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  1. Those splotches were the concerning part to me and no, it was not a surface stain. It was etched such that it couldn't be wiped out. And yes, 80:1 is less oil than 60:1.
  2. Captn Kirk

    Taylor Park SOLD!

    I I sure hope you are right! I'm a bit emotionally attached as I grew up going there with my parents and now take my son. Everything the family tried to do the Fed's have been a bitch and have blocked them. Example - They wanted to put in a washing station for us and the Fed's mandated a $250K water recycling plant to approve the permit. I was really hoping Trump would make some change to the EPA and I'm still hoping he will because this is the exact kind of thing they are guilty of. And now they wear weapons. Messed up.
  3. Captn Kirk

    Taylor Park SOLD!

    Bruce, Roy and Chris have been advocates for leaving trails open, stopping the Left from closing dry camping, etc. as they all fed the Trading Post. Was told the dry campers represent 50% of their revenues which I found hard to believe, but that's what they told me. They fought with the Feds on our behalf and we may lose that with the new owners. My concern is that people who would pay for a business model without any concern for the valuation might not give a darned about the model to begin with, might not care about the revenue that feeds it, and we might just be witnessing the beginning of the end. I sure hope I am just being unnecessarily dark and that there is little to worry about.
  4. Captn Kirk

    Taylor Park SOLD!

    The business is in fact the opposite of a cash cow. Valuations by the professionals in the M&A space indicated that it was not making money which was not hard to validate by doing some minor math. They said it was really only worth what the property value is and in fact, razing would add to the cost so maybe even challenged from a per acre perspective with the fed's being involved in the hazardous chemical regs for removing fuel tanks, septics, etc. Cottonwood is not finished yet.
  5. Captn Kirk

    Taylor Park SOLD!

    From what I understand, they are farmers that probably experienced a financial windfall as the developers around them encircled their property and they just sold it this year to the developers. Paid asking price for Taylor and knowing the owners, the financial modeling valuation did not support their asking price so I suspect they didn't just open up land listings in Colorado and decide to tackle the entertainment space. Bet they've been to Taylor PArk either as hunters and/or riders and see themselves wanting to live there. Think we'll be okay, but one never knows. There were two other vying parties in the last 36 months, one that was a gazilionaire that was considering the land and bulldozing the structures. Razing and environmental costs likely made that property far too expensive and risky (knowing the Feds) than other like tracts of land. The other was an international entertainment firm that creates high end exclusive properties around the planet and that one was also a concern relative to all of us having this arena for riding. They too passed. If anyone in the Colorado area knows of an opportunity that Chris might fit into, please send that info to him or my way. The three family members that sold the property have booted he and his family to the street without any payout from the sale, so he is losing his home, his kids have grown up on the property and have been home schooled so they are about to go through quite a shock, so if there is anything any of us can do to help him land on his feet it would at least take away the uncertainty of future income, so any help we can give that family wold be great. I'm not well connected in CO.
  6. Captn Kirk

    Taylor Park SOLD!

    It was inevitable since it’s been for sale for some time. Sadly, February is the cutover if I remember correctly, with everything being done by April. Let’s hope the new owners understand the gig and we riders don’t dislike the change! Been going there since 1974. Sure would like to know of other areas in CO that have a similar set up. Anyone got recommendations other than Sargents.
  7. No, didn’t do a WOT chop. I will run a connector at a pretty good pace but I let the bike down rev coming off speed. Think it's just a bad plate job. I am going to move up to 80:1 from 60:1 and see how the next 100 hours go.
  8. I was unable to ascertain anything material from Slaven's on the root cause for such a low hour bike. They commented that I should consider 80:1, not the 60:1 since I am using Amsoil Saber, but other than that, I "kind of" got the impression they didn't really know the cause of the failure, although the conversation in a round about way led to "it's probably a manufacturer flaw". I'm inclined to agree as I am running the normal jetting and oil ratio's. FWIW.
  9. As asked by one of the guys on this thread, and to lead by example since so many do a drive by here and then never update us with the final update, I am providing an update. Slavens says the cylinder needs to be re-plated so the cylinder and new piston are off to US Chrome per the Slavens Racing staffer recommendation. Again, this is a low hour bike and I am waiting to hear from Slavens as to an opinion on why at 100 hours I have this issue given I've followed recommended parameters for a reliable life from my motor, i.e. oil, jetting, etc. Would also be interested in other's who are like me, leaving their bike sitting for 90 days at a time without prepping the bike for storage. I'm having a hard time accepting that the issue was a moisture issue, but I don't know so I am asking for input. For those of you using your bike with a couple of months gap between starts who are not fogging, are you experiencing a similar failure as mine?
  10. Captn Kirk

    300 xc w Gearing

    My $.02....I set up several of my bikes and spare wheels with 48 rear, then I can play with 12 - 15 front depending on terrain, and flip axle blocks around so the chain works. If you have a map switch and a knarly, you can achieve good compatibility in several environments with the 14/48. We find the worst technical you can imagine because we are warped individuals and the 300 will chug the 14/48 combo just fine, but give you some legs when you hit the connectors.
  11. Captn Kirk

    skid plate recommendations for 2019 TE 300i

    Wouldn't worry too much about weight that low on the frame. Your center of gravity and displacement are among the primary culprits of making your bike "feel" heavy. The carbon fiber breaks but is good protection, the aluminum reflect noise but will not fail you. You need to opine on if you need pipe coverage as I suspect aluminum is your only avenue if so. Slaven's has a beautiful full coverage plate i.e. pipe, engine and linkage integrated into one.
  12. Captn Kirk

    I have a few 2018/19-tx/te 300?

    I believe you will find you are incorrect. TE/XCW lower 1st, taller 6th. 2nd - 5th same. I own both, call me stupid but I think you have it wrong. I will also say what's been said. the link suspension has more travel to dial in your ride. KTM is a knucklehead for still using the PDS on the XCW. Talk with Greg Huffer for your suspension work at Factory Suspension. He's Slaven's go to and that for a good reason. Had four suspensions done for my 570 and no one could get it right and Greg nailed it when I went to him. Won't go into it but when he does a suspension for you, he calls, follows up, texts you and basically chases you down until he knows you are satisfied and does what it takes to get it done if he didn't nail it the first time. You won't find that elsewhere. Well, I haven't.
  13. P.S. For the sake of others here, NEVER hone Nikisil. For the record, there others who have forgotten more than the rest of us will know about this who will tell you the same for technical reasons, not the least of which is that the hone sheds it’s material into the porous Nikisil surface and will hone your brand new rings for you - over, and over and over if you catch my drift.
  14. Ride until it breaks is awesome on a track, not so much in the mountains and remote desert areas where we are a good 100 miles away from cell coverage and even if you have a sat phone, no help I say coming. It’s also one way to spend a LOT of money unnecessarily by letting your motor suffer to catastrophic failure. No disrespect intended but the real men use their heads about such things and place equipment condition first, play time second when they have their sons riding in areas where others perished from exposure. When you break down on a big trip, you interrupt everyone else’s trip. I have several riders I no longer ride with because they continually drive 2000 miles for a big boy trip only to start prepping it the day of the first ride, or 30 miles into he ride they have to fix or return to base. These guys don’t attend the man trip cause they’re no longer invited. No disrespect, just another perspective to contemplate.
  15. Just to close the discussion for now, this is heading to Slaven's and I will report back for those who have requested it.