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  1. Finally installed my MZS folding levers, I guess the s and sm DRZ have a different brake lever compared to the e model but I had to cut this little bracket off, file a stock radius into it and then drill a hole for the return spring. Only took ten minutes so it wasn't a big deal, they look killer and will go nicely with my red silicone hoses and new graphics!
  2. After searching and searching I gave up, I'm not paying all that money for OEM plastic so i did two coats of white and then two coats of blaze pink plastidip. It came out GREZT and so far it's holding up really good. I use a 40* head on my pressure washer so it's faned out and doesn't take the coating off. So far so good! Plus my daughter is happy so happy daughter happy life LOL
  3. They are 7/8 steel bars so any bar that size aluminum or steel will work. Your going to need a high bend or add bar risers to a lower bend bar
  4. Not off the top of my head, my factory service manual was leant out and i never got it back! This week i have all new gaskets, seals, etc to install on the carb and ill check and let you know
  5. Actually I was thing about the 2stroke ktm personally...street legal fuel/oil injected. Maintenance is near ZERO and if the top end goes it's what $200.00 to redo it?
  6. Yea I know...but spending 10k on a bike OH MAN
  7. Well I got screwed, had to work like most people and around 930 I get a message on facebook messenger that someone contact's him and wanted the bike...showed up have him 2k and now I lost the bike
  8. Think I figured out my issue, buddy told me to go on Facebook market page (I've never been on it). I typed in drz400 and a few swipes i came across a guy in Philadelphia PA who has a 2006 SM at 2500 or best offer...i check him out under face book and he's defiantly into street bikes. I message him and ask some questions... basically he's the second owner and got it because some group members of his bought super moto bikes so he got one and it's not fast enough or loud enough etc so he's letting it go. He has the title and without seeing it I got him down to 2k IF it looks good when I see it Tuesday after work....if it's clean like in the pictures I'll buy it for 2k sell the entire bike except the frame, swap my E model on the 06 SM frame and register/tag it in New Jersey
  9. At 220 they had 6.1 for me...but when I checked my weight Sunday night I'm almost 128lbs, and that bumped me to a 6.2 rear. And add in my riding gear and I carry a camelpack with at least one gallon of water I went with the 6.3 rear
  10. That blue nut was adjusted by Kessler Suspension, i have to dig out the paperwork and see what its set at
  11. Actually bought that one and another one that a single light (no low/high) since my bike is the off road only model. I'll see how each one fits and go from there
  12. Im 227lbs and ractech recommended .50 front springs and a 6.2 rear when i ordered mine this did you get so low of a spring recommendation? Are you only a amateur rider
  13. I ended up buying this, almost identical in size as the stock E light , its under the factory rated bulb power consumption BUT it throws 2200lumes of pure white light! I'll show you how I mounting when it arrives, should be awesome for night riding again
  14. Thanks I'm gonna order it right now
  15. 38super thanks for the link, I understand what's I'm reading and that the DRZ needs major help in the suspension. What I dont get is all the single stage vs dual stage vs triple stage and this shim vs that shim lol hopefully ill get it valved correctly when i get my new springs this week