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  1. Captn Kirk

    Klotz SuperTechniplate

    Thanks for the input guys. Looks like I am just going to run it in my backpack blower.;
  2. Captn Kirk

    Klotz SuperTechniplate

    I am not able to find it now, but I know I have read commentary/publications speaking to the fact that this product is fine for the old 2T's, but that the nature of castor oil is that it is attracted to hot spots. I thought, "great, lube the hell out of that hot spot" but as I read on, it went on to discuss that our bikes having power valve makes them a bad candidate. For some reason I think it was a Slaven's comment. I have a gallon of this stuff, I love the way it smells, but does anyone know from personal long term experience if this is a non-compatible product for the new power valve bikes? I used it in a leaf blower and in fact, it did clog the catalyst in the exhaust and coked it up and choked it down to a point it would barely run so that made me think it does collect at the hot spot. Would love some logical and empirical feedback please.
  3. Captn Kirk

    Are the 4CS Forks “really” That Bad?

    Thank you for chiming in. REDEMPTION!!
  4. Captn Kirk

    Tubliss- Love/hate relationship

    The VE 33 and the VE35 were all I would run for years until I discovered the Sedona. The 33 and the Sedona are EXCELLENT tires, but I think the Sedona just edges out the 33, but just. Might try one sometime to see if you agree.
  5. Captn Kirk

    Are the 4CS Forks “really” That Bad?

    OK. So that's a contribution to the discussion, however angered it comes across. My original point to you was simply that sarcasm is fine when it's humorous. Maybe you thought you were being funny. I didn't take it that way if meant that way. I understand the perspective on dealers. We've got them here too. Fortunately, the two dealer owners I was talking about don't fall into that category. One has ISDE podiums and Gold Medals and the other's still at the track every weekend as a former racer and now a sponsor for several racers. Both own shops. Both ride. Out of respect for them and private conversations, I won't name them as it would be poor form. But I do value their perspective and all they did was solidify what I see all around me. People not taking the technology seriously, not configuring their rides appropriately, not maintaining their gear in a way that helps them excel at the sport and to increase their safety. When a rider goes down, the day is a loss and we've lost riders to the sport over serious injury. So those vacations were ruined as we end up making daily trips to the ER and the hospital post surgery. So, it's possible I am a bit jaded when I see someone ride by and their chain sounds like Sherman tank tracks. This last comment, I came upon that same rider 7 miles later to find he went down at speed over the chain breaking. What a surprise, eh? I think you also missed my point that 4CS shouldn't be immediately discarded unless you can't get someone who knows what they are doing to tune them. They've obviously been made to work for one Graham guy I know of. Are they not the best? I suppose. The OP was asking for some sage advice and to turn him away to spend $4K because he's told 4CS are a total fail would be unreasonable. I might also be the poster child for your last comment that the best I know is the best I've ridden. Unfortunately, I've only ridden Honda's forks, KTM's open and closed chambered forks and the 4CS. But guess what, we've been able to make them work. I qualified my comment to say that I am recreational, technical trail rider and not an arena hound. Look back at my response to you. I pointed out that your "Are you sure" comment just wasn't productive and that we could use a bit more contribution. I've done my share and have my regrets for some posts here, so I am trying to do better and thought maybe you should lead the pack since you are a contributing editor here. You are obviously very educated on the sport and the technology. Peace.
  6. Captn Kirk

    Are the 4CS Forks “really” That Bad?

    Well, I guess I should have added that this comment was really one made to me by a few shop owners I know who own the local franchises for Beta, KTM, Husky, Honda and Suzuki. They've got reasonable visibility to much higher numbers of owners coming through their shop than I do as a recreational rider over the last 40 years, and I would gamble more than you do as well. I'm a bit surprised that you took the time to be sarcastic without adding anything of value to the forum posting beings that you are a contributing editor.
  7. Captn Kirk

    Are the 4CS Forks “really” That Bad?

    I guess it's fair to say that more people have a negative comment to make than positive when it comes to forums and when it comes to the 4CS. I'm no Graham Jarvis for sure but he seems to do pretty well on them, I spent $1200 on setting them and the shock and when guys jump on my bike and ride it, they rave about how well it handles. So who knows. But then again, maybe its that we generally ride technical trail and high speed trail and don't ride the environment and/or the way the negative posts do so we don't know any better? To the OP, maybe I'm wrong, maybe they suck and I've just gotten used to them, and maybe the work I had done just made them tolerable enough that I am able to tolerate them and focus on riding. I would love a chance to get a group of guys together to ride everyone's bike through a test loop. I might come away a converted man cursing the 4CS and the guys who designed it.
  8. Captn Kirk

    XC-W 300 Engine Oil

    I love the smell of Klotz and that's actually why I am on this thread as I have a gallon of Techniplate that I would like to use. However, I am reading that the castor lubricant falls out of suspension (first strike against it) and that it will coat hot spots like the power valve (second strike). Klotz says it is safe/recommended for my Husky's and KTM but let me share my experience. I was using it for all of my 2T hand tools and I started having problems. Sent in a 10 year warrantied leaf blower that just wouldn't run worth a darned after about two seasons of use from brand new. Turns out, the Klotz did exactly what I read here in the forums - it is attracted to hot spots which was fine with the olden 2T's, but like with the power valves (known hot spot), this blower had a catalyst that helped to burn the oil via super heating and it clogged up and choked out the blowers ability to rev. The Hitachi factory repair shop was stumped about why it was happening and I played dumb, but it was the Klotz. It was coating the hot converter and plugging it up. I LOVE the smell on the trail and would like to use their product, but I am afraid of what it will do since I m not racing and tearing down my motor to rebuild it every season.
  9. Captn Kirk

    Fork bleeding, on or off the stand?

    Mid-ride, just roll it up on the kick stand. If your forks are set up correctly, you'll notice the immediate difference it make with turn in as the tire will maintain traction versus pushing out from under. The point of the bleeder is to maintain neutral pressure. High pressure from agitated atmosphere from stroke cycling acts like a stiffener and a vacuum does the same in terms of rebound, but not quite as noticeable as what pressure causes.
  10. Captn Kirk

    Are the 4CS Forks “really” That Bad?

    Simply cannot understand the conclusive nature of the aforementioned commentary. The 4CS in stock form were too harsh then collapsed during the harder hits. They can be valved to be magic and are as reliable as they come. Contact Greg Huffer of Factory Suspension Works in Colorado - greg@factorysuspensionworks.com . They are great forks for technical, high speed and hare scrambles. I don't have any experience with them in the arena doing triples, but they can be valved to work. Most people are just too cheap to make their bike their own so many of the comments you read are guys that have probably never ever changed the oil in their forks because it cost a couple of bucks. I'm amazed at people who will spend $9K on a bike but won't spend $20 on a can of chain lube, try to use very little air cleaner oil, and won't spring their bike to save money. Don't be afraid of the 4CS. Just invest in them like you have to anything on your bike to tailor it to your weight, style and riding conditions. I've had Greg do my current four bikes and the 4CS are money - they are only as good as the valving. And think about this - a desert buggy builder will tell you the longer your stroke, the more tailored the shock can be (i.e. linkage on bikes, dedicated function shocks on buggies). The 4CS with each tube dedicated to it's sole function compression/rebound, there's more stroke to work with for tailored travel. Good luck. Be safe.
  11. Captn Kirk

    Tubliss- Love/hate relationship

    For those of you barking up about tubes versus no tubes and psi, you really can't just talk psi without talking the actual tire you are running as the sidewall is a carcass construction topic that is VERY pertinent to needed tube pressure and/or HD tube versus normal tube. Just a point to consider. I can run a Sedona with 4 psi TUBLiss but couldn't begin to do that with many other tires. Tube or TUBLiss, the point is the tire itself is very pertinent to how low one can go.
  12. Captn Kirk


    I own a Husky '15 FE 350. Plenty of low end torque, but not the same as the WR. Had one of those too. BUT! Plenty of power! You just have to accept that the KTM based 350 motors like a little rpm. Weight is a two fold subject when considering a purchase. My Husaberg 570 weighs in at 251 pounds dry, but let me tell you, the rotating mass and the center of gravity make it feel like it weighs as much as an XR650 compared to my TE300. The FE350 "feels" heavy compared to my TE300 and 300 XCW when you lean it over and pick it up or try to man handle it compared to the 300's. But riding it feels alot more like the 300's in terms of throwing the weight around at speed. Do this, go to the dealer and roll the bikes around, lean them over, pick up the ass end as if you are manhandling it on the trail. The weight factor will show itself immediately. But don't sweat the 350 having enough power. I'm 220#' and it will take you anywhere you have the balls to go including Flag in a wheelie if you so desire. One comment from my trip last week to Taylor. My buddies just bought a new 300 X-Trainer and turned around and traded it right back in citing huge dislike of the short wheelbase. Never would have seen that complaint coming. The Father, son, and grandson (16 year old) all tried it and said no thank you citing squirrely handling traits. Just reporting what they said and did, so take it for what it's worth. But know that these guys are 50 year riding veterans so they have a very established understanding of technical trail riding, etc. They've been doing Taylor since 1972 FWIW.
  13. Captn Kirk

    Possible Trap On Trail - Here's my story

    This is a trail that one would never see a mountain biker on unless he was lost and walking his bike just trying to get out of the forest. NO WAY to ride this on a mountain bike so this would be a great place to be potentially selective about the intended targeted riders.
  14. Captn Kirk

    Possible Trap On Trail - Here's my story

    Someone would actually type out a post that chest protectors offer no protection? Hmm. I guess there are slanted foreheads still walking around. Natural selection has taken a backseat in modern society with the exception of cross walks I guess.
  15. Captn Kirk

    Possible Trap On Trail - Here's my story

    Maybe I'll just leave it at this - someone put it there, but maybe they were starting to build a marker, got three rocks down and decided it was too much work and just let the pole fall and left it where it fell. It's possible. Maybe likely. .............but I just really wonder..............