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  1. ssrmatt

    What's a fair price?

    Well it sold yesterday for what I was asking.
  2. ssrmatt

    What's a fair price?

    Thanks for the response guys. I'm not really willing to drop the price much more because I know how much they cost new and this is $2000 less than a new bike plus $1500 in extras. Also the 27 hours on the bike are 27 original hours, not rebuilt.
  3. ssrmatt

    What's a fair price?

    Ok fellas I am selling my 2013 200 xcw and just wondering what everyone thinks is a fair price. So far I have had no hits and I'm guessing it's due to the economy. I realize this post may be in the wrong section but I feel like I will have more interest here. The bike is a 2013 KTM 200 xcw with 27 hours on it. The bike is in excellent condition and needs absolutely nothing. It is adult owned and ridden and maintained properly. It comes with cycra crm wrap around hand guards, map switch, flatland racing skid plate, bulletproof designs swingarm guard, enduro engineering case/slave cylinder saver, enduro engineering shark fin, enduro engineering grab handle, unabiker radiator braces, fmf hard parts expansion chamber and fmf shorty silencer, jd jet kit, and Scott's steering stabilizer. I will also include the stock jets, stock expansion chamber and silencer, an extra twin air filter and a cycra stand. It has Pirelli mt16 tires with lots of life left on them and the chain and sprockets are still in excellent shape. I was thinking $5500. Any input?
  4. ssrmatt

    2014 200 XC-W pricing?

    I'll sell you a 27 hour 2013 with mods for $5800 lol
  5. ssrmatt

    XC-W 200 jetting recommendations?

    What year? My 2013 stock jetting was pretty good. N1EI needle in the 3rd clip, 158 main, 40 pilot, about 2 turns out on the air screw. I mix 50:1 with motorex or maxima. The jd stuff is pretty good also and is what I'm currently running.
  6. ssrmatt

    input for 200 pipe

    Put a gnarly for a 125 on it
  7. ssrmatt

    2012 300xcw

    I would tear the carb apart and clean the entire thing out really good. It is most likely gummed up. Also it wouldn't be a bad idea to just replace all of the jets. I have cleaned jets before and thought they were clean and still had issues then replaced them with new ones and everything was fine. They are cheap. Always make sure you drain your tank and bowl if you don't plan on riding for 2 weeks or more.
  8. ssrmatt

    08 KTM 250SX Suspension Help?

    Clickers aren't going to make the difference you are looking for. You need to have the bike sprung and revalved for you weight and type of riding and then adjust sag. Depending how far away you are there is a place is uniontown called DGS that does excellent work and he will work with you until you are happy. I had an sxf and converted it into a woods bike.
  9. ssrmatt

    Ktm 2012-13-14 200/250/300 xcw exc plastics swappable?

    2011 and 2012 sx/sx-f plastics are the same as 2012 and 2013 xc/xc-f/xcw/exc plastics. 2013 and 2014 sx/sx-f plastics are the same. 2014 xc/xc-f/xcw/exc plastics are the same as 2013 sx/sx-f plastics. The only differences are the front number plate and rear fender on xc/xcw/xcw/exc models has mounts for tail light. You can make a bracket or buy a bracket to fit the new style front number plate.
  10. ssrmatt

    input for 200 pipe

    If you want more bottom adjust your power valve and put a gnarly on. Done deal.
  11. ssrmatt

    200 xcw starting. jetting?

    Every 2 stroke I've ever owned needs throttle to start. I think that is probably normal. I have a jd kit in my 2013 and have no problems.
  12. ssrmatt

    200 xcw sxs hard parts pipe question

    I am going to wait until I smash this pipe before I do anything else which shouldn't take long considering the amount of rocks we have here lol. I do however have a used gnarly for sale now.
  13. ssrmatt

    200 xcw sxs hard parts pipe question

    Krazyinski just hit the nail on the head! I smashed my oem pipe and had to get a replacement so I purchased a gnarly. I did not like the gnarly because of how fast it fell off on top. I was told by several people including ktm world in Georgia that the sxs pipe was equivalent to a fatty so I purchased it from them. I just received the sxs pipe and sure enough it looks identical and makes the bike run the same as a gnarly. I replaced the stock jetting with the jd kit 175 main, blue needle, 40 pilot and it still feels like it signs off on too way too fast for me. Why can't they just make a fatty?
  14. ssrmatt

    200 xcw sxs hard parts pipe question

    The one I'm looking at has fmf stamped right on it so I don't believe it is a doma. I called KTM world in Georgia and they told me that it is just an fmf fatty. I am hoping that is the case.
  15. Does anyone know if the hard parts expansion chamber number sxs11200500 is the same as an fmf gnarly or fatty? I have been told both. I know that they don't make the fatty for the newer 200's that is why I ask. I bought a gnarly and absolutely hate it because it took every ounce of top end away from the bike. Any info on this hard parts pipe is appreciated.