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  1. ShortRider873

    Bleeding forks

    If those are the same as the forks on my 2011 250sx, which I believe they are, its the screw to the right. The one on the left goes to the air bladder.
  2. ShortRider873

    SX versus XC fork set up

    Thanks for the feedback. At 44 years old, I am leaning more and more towards your thinking. I am not going to get any faster and don't want to be dumping a bunch of money into something if I can make what I have work for my riding ability. I may look into lighter springs and give that ago. That's a pretty inexpensive investment.
  3. ShortRider873

    SX versus XC fork set up

    I have an 11 250sx and hate the forks. I'm not a pro level rider and have been trying to avoid spending hundreds of dollars on re-valving. Especially after having my 11 350sxf re-valved and still not being happy. I'm 5' 1" and 150lbs, C class vet rider. So far, besides messing with the clickers, I have installed the Ride JBI Pro perch and lowered the oil level per their recommendations. This seemed to help a bit with the harsh feel of the initial stroke. But I'm still fighting either bottoming or to harsh on the initial stroke. I'm riding MX and arenacross style tracks. I picked up the outer tubes and all internals from a 13 250xc (this was to replace my outer tubes that have started to leak oil due to cracking where the internal chamber threads in). So my question is what is the main difference in valving between the two? Would the XC be way soft for MX style riding? Or being a lighter weight rider, would it possibly be a better set up for me than the sx valving?
  4. ShortRider873

    2011 250sx fouling plugs

    Choke on, fire it up, let it run with the choke on for 5 to 10 seconds, turn choke off and let it sit at an idle while I put my boots, helmet and chest protector. I'm wondering if my problem is letting it just sit at an idle for too long without even blipping the throttle a few times as it warms up? Once its warmed up, the bike seems to run great.
  5. ShortRider873

    help read my plug

    I'm installing a JD jet kit in my 11 250SX, but it has a 38mm carb versus the 36. Do you guys think I could go right off the JD specs? Or so I need to compensate one way or the other for the 38mm carb?
  6. ShortRider873

    2011 250sx fouling plugs

    Th Thanks for this pic. I took a look at the new plug I put in and did a plug chop. I had about 15 minutes of riding on the plug before I went basically 3rd gear wide open for a second or two, pulled in the clutch and hit the kill switch. Comparing it to your diagram, the first thing I noticed is the "flat" area around the top has no color which would indicate lean. But I'm wondering if that's partially due to a new plug with very little run time on it? I took a look at my most recently fouled plug and it is black on the flat on about 1/2 of the surface. The other half has no color.
  7. ShortRider873

    2011 250sx fouling plugs

    Thanks, guys. I'm going to drop to a 38PJ and see what happens. I also have not had the needle out yet so I'm not sure what position the clip is in. Would leaning it out at the needle be a good idea over dropping down to a 38PJ? I'm a little hesitant to go too far down on the PJ based on what other numbers I have seen posting. Most seem to be at 40 or 42.
  8. ShortRider873

    2011 250sx fouling plugs

    I have an 11 250sx with a 38mm carb. Just picked it up last fall so i'm just now getting to do some nice weather riding. It has now fouled 2 plugs in the last 4 rides while warming it up. Does this point to being too rich on the PJ? Here are my specs- 38mm carb suzuki needle (not sure which one. previous owner couldn't remember) 40PJ 170MJ 2.5 turns out on AS 2500' elevation 60 to 75 degrees on the last few rides I did the ride wide open and kill the engine test with a new plug, and it may be a tad on the dark side, but not bad and I figure with warmer temps coming I don't want to go any leaner on the MJ. But I am a little puzzled why it started fouling plugs all of a sudden. I rode it probably a dozen times this winter in 40 to 50 degree temps and around 500' elevation and never had a problem. Shouldn't it be running leaning at higher elevation and warmer temps if anything? I also don't know how the larger carb affects jetting. I have been reading all over on this forum and seeing all kinds of jetting setting people are running but I'm not sure how a 36mm carb would compare to a 38 as far as jetting goes,
  9. ShortRider873

    Spoke Nipples

    Looks like Looks like you might have to buy individual spoke/nipples. They are only $3.40 each so that's not bad compared to buying a full spoke set.
  10. ShortRider873

    Spoke Nipples

    RM RM or MotoSport from the OEM parts section usually has them for sale individually. I haven't looked at your bike specifically but I have for a few others.
  11. ShortRider873

    Suspension Tuners

    No need to drain the oil as long as you don't have the push-button style bleeders. If you do, remove them and put the screw/oring back in for shipping. Never had a problem except the one time I did not remove the push-button bleeders................ that was a little messy!
  12. ShortRider873

    Suspension Tuners

    DO NO DO NOT GO TO MIKE at C&M........... I won't bash or get into details but either go to Chaun at Motion Sport (RG3) or Corey at ProTune. I have not had Corey do any valving, but have bought parts from him and read many, many positive reviews of his work. He has outstanding customer service. Where are you located exactly? I'm about 1.5 hours south of Cd'A.
  13. ShortRider873

    Suspension Tuners

    Give Chaun at Motion Sports a call (in Cda). He's an RG3 tuner and rumored to have good results with KTM's. Tell him Brad from Northwest MX News sent ya!
  14. Not to hi jack this thread, but I picked up a used 2011 250SX last fall. The original owner put a 38mm carb and Suziki needle (not sure which one yet.I haven't pulled it out to see). Out of curiosity, what is the advantage of the 38mm carb over the 36mm? I have no complaints with how it runs. Just curious about the upgrade.
  15. ShortRider873

    Stick pipe coloring

    Ok, good to know. I think my jetting is pretty good as well. I may go up one size on the MJ on the next ride just to see how it does.