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  1. Did some dirt roading with it and its surprisingly capable.. I'm certain my off road and moto background has a lot to do with my comfort level tho..
  2. Well, I got it attached.. can someone embed it?
  3. Well, I went ahead and bought it. Only rode it about ten miles so far, initial impressions. Pros. It feels very light, much lighter than my girlfriends FZ600, more comparable to my XR650r. Feels very maneuverable on curves. Previous owner added a computer Speedo with a few neat features that I'm not used to having and saddlebags brackets for soft or hard bags. I love the way it looks and is quite comfortable, at keast for the short ride I went on. Feels to be dirt worthy for forest service or logging roads or possibly even some easy single track. Paid 2500 (felt fair price) for it with a set of Metzler street tires that I intend to give a try when the current tires are done. Previous owner also wired it for a heated suit and added a 12v aux power jack. Cons. Front brake is spongy, needs attention before much riding. A little light on power from what I expected. I don't expect to be doing wheelies.. LOL Signals are huge and bulky looking, might change those out. I'd post a pic but I am on my phone and not seeing an option to do so..
  4. Ran across a '92 Yamaha TDM 850 locally for what seems to be a decent deal, but I've never seen one before. Anyone have any info on them? They were limited realease in USA and seem quite rare.. Just looking for some first hand experience wth them, opinions, reviews.. thanks
  5. bikedude127

    xr200 dual sport project. lighting stator options.

    Thanks Rs, I'll yank it out and ship soon
  6. bikedude127

    xr200 dual sport project. lighting stator options.

    Thanks RS. you did my 650r stator and I love all the juice. How much if I send you this stator for a rewind? And will it end up dual lead or single?
  7. bikedude127

    xr200 dual sport project. lighting stator options.

    Would 100 watts be enough ? My 650r has a rewound stator with 180watts and is surely enough..
  8. bikedude127

    xr200 dual sport project. lighting stator options.

    The bike I have is a 2000 and just wanting to know what will bolt right up and give the best output for a complete Baja Designs dual sport kit to make street legal. Sounds like an xl will give the best wattage, but are they compatible? Not going to be racing or anything, but brighter headlight is better..
  9. Searched the forum (using phone, no luck) for the best options for a lighting stator for a 2000 xr200. Have been told the 84 stator will bolt right in and has roughly twice the wattage? Any experience? Or is a rewind the best option? TIA
  10. The E-line stays unless the trade happens.. My large tank is an extra that I have, Clarke 3.2.. Bought it used for an xtra bike I had, but sold the bike.. PM me..
  11. here ya go.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1996-Kawasaki-KX-500-complete-running-motor-engine-/181348339596
  12. Why you may ask? Why would someone dump their trusty 2007 YZ/WR 285 Eric Gorr big bore desert/woods monster? Well, because I got a line on a Service Honda 500x for a trade option.. As of this second, it's a maybe at best.. But the guy bought the bike for his inexperienced 15 year old kid.. The gentleman elaborated that "he's a big kid, so he needs a big bike!" You better believe I did my best to talk him into my trade option.. That all being said, I will likely have a small boat load of parts available for sale including wheels, large tank and the elusive E-line stator.. Which has ONE ride on it BTW... So, I will keep all die hards updated on the progress of my "dream machine trade" if all goes well..
  13. bikedude127

    advice for Yz 250 mods

    You had it apart and didnt install the Yamaha WR gears? Oh the shame..
  14. bikedude127

    Yz125 vs yz250

  15. bikedude127

    Yz295 build

    Go to yamaha.motor.com and order wheel/pinion gears from the 98 WR 400..(with 14/48) Best decision I ever made on my big bore YZ.. Its about 300.00 or so for the parts and an afternoon splitting cases.. TOTALLY worth it.. Good luck.. Edit: I only did 3-5 gears as a full 1-5 set requires some case work for the 1st gear to spin freely.. As above on jetting, I ended up leaner on my pilot and richer on my main but again, all bike are different.. Climate, ride style, exhaust, intake etc etc..