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  1. paint it black

    1990 DR350 - Hard to start, runs for 1 second then dies

    Have you overfilled it with engine oil ? thinking maybe excessive crank pressure blowing oil past the rings and snuffing your plug . excess oil could be blowing through crank breather into airbox, if i remember right it vents into airbox
  2. paint it black

    Xr600 oil pump rebuild help (with pictures)

    I rebuilt the pump with new rotors on my NX650 after it packed up and trashed the top end, less than two years later the rebuilt pump packed up and trashed the new cam and followers, for the second rebuild i got a new pump, no problems in last five years dont waste your time rebuilding your old pump
  3. paint it black

    How to make a DR350 better for a taller rider?

    I'm the same height as you and have a lower back problem so having to bend forward when standing really is pretty uncomfortable , I fitted renthal 809-01 handlebars on my 350 and a 1" bar riser , they work fine with stock cables, this is perfect for me, can stand up nice and straight now, after checking the dimensions the 809-01's RC High bars came out as the highest bars with the least sweep back , i wanted to avoid bringing the bars in close to my body as i have arms like a chimpanzee that swing round by my knees https://www.renthal.com/shop/mx-products/handlebars/se-handlebars/mx-se-handlebars
  4. paint it black

    Cut stock fork springs to increase rate?

    I did this with my DR350, I dont know about the 650 but my 350 came fitted with progressive springs, a tightly wound section of around 3" and the remainder of the spring has a linear wind to it, when that first section gets coil bound the rest of the spring comes into play, I didn't like the too soft bouncy initial feel so cut off that first tightly wound section with a grinder and made up some spacers to take up the slack, felt much better to me , haven't thought about aftermarket springs since
  5. paint it black

    Lets see your vintage ride

    Thank you
  6. paint it black

    Lets see your vintage ride

    1965 Triumph T100 500cc twin currently have the engine all in bits for a full rebuild, rest of bike will be getting a bit of a spruce up and some new shocks
  7. paint it black

    NX650 rear shock replacement

    about 8 inches
  8. paint it black

    NX650 rear shock replacement

    That's a stock top shock mount for a NX650, the XR L and NX frames are quite different
  9. paint it black

    xr650l MEGAJOLT cdi conversion

    Thanks for the replies guys, sounds like its worth a go fitting the xr600 part with the stock cdi then , i'll be getting an ignitech cdi pretty soon anyhow, just because
  10. paint it black

    xr650l MEGAJOLT cdi conversion

    just got myself an xr600r boss for my nx650 , thinking the few extra degrees of advance should work well with the 103mm 10:1 piston and fcrmx that i'm running, still got stock cdi but will no doubt switch to an ignitech sooner or later , so what does 2 degrees less advance on base timing do for bottom end ? i would have thought it would make less power at low revs , but i dont know
  11. paint it black

    Accelerator Carburetor for DR

    you dont need any of that stuff to make it fit, the dirt model intake boot would no doubt be an improvement but if you tighten up the clamp real good then the one for the cv carb does work, i'm using the stock cables for the bst, rerouted to fit the tm and throttle tube from the cv carb , i had to play with the inline cable adjusters to get the carb to open fully ,how they were adjusted for the bst wont work with the tm , adjusting the cables takes a couple of mins and costs nothing, the carb does open fully , shuts fully and snaps back when released,works perfectly as you can see in the pic the carb does not touch the starter, it is pretty close but it doesn't cause any issues, now i didn't just read about this on the internet, the same misinformation being repeated by guys that haven't actually tried it, i actually did it and its pretty simple , by all means get yourself the spacers and cables etc but its not necessary, been running this set up for 5 years all works as it should and only cost the price of a used carb off ebay
  12. paint it black

    Accelerator Carburetor for DR

    did you read my link and look at my picture ? i fitted the tm33 several years back without any need for spacers etc , no problems at all
  13. paint it black

    Accelerator Carburetor for DR

    you dont need to get any adaptors, spacers or different cables to make the tm33 fit your 350se
  14. paint it black

    Best $220 I ever spent.. Sort of.. 1989 XR600R

    I've heard electrolysis works well for rust removal, never tried it myself but a friend had very good results cleaning up a gas tank that was all rusty inside http://www.instructables.com/id/Electrolytic-Rust-Removal-aka-Magic/
  15. paint it black

    33mm vs 36mm carb Thoughts?

    this guy fitted a fcr37 to his DR350 so a mikuni tm36 might work, his was a kick start model though, think getting around the starter motor would be a problem