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  1. Rhinoracer

    Scratch on cam

    Don't use a dremel. Use something that follows the curve of the journal like some kind of fine emery cloth, lightly check for any sharp edges around the scratch with a fine sharpening stone. Try not to scratch the surface any more than you already have.
  2. Rhinoracer

    Air Filter oil recommendations

    After sitting for a while the Belray migrates to the bottom part of the filter and drips down the airbox onto the swingarm. I wonder if all the oils do the same.
  3. Rhinoracer

    Help with indentifying skidplate

    Regardless of brand, it uses the existing frame threaded brackets for mounting so you can use regular metric bolts, stainless, hex, whatever. The clamp is also a regular electrical conduit clamp with a locknut welded to it if you have access to a welder.
  4. Rhinoracer

    Wheel bearing seal warp9 front wheel

    The speedo side spacer has no effect on rotor position against the caliper. It is the caliper side spacer which centers it on the caliper. So if you use the wrong caliper side spacer you can cause tle left fork leg to bind and force the carrier or caliper to contact the rotor.
  5. Rhinoracer

    Wheel bearing seal warp9 front wheel

    The seal has no effect on the spacer other than preventing dust and water from entering. It is also not vital as the bearings are sealed.
  6. Rhinoracer

    Wheel bearing seal warp9 front wheel

    Stock hubs have the speedo gear on that side, which has a seal to the outer wall of the hub. Don't know with the warp wheels.
  7. Rhinoracer

    SM for the trails?

    Any time dirt is involved, the S is the better starting point. The usd forks on the SM are just a styling excercise and a sales gimmick. All of the above is just my point of view ­čśÇ.
  8. Rhinoracer

    Basic motorcycle maintenance on a DRZ

    Clean, lube and adjust the clutch and throttle cables.
  9. Rhinoracer

    Basic motorcycle maintenance on a DRZ

    Clean and oil the air filter.
  10. Rhinoracer

    Removing disintegrated counter shaft seal

    I use an L shaped pick to make a pinhole in the cup then insert the tip and pull the seal cup out. Haven't tried it on the countershaft seal though.
  11. Rhinoracer

    Drz fuel line

    I run a filter between the petcock and the carb so I use 5/16 grey motion pro fuel line with spring type clamps. Slips in and out easier (fits looser) than the stock one on the carb. I can't say it's better but so far it has not leaked and I can take it off in a snap every time I need some fuel. I did replace the bit between the filter and the carb once after years of abuse flared the tip. Using same type 1/4" I had to force it on the barbed 5/16" filter nipple.
  12. Rhinoracer

    front wheel bearing kit

    I couldn't find a replacement seal, only oem.
  13. I mounted the axis center of the damper directly over the axis center of the steering stem, maybe by offsetting it a couple of mm back.
  14. Here's the pics of how I mounted the damper. And yes, the risers are probably chinese, I don't care, haha. The post is welded, I don't have pics but there's nothing to see there. One thing I don't like about the Scotts is it reduces the steering angle by about a couple of degrees each side, you need to modify your steering stop tabs.
  15. I'll upload them later in the week. It's just a piece of flat 1/4" stock shaped like an omega.