best day weather wise though Have fun:thumbsup:
  14. Great looking trail:thumbsup:Nice vid
  15. yathump

    My 1985 CR 500 project tread

    Go over to bannedcr500riders.com, i believe it was Asteroid500 that did a nice little write-up on the decomp valve with pics