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  1. So I have a 1994 CR500 with 94 Forks that have been revalved and customs springs for my weight as did the shock. This is a track bike and I just can't make it ride like my newer bikes. I also have to Baja bikes, 05 CRF450x setup for single track and an 09 CRF450x set up to run at speed. Both bikes have had the suspension done and are unbelievable spot on for what they are intended to do. Back to the 94. The suspension shop said it would be a big difference from stock but he could never match a modern day fork or anything close to my X's. So here's my question, has any converted their old 500 forks to modern day forks? I'd love to use my forks of a 09 450x. So tell be about what triple clamps you used and who's & what forks you used. Thanks. raksandiego
  2. Seanmx57, Sasquatch size 13, it's not the reach front to back I'm looking for but rather looking for some extended reach to the left for a better feel. Right now my SIDI's sometime slips to the Left off the lever while shifting...nothing worse than when you're trying to make a pass and you miss-shift out of a corner, and yes, everyone is looking.
  3. I'm looking, just wanted a new Left center case if I could find one. Lots of used stuff out there.
  4. I don't need them now but I may someday and since they no longer are being made by Honda, does anyone know where you can find a pair other than the Service Honda Billet ones that are going for close to 2K or the trashed used ones on ebay. I would love to find a fresh pair of new OEM's either in the US or UK. Any other suggestions?
  5. Okay, so you believe that if I order a Hammerhead shifter for a 1994 CR125, it will work just fine on my 1994 CR500? Hammerhead has discontinued all CR500 shifters but still has them for the 125's. Go figure. Thanks for the info. RAKSANDiego
  6. Thanks! I really wanted the Torc that extends past the stock ones. I'll see if they still make them for the 125 and 250...same year right? 1994?
  7. Anyone in the US know who is still making shift levers for 1994 CR500's. All I can find is IMS and OEM.
  8. Thanks for the information. I'm picking up a lightly used 1994 tomorrow.
  9. How are people finding parts for CR500's? Do dealers still have cranks and rods? Gears and shifting forks? If not will this motor simply die out?
  10. I wonder how the people who have SH bikes will be able to replace all those one-off parts when they need them? I was looking to buy a Service Honda used but now I think I'll start looking for a steal framer.
  11. Did Service Honda go out of business? If so, is Redline the only company building CR500AF's?
  12. This sounds like fun. I know a couple of guys that race D38 and I've been threating my self with doing something out there, I just my go ahead and embarrass myself.
  13. Hey Dave I'm a Old Sh.. so how many miles per moto? And how much recovery time between motos? RAK
  14. Hey Kaiser and Carwash, I went riding yesterday Dec. 26 with Gene, Don Cowgirl , Glenn, Miguel and Beachnut was there too...what a surprise, the down south boys riding in America. There was patches of snow everywhere and THE best traction I've ever had at McCains! Think I'm getting hooked again. Hey, now that they have bulldozed everything down, will we still get sited for riding single track? HaHaHaHa
  15. Timmy settle down now, you gotta wonder if someone uses the name LaPorte if it's Danny right? I don't know hardly anyone by real name on this site except for you and maybe one or two others. And you know what I was thinking if it was Danny. Damn, this is just good cheep entertainment.
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