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    Desert and single track riding, Dual-Sport, Touring on my HD granp'y glide (Believe it or not), surfing, sailing, just about anything fun and active is good with me. More of a doer than a watcher (i.e., football season is actually desert season).

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  1. Yep, that is a 36h max living sapce. i had a 26’ sloop that was great for a weekend, but not much more. there is a place for these, but it is always a trade
  2. And some interesting angles of sag ..
  3. I had this for a good while, it is 17’ Forest River Wolf Pup. Was about GTWR was about 5500 and could handle 2 bikes inside (i would usually carry my bike on the back hitch so I could hang out inside easily.. it was pretty cool, and simple as could be for fully equipped. now I have a 36’ 5er and it is actually a pretty expensive extravagance to maintain by comparison, and it doesn’t fit where my old little one would. but having a hot shower, somewhere comfortable to hang out when the weather is bad (a/c, heat, stove, micro, flush toilet, shower, sink, and do on) is why I go with a trailer. lots of friends with sprinters etc, but too minimalist for me.
  4. SloChicken

    Dirt bike handgun holster

    You may say your glib little comments aren’t intended to be disparaging, but if you read your bolded comments above, it is quite clear you are either fooling yourself, foolishly thinking you are fooling the readers of your posts, or both. I, along with many of my friends and family choose to exercise our right to not be a victim, I have had instance to utilize my firearm for personal protection, and quite thankful for it. nobody could care if others carry or not, you and your life decisions are not that important to us - until you step on our tail, that is. I also spend lots of time in bear and cougar country backpacking and hunting/fishing, while I don’t carry on my hip, I usu carry a lightweight .357 inside my pack in case I find myself walking out or stuck in an area that is less than seemly. you don’t want to carry a firearm? fine, you can play the drum or carry the flag. but if you drop the flag on purpose, there will be problems. 😂
  5. SloChicken

    Dirt bike handgun holster

    And to be quite clear, the average gun enthusiast (actual recreational hunter, shooter etc.) is better trained than the average LEO who quals quarterly or less and doesn’t train otherwise. as a GI, you have far more tactical training than an average LEO and your skillset, and likely mindset if you spent any time outside the wire are gtg v. Your typical bad guy - so that. certainly better than sitting by a phone and hoping the sirens get close before the footsteps. pretty simple, unless you are simple ... then there is the call response times that ran range from minutes to hours. and then there is the harsh reality that per Supreme Court decisions, has stated that police have zero obligation to “protect” an individual. the police are there to enforce law, if they actually have time and resources to do so. so to the detractors, you go on and wait for the fuzz, the smart ones know that nobody is coming and will take care of our own business, thank you very much But back on point, I wear a chest holster when backpacking, hunting and want to carry a sidearm, or fishing. IMO, drop leg is nonsense, and anyone who has tried to run with one or otherwise tried to use one practically will confirm. my sidearm is either on my hip, chest, or concealed (you guess where). drop leg is for vidyo games
  6. Rider Planet, as stated above is a good bet
  7. None of this has anything to do with the migratory patterns of the European Coconut.
  8. SloChicken

    Dirt bike handgun holster

    Canadians ...
  9. SloChicken

    Dirt bike handgun holster

    Canadians have been conditioned to cry when not attached to momma’s maple syrup teet.
  10. SloChicken

    Dirt bike handgun holster

    All of this. though, when legal, on my dirt bike I usu carry in my pack, (CCW at other appropriate times). Slow, but not as worried while riding my bike about 2 legged on-bike stuff (where I may be more prone to expeditious presentation, but more likely, and practically, as far as comfortable carry v. compromise, I carry it, condition 2 and in my pack, and will be useable as an off-bike, hike out or bed down tool in these scenarios. as a practical fact, I believe staying armed at all (legal/practable times is a good bet toward self-reliance and do so as is legally available.
  11. I don’t really agree with Drop Bear’s take, but I do know that some of the very fastest riders I know get away from the rest of us on their 125s. personally, it is too much clutch work for me, and I weigh 260lb in gear, another 10lb in my hydro pack and tool belt. Frankly, I would feel bad putting a 125 through me and my heft., in fair terms, my TX300 is my 125 lol. I have also a TE big bore bike, but it is nowhere near as agile as my 300, particularly d/t overall wt, and lower ht (of which 125s are even lower seat ht), Then there is centripital forces, or gyroscopic effect of a bigger piston mass and stroke making direction change to need more energy (read, “less flickable”). that said, big bores have their place, and I love mine for long (read baja 500 type) treks. but for bustin, hard to beat a light smoker, and were I light nd small enough, a 125 would be so much fun. as it is, they feel a toy when I am on one.
  12. You aren’t riding a horse, you are banging together two halves of a coconut. where did you get the coconut?
  13. What ??? tied to a strand of creeper ? I suppose one could tie it to the dorsal guiding feathers. But then again, European Swallows are non-migratory. of course, if it were an African Swllow, but then maybe, but not a European Swallow, that is my point.
  14. yeah, how is a swallow supposed to carry it?
  15. Of course, coconuts do not migrate ...