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  1. NastyR1


    Which cruise were you on
  2. NastyR1

    2002 cr 250 bogg

    Could be a blocked/partially blocked pilot jet, the pilot meters the fuel to the engine between idlle (mixture screw setting) and the transition to midrange (slide cutout w/needle height/taper and needle jet) Also check your PV adjustment - https://motocrossactionmag.com/ask-the-mxperts-how-do-you-adjust-hondas-electric-power-valve-on-the-old-school-cr250s/
  3. NastyR1

    4 Stroke to 2 Stroke Conversion Kits!

    Since it's from Wiseco it should be a quality kit but early beta testing reports are the bikes only go 1/2 as fast as they did before
  4. Wrong. Watch the movie Shooter, when training the FBI Agent to operate a bolt action rifle between shots Gunny Wahlberg "Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast".
  5. Have another look at it when you're sober. If you still think it looks like Miesha Tate you're not sober enough.
  6. Bagman looks like he's 88 yrs old Looks a bit like a skinny Ed Asner too
  7. NastyR1

    You asked...Alta delivers

    For sure, I've lost count the number of times I got dirty looks from hikers flying along on my mountain bike on multi-use trails, imagine the carnage hitting some bird watcher railing a 4rth gear corner on an e bike (going in the right direction of course). The bottom line is whether you are on a 4 st, 2 st or e-bike, any type of powered 2 wheel vehicle is always going to be looked down on disdain by the general public. It won't be long until everything will be confined to private property or closed course sanctioned events.
  8. NastyR1

    JD Jet Kit for 2003 cr250

    Best combo I had on my '03 was an '05 CR (was a a steel gasket, not fiber) or Cometic cylinder base gasket (.010") thick, JD Jet kit (blue needle) with stock Mikuni carb and an FMF SST Pipe with PC shorty silencer. I could not believe that a few bolt on mods make such a difference on that bike, the cylinder base gasket lowered the exhaust port just enough to give it some bottom end grunt and the pipe/silencer gave it some top end. Of course, not leaving well enough alone I had to change everything with porting, machining the cylinder base and a Keihin carb but I never got the bike to run as well as the first combination
  9. NastyR1

    2018 Monster Energy A1 SX Bench Racing

    You'd still cross the street to smell her farts
  10. NastyR1

    Malcolm Stewart to fill in for Bogle

    You've said that twice now GoRide, is that all you see? Take your trolling ass somewhere else
  11. NastyR1

    Where the HECK is James Stewart

    Jealousy Fellows? Is he/she the latest fad in moto trainers? Aldon x 1000? Yes, along with an good trainer, toughness and stupidity certainly helps.
  12. NastyR1

    Where the HECK is James Stewart

    Of course it's clickbait, it's all clickbait. Lets tie up another 1000 pages taking about this.
  13. NastyR1

    Pro forum newbs

    Barbeque'd troll is a big favorite around here
  14. NastyR1

    2018 Monster Energy A1 SX Bench Racing

    Well Kenny did pretty good Roger had Dungey perform the Decoster mind meld on Marvin