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  1. tmotten

    Anyone buy a fe501 and regret it?

    I must admit. I'm leaning to a 350. Lots of tight terrain around here but it should still be fine in Baja or multi day forestry road rides with minimal overnight gear. I'm drooling over the beta 390 because off it's easy to ride nature. But don't have the funds. Not great enough of a rider to hang on for dear life. I'm more into exploring than speed and acceleration. My favorite bike in the woods is a DRZ-E. Very manageable but too heavy. I understand the husky is way more zippy at the throttle but I'm thinking a g2 throttle tamer could sort this out of it's unmanageable.
  2. tmotten

    Anyone buy a fe501 and regret it?

    New to both bikes, but why is the 350 heavier when all is said and done? What does it need that the 5 doesn't? Looking at going to one of these in the near future.
  3. What didn't work out? How did the bike perform long distance with that short service interval?
  4. tmotten

    Show us yor Safari tank-17L

    I'm planning on doing the French line next year so am working out the fuel issue for that. I was wondering if the 17l is easier to live with for general riding, but I've been told it's better to just get the biggest tank available for that ride and than live with it after. But from what I gather on this thread it doesn't really matter because it's not that noticeable anyway? What about the last few litres. Do they drain out to the carby ok? Had some issues with that on other bikes and apparently the DR650 suffers this problem with they're bigger tanks.
  5. tmotten

    I Have A Whirring Noise And A Knock Knock

    Anything new on this since? I'm getting similar noises which I would describe as grinding noises also only when it's really warm. Mine is ony 500km old.
  6. tmotten

    My Brand New '09 DRZ not running real well

    Just took is for a quick test ride and it's bloody gutless. 5th gear at full throttle at it peaked at 65kph. Than I blibbed the throttle a bit and it rode to 75 but took it's time. Have to ring the dealer up and ask why he's screwing me I think. I know what the restrictor looks like from the Trailbike adventure mag project bike (DR Zilla) but not fixed on the manifold. I can see a clamp screw but not sure if this is for the manifold itself. I'm new to this bike and carbies so pardon my ignorance.
  7. tmotten

    My Brand New '09 DRZ not running real well

    Any way of knowing if the restrictor has been removed without pulling the carby out? Sounds like a major pain to do that. The snorkel is still there, I've pulled the exhaust cap off which has something welded on but the pipe is empty. Makes a lot of noise without the cap.
  8. tmotten

    My Brand New '09 DRZ not running real well

    I've got the same thing, but I've only run it in the garage and it won't idle very well. Working the choke and throttle adjuster, it's never steady. Also meant to be de-restricted but haven't pulled the carby out yet. Took the end of the exhaust out and other than the bit welded on the end piece, there's nothing else. Nozzle is still in the airbox though. You guys telling me that part of the de-restricting process needs to be changing the jet?