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  1. Pretty much what the title says- does rhe updated 2020 FE side panels, rear fender, and radiator shroud fit a 2017-2019 without modification, or is the subframe and tank different on the 2020's? Specifically a 2017 FE450 if it matters.
  2. JD jetting had quite a few dyno pulls with the KTM 450 and 500 EXC and FE 450 and 500. The difference on a 450 with the screen removed from stock silencer and a SX model exhuast was 0.1 HP on the Dyno, which is probably not even noticeable. I personally have an FMF 4.1 RCT with spark arrestor and am putting the stock muffler with the screen removed back on only due to noise. The FMF looks and sounds awesome, but there is 0 real world discernable power difference. That is with reeds removed and JD tuner on an FE450 in my case. Also the 2016 and older bikes had significantly different design endcaps, so the experiences on thos dont directly relate to the 17 and later bikes.
  3. Time Left: 11 days and 19 hours

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    Brand new in the box Vortex X10 ECU. I ordered this 4/15/19, and did not get it until last week. Unfortunately for me Tokyo Mods does not accept returns and I installed another tuner before I cancelled the order for this one. These are backordered everywhere- buy this one and skip the three month wait. $600 shipped in the lower 48.


    , Washington

  4. I thought it was a good deal considering people are asking 7500 to 8500 used, and this one was less than 8400 with all the fees. They were good to deal with. Said they over-ordered, and had people drive from Everett and Seattle to buy the other ones. There is actually a packlist that has everything that comes in the crate. I had everything, which was sweet.
  5. Ding ding ding. I did put a deposit down, so they are assembling today. My local dealer, JMC, told me that they can do transfer's between dealers, but the releasing dealer has to voluntarily give it up. They were willing to price match any written quotes, but there were only a handful of 2017 FE450 in the state. With all the rebates, it is still much cheaper than a 19 with no setup, no freight, and several hundred off MSRP. That helped get me off the fence, as my last KTM experience was kind of mediocre from a durability standpoint, and my $2500 honda 450x has delivered many years of service. Crossing my fingers this one will be better.
  6. Thanks guys. I would have never have thought to ask for throttle cam, kick stand bolt, or fuel caps. If they dont have that stuff, at least I can use that as a bargaining tool. Much appreciated.
  7. I am traveling ~7 hours Saturday to buy a new FE450. It is a new leftover 17. My questions is, what is supposed to come with a new Husqvarna? Do I get one key or two? Owner's manual? toolkit? Swedish to English dictionary? With the dealer being far away, and this bike having sat in the showroom for 2 years, and this dealer specializing in jet skis and boats, I am a little worried I wont get everything I am supposed to. Tried to search, but did not seem to find anything.
  8. My brother tried Tubliss for the first time this weekend, at Odessa. Front Tire cut in two places early in first lap, quit after first lap. Does not seem like the hot setup for durability. If the the tire is the tube, then a hole in the tire is a guaranteed flat. If the tube is inside the tire, at least the tire is protecting the tube. I have had problems with goat heads puncturing the tube through the thinner tires on play bikes. Bib mousse seems like it would be nearly indestructible.
  9. Did the ironman poker run. I dont think the weather could have been any better Saturday. Anybody from our group who ran Sunday either crashed or flatted. Thanks to the Stumpjumpers for a well run event. I dont know how you could better control a group of this many.... uhhh..... enthusiasts is the word I will use.
  10. You hit the nail on the head- I spend a week every year at Spinreel doing these types of climbs. There is one at boxcar that I used to make on my 450x, couldnt last time, but my brother on his YZ450FX could. I guess more everywhere, low mid, and top is important. Out there I am usually starting in second, and then in 4th or 5th. I guess when I think of a "torquey" powerband, I am thinking a bike has a lot of low end power, and less over-rev. I would think a 501 would more torquey than an FC450 for example, but not have less top end/ over-rev. With the 450 having the same bore but shorter stroke as a 501, I would assume that would also be the case. As things go my brother bought a new 500 exc, so I think the easiest thing is going to be do a an extended test ride. I think everything except price is pointing to the 501, so I might as well pay the couple hundred more.
  11. I found several threads, nothing specific to the FE450 vs FE501 though. This thread is really what I am trying to avoid- I have a ton of spares for my 450x like complete wheels, fasteners filters, ect. I honestly would jump straight to a XC-f or the white version, but a wide ratio 6 speed is a must. I dont usually have a want for more toque in the sand, usually it is more mid and top end that you need. For the little singletrack we do an XR100 has enough low range.
  12. I have searched extensively and not found any information on the real world power difference between an FE450 and FE501. I see some claims that the FE450 is 56HP, others that it is 62, and the 501 is 63. Reason I ask is a local dealer has a leftover 17 FE450 and it is $8300, which is 1K less than the other 501's. Then I see dyno runs from peopeles sto FE450's making 35hp, which would be a big let down for me. And before you jump jump my bones on the HP doesnt matter to a mortal man, I ride primarily sand, and am tired of losing hill climbs and drag races to my brother on his YZ450FX. I currently have a CR500 and a CRF450x with a cam, high compression piston, etc, and they are not "too much". I rode a 17 500 EXC and it felt like it had alot of power, but slow revving tractor power, not the quick revving power I am used to on a newer 450. Has anyone riddern the 17 and newer 450 and 501 back to back?
  13. I hesitated because I also have a 2005 Honda 450X with an FCR and the float bowl externally looks different, the yamaha has a little clearance "dent" cast in to clear the timing chain tensioner, and the honda bowl does not have the same dent. The honda bowls have a couple different part numbers so there must be some minor differences. I think I will give it a try anyways, it does not look like it will actually interfere the tensioner.
  14. Hey guys, I bought a 2002 WR250F with the keihin fcr 37 carb. The previous owner tightened the drain screw on the bowl so tight it cracked the bowl and it leaks. Bike runs good and the carb is tuned well but it is going to go down in flames if I cant find a replacement float bowl. JB weld was gasoline resistant for a year. This is somewhat of a beater/ spare bike, so I dont want to sink a ton of money into it. A float bowl is not available from Yamaha, need to order the whole carb ($1100). There are used complete carbs on Ebay for around $200 but I really dont want to spend that much for just a float bowl. I could buy an R&D power bowl for $180 but it seems like a waste of money. I can order a 2004 CRF250R float bowl from Honda for ~$55. Interweb says they have an FCR 37. Anyway to know if this would fit? Is there anywhere else I can look to buy a float bowl?
  15. Thanks Stumpjumpers for a great weekend and event. The mud was kind of fun and different for our group on the Ironman poker run. Didnt mind the wait at the bridge myself, i did not have anywhere to be.
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