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  1. Joe105

    2011 kx250f SFF clicking on left fork

    Not sure if its supposed to but I feel like mine always have. Always thought mine was coming from the right one though. If I didn't have my money going towards other things right now Id get rid of my kawi and get something else with the SFF being a big reason why.
  2. Joe105

    2014 YZ250f pics

    Was looking around at wheels last night and they listed back wheels for the 14 but only up to 13 for the front, they didn't change anything that would require a different front wheel did they?
  3. Voted. We want a thank you picture when its over! haha
  4. Joe105

    2014 yz450f Anyone got one yet?

    Post more pics!
  5. Joe105

    should i sell my 11 250f for a 13 250f?

    I think the point hes trying to make between the 11 and 13 isn't that he needs a new bike but hes already got X amount of hours on this one and doesn't want a 14+ so he wants to grab a new 13 while there is still new carbed 250's to be had. He will be starting over on the hour meter and be able to have it for a long time to come.
  6. Joe105

    should i sell my 11 250f for a 13 250f?

    I moved from a 09 yz250f to my fuel inject kx250f and honestly I could never go back to carb but the deals on 13 yzf's are sooo tempting. If I were you it might not be a bad idea. Ive seen dealers selling new 13's for 5000-5200 out the door! Let us know what you do
  7. Joe105

    Is the sff fork easy to rebuild?

    Have owned and maintained the bike from day 1. Ive had 2 problems with different cartridge seals. The suspension company I use was well aware of both issues and I wasnt the first. Not saying everyone will have issues just giving my experiences.
  8. Joe105

    Is the sff fork easy to rebuild?

    I shouldve learned to rebuild my SFF forks, Ive had nothing but problems on numerous things. Was just working on them tonight actually. See that Yamaha in my avator? Huge mistake selling it!
  9. Joe105

    2011... The same old Problem...

    Buddy of mine made this for me, also encloses that black cylinder thingy that used to hang on the radiator.
  10. Joe105

    Motocross Girls

    Picked a good number!
  11. Can anyone give me any advice? Never been to Unadilla but might go for the nationals this year. Looking to find out some info from people who've been there on any helpful directions, good/bad hotels, ect...
  12. Joe105

    Craigslist "deal", opinions needed

  13. Ive been scanning craigslist for good deals on yamaha 450's to pick one up, ride it a little as a second bike then resell it and try to make a dollar. Was looking in the 06-09 range but noticed a 05 very close to where I live. He's asking 1800 and was gonna try to get it for no higher then 15. Whats everyones feelings on this?
  14. Joe105

    2012 vs 2013 sxf 350

    Darn, I thought all these new post were about the original question lol