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  1. mx-buddy

    Motocross Shorts?

    on the track i wear my normal nofear mx pants. I usually ride with jeans on when messing around on trails/backyard because i laid my old 2 stroke down on my leg with shorts on and fried my leg because i got my leg pinned underneath it when i layed it down. learned from that mistake.
  2. mx-buddy

    2008 crf 250 not starting

  3. mx-buddy

    When yohave a bad ride.

    shower, monster, couch, watch mx or sx races
  4. mx-buddy

    Question on safety equipment effectiveness

    Idk where to find a study, but let me say this. Had i not been wearing a leatt or a chest protector the many times ive went down hard, it would have been a much worse crash. I dont need a piece of graph paper to tell me that something works.
  5. mx-buddy

    No more Cookie Cutter 250F

    Where did u find them? I might just have to pick some up!
  6. mx-buddy

    Real World MPG??

    1986 gmc stepside, 4 speed manual, 400 small block, gets 10 sometimes 12 if i baby it.
  7. looks like something i might do... LOL that guy got lucky Liked how he got in the superman position as he flew
  8. So, i work at a drag strip (1/4 mile) and at the end we have 2 different turn offs and a bunch of space in between them. My manager used to race mx and now is trying to get me to help build a track with him. Anybody have any ideas or pre-drawn stuff? Looking for something supercross sized but not with giant jumps. Soil is pretty sandy. Any ideas/suggestions welcome! Thanks
  9. mx-buddy

    New 2013 Fly Racing Helmet

    Not sure why they are doing that, but i know my dad had the same problem with his bell moto 8 and basically the only way to fix it is to go goggle shopping. Take it with u so u can try them on with the helmet before u have to buy it.
  10. mx-buddy

    Which is better in sand 4 stroke or 2 stroke

    from what ive found, 4 strokes are better in the sand just because they have more low end torgue to get up on top of the sand vs. a 2 stroke seems to take longer. Im not hating on either one and ive riden both in the sand, just from what ive found.
  11. mx-buddy

    Sketchy moments

    pinning my 250f in 4th gear through whoops and half way through start swapping and somehow now going down.
  12. who would actually put those on a bike? lol
  13. mx-buddy

    How to Land a Jump

    Keep on the throttle all the way until you are in the air, squat a little more with your legs, elbows up, and if you give it gas in the air, it will bring the front end up and the back end down. Good luck!
  14. they also work great for gun shot wounds lol