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  1. Guys, I am the original owner of a 2011 FE570S. I have not had this exact issue, BUT, I did find a significant issue with the wiring harness that is a manufacturing flaw which killed the battery. I don't think this could cause your issue, but electrical can act like a sci-fi phenomenon. The flaw I found is this - the wiring harness has multiple leads coming together where they take 5 - 7 leads, use a large aluminum crimp fitting that is of course crimped, then it is dipped in essentially liquid rubber and that is all fine a well. BUT, when they lined the frame with the wiring harness, some of those connections are situated such that they are upside down meaning they point down the frame and the crimp and rubber "cap" is like a cup that holds water. You can guess what happens over time - the wires corrode. I was having all manner of issues over the course of a year. Five riding trips ended within the first 2 miles with a dead battery that was fully charged at the onset and it was bad enough that I bought a backup bike. Finally I knew I had to slice open the inner tube looking cover over the harness which is located on the left side of the frame coming down behind the engine. You'll find maybe 8 or 9 of those crimps if memory serves. Took the bike to three dealers, I still have about $1000 of brand new components and no one could find the issue. Leave it to the owner, we'll get 'er done! Check that out. Takes about 15 minutes to break the bike down and USE CARE and a pair of small wire cutters. Don't use a box knife to slice the cover open or you'll be repairing some darned small, tiny wires. You'll be amazed at the number of wires in the harness. I've seen fewer wires in auto harnesses.
  2. utah

    Three of us decided to get the heck out of the Midwest weather as we are suffering a bad case of the wife is driving us crazy right along with the cabin fever. A couple of us have been to MOAB once before but we're only three and we like a bit larger group when the riders are fairly well matched. However, and this may show what I DON'Y know about MOAB, the one day of riding I was able to do out there last year before having to head home for a family burial, it seems to me that the skill level required for most of MOAB is fairly dialed down compared to Taylor Park so matching up skill level as a group seems less an issue. Now don't skin me alive if I am wrong, I already said I don't really know the area yet. So anyway, if anyone is interested in joining us on the trail, we'd like to know about it!
  3. There will be three of us (B'ish riders but getting older) arriving the 14th, departing the 21st for home which is KC. We're staying in a condo just outside of town so don't know if you re looking for folks to hook up with.............Last year was my first year to go there in April but had a parent pass away day 2 and had to jettison the trip so I've onl;y ridden Mary's Trail, Dead Cow, Enduro Loop. Slick Rock & Fish & Things was fairly Boring but kinda of fun for a first timer to MOAB. We're your typical Colorado Taylor Park riders so we hunt for technical single track. Rode my TE300 last time, but given the experience, will likely swing a leg of the Husaberg FE570 this trip. Ping me if you think linking up with total strangers might be of any interest. Of the three of us, I am only positive two of us are not axe murderers.
  4. Missouri

    the MX907HP rear.
  5. Missouri

    You guys should give the Sedona a try. Half the price, lasts longer and handles off camber much better. I ran both sizes of the 505 and gave them both away over the lack of side knobs. Could keep the rear on the trials trail at Chadwick. That was my only complaint but is also why I say the Sedona. I’ve also run the Goldentyre Gummy and its better than the 505 at off camber, but both equal on everything else. The Sedona wins out as it is half the price and give deep lug knobby performance when you do see mud along with gummy behavior in wet/dry rock, cheaper and lasts longer. I’m a tire hound if you can’t already tell.
  6. I have to share this. My son's 3 hour used 85SX that I spent $1000 to have the dealer convert to a 105 before I ever took delivery had a casting bubble in the head. Due to coming into contact with a log at the pipe behind the front wheel, the exhaust port portion of the cylinder head casting cracked such that the entire exhaust flange was separated so that motor was cooked even though he was able to ride it out back to the truck. Mind you, the OEM pipe didn't even have a bend in it and know that the OEM pipes are very thin compared to the FMF replacement product. Dealer went to bat for me because you could actually see the "bubble" in the casting. Bubbles happen in castings, it why they do sonic quality control testing, so it's not like I found life on Mars - it's a known foundry issue that is bound to happen. KTM refused to talk to us. I was able to get the Factory Rep on the horn and he was pissed. All he would say is that I am not supposed to contact him and he kept asking how I got his number. If I could have filmed it and tape recorded it, I could sell it to the corporate world as part of a training regimen of how to not treat your customers. He did claim that in 11 years, he had never seen it and that he couildn't see how we felt it should be replaced under warranty. Said he's ever heard of it for me to ultimately learn there is a cottage industry springing up of machine shops that are fixing this exact problem for KTM owners. It's fascinating to me how regular people start towing the corporate lie and how companies think the consumer is not smart enough to get it. Karma is always lurking..........
  7. Missouri

    Asking local Chadwick area residents - what carrier is solid, if any, for the park? I have AT&T and it's not reliable when I am at the campsite so I would like to buy a front loaded phone that I can add minutes to as I need it for my camping trips. Thanks.
  8. If you read my very aggressive response to a couple of people on this thread, you can now see by reading the update by the OP that KTM and Husky (which is KTM) are no different than any of the other greed around the world. I got pissed and I regret it, but when people bring valid data driven perspective to the table, others should be respectful when that perspective is clearly intended to be an advocate for said member. Forums are our voice and our counsel. It's a place where good people can go to get a perspective without a corporate dog in the figurative fight. Please feel free to disagree with me, but this is horrendous that KTM behaves this way. To the OP - THANK YOU for the education and for those who chimed in. Going forward, I will demand the dealer bore scope the new motor, and demand they then service an run the motor and then we'll bore scope it again. I've learned something that will help me in the future. Thank you Thumper Talk Forum!
  9. Hey guys, Our -11F weather has gotten the better of me and I am jones'n to ride. Is there any, hilly, technical single track that is worthy of a 7 hour+ drive from to Texas (from KC) where maybe we can get away from the cold weather up here and do some riding? We're actually Colorado trail riders at heart so we look for a challenge when we go out. Thanks for any input you might have.
  10. So you didn’t bother to read any of the ignorant commentary I was responding to I guess, but you thought you have something of value to offer? Troll much? Maybe a constructive comment would be worth a try. I was trying to help someone who is going to get frustrated with KTM and of course there are always a couple in every crowd.............
  11. Go out to your garage and sit on your Harley and try to understand that you aren't smart enough for this conversation. The point for you slanted foreheads is that with having bought plenty of KTM product, I have FIRST HAND knowledge. I still buy it, they are still unwilling to do the right thing, and I also said that until people like me stop buying it, they won't change their ways. Are you a retarded Democrat? Did you even bother to read the entire string? FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE. That was the point. And unwittingly, YOU made my point. The F-Tard I was responding to was saying that KTM would never behave poorly toward a consumer. Go drink your Schlitz, put on your wife beater, and go chug down the road on your Harley because I'm sure you are a bad ass when you are on it. Anyone who would put $80K into a Harley needs an education on the internal combustion engine. There are far more effective crankshaft configurations - many of them since 1912 dumb ass. Go spend your time in a forum where the foreheads are slanted and the breeding preference is with the second cousin. You are way out of your league here.
  12. Try to read this part .........."I can share from first hand........." Having spent a bit over $80K on KTM product since 2004, PERSONALLY, "I CAN SHARE FROM FIRST HAND".. Does that help any? You can't measure the corporate culture when the product is delivered as promised. It's when you find casting bubbles in cylinder heads, electrical troubles in new injection harnesses, problems with injection pumps, scored cylinders, dry bearings, and so on that you CAN SPEAK FROM FIRST HAND. Ever heard of blind loyalty? I call the ailment PIS = Product Identity Syndrome. KTM makes a good product when they do it right, but they are as guilty as every other manufacturer of finishing out their product beta testing on the consumer. Then they immediately go into the "what did you do wrong" mode when they get caught, or "don't call us, we'll call you" when you try to get some sliver of reasonable interaction on a bike with no hours on it that has manufacturing or design flaws. Make no mistake Honda does it, Toyota, GM & Ford are EXPERTS at it, and so on. Go ahead, tell me I'm stupid.
  13. .....did you READ what you were opining about?
  14. I can share from first hand, from the observation point of a personal friend, and from a dealer shared perspective that KTM IS NOT the kind of company such that I would EVER state confidence in them doing the right thing. They are as self centered as GM and they worship the Euro with little concern for their code of conduct. And to further embolden them, guys like me have a garage full of their product and so long as Honda and Yamaha don’t start offering more than a 450 that is competitive, KTM will not change their ways.
  15. Thank you so much. Just looking for a great time. I actually had knots in my stomach after I read my own post and the comments thereafter. I'm the guy that purchased a lifetime membership to BRC and writes letters for the group here in KC, or forwards the BRC's letters to make sure we're getting representation in DC. So to have people receiving me as one of "those" was a bit stressful. Shitty part is I caused it myself! Anyway, what you provided is exactly what I am looking for, so, much appreciated!