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  1. 65Jeffrey

    Brake light kit

    okay, thanks, ill give them a call.
  2. 65Jeffrey

    Brake light kit

    I see the individual parts many places but specifically looking for a kit. from switch all the way back to light itself. Bike had one once upon a time, but long since gone. Went to local Honda dealer but they didnt even want to look at the bike, one of those where it was obvious they didnt feel a 20 year old tree basher/cow chaser was worth their time.
  3. 65Jeffrey

    Brake light kit

    I have a 1987 XR250 I want to add a brake light to. Anybody suggest a kit I can purchase to make this as easy as possible?
  4. 65Jeffrey

    Oil drain plug '86 XR250

    Can someone tell me where the oil drain plug is on my 1986 XR250, or better yet send a pic? Ordered a manual but it hasnt shown up yet.
  5. 65Jeffrey

    1986 XR250R speedometer

    Whats going to power the digital ? I am not familiar with their operation? My intention was to buy an OEM or salvaged speedo but as BigOSPig said price is frightening. joneill4 whats the comonality of the cables? Anybody know of a parts bike with a working speedo for sale reasonable?
  6. 65Jeffrey

    1986 XR250R speedometer

    After a 10 year seperation im back in the XR world. Just bought a 1986 XR250R in good shape and first project is to make it street legal. I need to setup a speedometer for this bike anybody know the simplest way to go about doing so?