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  1. paint it black

    385cc Big Bore

    Just back from first ride, 30 miles, with the 385 piston and first impressions are very good ☺️ Despite a bit of rejetting being required and being at the running in stage it still ran very well, there was a noticeable improvement in low-mid range torque and no issues with preignition. whilst i had the top end off i also replaced the rattly cam chain and cleaned up the valves and fitted new valve seals
  2. paint it black

    UK insurance for the 650L

    I got my best insurance quote from here https://www.brightsideinsurance.co.uk/motor/bike?source=ppc&gclid=CjwKCAiA9K3gBRA4EiwACEhFe6kZDpSsYjwIDGyHVXTNv-kUdNV_oPrW-8n0nG2JWvZmh_Q3AgRpRxoCXw8QAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds but that wasnt for a XR650L it was a multi bike quote my XJR1300, NX650 and DR350, You could try asking on these UK forums, but to be honest they are pretty quiet https://www.xrv.org.uk/ https://www.bigtrailie.co.uk/index.php
  3. paint it black

    385cc Big Bore

    I had to check this out, U.K regular gas 95 is equivalent to U.S 90/91 U.K super 97 is equivalent to U.S 92 So dont think pre ignition is going to be an issue running on U.K regular gas
  4. paint it black

    385cc Big Bore

    Dont think the numbers between Aus, U.S and U.K are directly comparable due to rating being measured in a way, but am pretty sure U.K regular gas still works out with a higher octane so less prone to pre ignition issues
  5. paint it black

    385cc Big Bore

    Thanks for your napkin math ☺️ I've ordered the 385 piston, should arrive in the U.K in another week, I'll fit it and then see if there are any issues with detonation, I have a big bore hi comp (10.5:1) piston in my NX650 and never had any issues with pre ignition , think U.K regular gas is slightly higher octane than U.S stuff , regular here is 95 and super 97-98 , different methods are used to measure the octane here than in the U.S but am sure our gas is less prone to pre ignition
  6. paint it black

    385cc Big Bore

    Thanks for the replies guys, plenty to think about there, Found these dyno readouts online, they're from an old bike magazine , the 385 gets some impressive figures for a relatively simple inexpensive kit the dip at 6k on the 385 graph was due to an ignition fault that couldnt be felt when riding apparently
  7. paint it black

    385cc Big Bore

    The Wiseco kit uses a 10.5:1 piston , stock is 9.5:1 so you think that could cause issues and be more trouble than it's worth ?
  8. paint it black

    385cc Big Bore

    My DR350 SE is in need of a rebore , cant decide if i should just go to next oversize , currently stock bore, or go for the 4mm overbore 385 piston, Dont feel like i really need any more power for the type of riding i do but a little more torque is always nice, So any downside to the 385 kit ?
  9. paint it black

    350 se shock oil weight ?

  10. paint it black

    350 se shock oil weight ?

    I'll soon be giving the rear shock on my DR 350 SE a much needed service and installing a Racetech Gold Valve, Anyone know what weight shock oil would be required ? I'm guessing lightweight like 5 wt , can anyone confirm that Thanks
  11. paint it black

    1990 DR350 - Hard to start, runs for 1 second then dies

    Have you overfilled it with engine oil ? thinking maybe excessive crank pressure blowing oil past the rings and snuffing your plug . excess oil could be blowing through crank breather into airbox, if i remember right it vents into airbox
  12. paint it black

    Xr600 oil pump rebuild help (with pictures)

    I rebuilt the pump with new rotors on my NX650 after it packed up and trashed the top end, less than two years later the rebuilt pump packed up and trashed the new cam and followers, for the second rebuild i got a new pump, no problems in last five years dont waste your time rebuilding your old pump
  13. paint it black

    How to make a DR350 better for a taller rider?

    I'm the same height as you and have a lower back problem so having to bend forward when standing really is pretty uncomfortable , I fitted renthal 809-01 handlebars on my 350 and a 1" bar riser , they work fine with stock cables, this is perfect for me, can stand up nice and straight now, after checking the dimensions the 809-01's RC High bars came out as the highest bars with the least sweep back , i wanted to avoid bringing the bars in close to my body as i have arms like a chimpanzee that swing round by my knees https://www.renthal.com/shop/mx-products/handlebars/se-handlebars/mx-se-handlebars
  14. paint it black

    Cut stock fork springs to increase rate?

    I did this with my DR350, I dont know about the 650 but my 350 came fitted with progressive springs, a tightly wound section of around 3" and the remainder of the spring has a linear wind to it, when that first section gets coil bound the rest of the spring comes into play, I didn't like the too soft bouncy initial feel so cut off that first tightly wound section with a grinder and made up some spacers to take up the slack, felt much better to me , haven't thought about aftermarket springs since
  15. paint it black

    Lets see your vintage ride

    Thank you