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  1. superdutyscaler

    Trying to street legalize my DRZ400E

    Is south Dakota that much easier?
  2. superdutyscaler

    Riding area for young child in NJ or NY

    Good luck with that! I'm in south Jersey and there are NO LEGAL RIDING AREAS U LESS YOUR DIRTBIKE IS STREET LEGAL so my two kids are out also! I sneak I to a few places but my kids (daughter is 15, sons 13) have really lost interest in the sport within this past spring/summer. Its heart breaking to me that I grew up riding here and I never had an issue till the past six years really. All my spots are now housing developments or mini malls...my kids have grown as riders but the little spots I sneak I to are for yound kids about 5 years old to start riding and get the basic stuff down. Now my kids are well over that point and now get bored after two minutes or dont even want to go becase of lack or riding spots. It's a real shame actually because all this does is further kids to be on their cell phones more or get I to bad habits that end them up in jail or worse
  3. superdutyscaler

    DRZ400 E air box made smaller

    Pull it out and make sure you jet it before riding it. Also remove the coast enricher and adjust the AP timing
  4. superdutyscaler

    Trying to street legalize my DRZ400E

    Well I want to update this for everyone, I called up and did what I was told by a Vermont dmv employee. It's been al.ost four weeks and I just got back my check and paperwork plus a letter stating Vermont dmv cannot register or tag a motorcycle UNLESS I bring it there FIRST to pass the safety inspection...seems like I'm back to square one! I guess I'm just gonna spend the money on a used frame with clean title off ebay or something
  5. superdutyscaler

    Oil brand change advice

    Heres one for you, I also have a 2007 rmz450 i bought brand new from same dealer as my DRZE in 2003. I dont know the exact hours on the 450 but if i have to guess I'd say maybe 40 50 tops. That gets a air filter change and oil/filter change after EVER RIDE with suzuki oil filter and either suzuki 10w40 or honda 10w40 like i posted before in this thread. I check for compression etc twice a year and shes like brand new, i do however ride a little different than most....bike makes extreme power and I dont need to be at redline with it, plus i ride more open land with it. I've only had it on a actually motocross tract i think three times now, so shes basically a really mean woods bike i guess LOL
  6. superdutyscaler

    Handel bars

    Cr hi in 7/8 pro taper se with bar risers, bark busters and over 8 years of tight single track and they never let me down yet
  7. superdutyscaler

    How difficult is it to add a phone charger to the S model?

    I would only charge while riding unless you have the kickstart for backup. The drz's battery is small and doesnt have much capacity
  8. superdutyscaler

    New Jersey pine barrens riding spots?!

    Yea if your tagged no problem, I finally tagged my e model off road in Vermont so I can ride legally in New Jersey. BUT my two kids I cant do this with so me like many other off road families are still &%$#@!ed if you live in this shit hole of New Jersey! So I'm still sneaking into places so I can ride with my kids...so far I've been lucky but i know sooner or later I'm gonna get nailed. And the only thing being hurt by this is my children, bot some endangered wildlife or someones dirt
  9. superdutyscaler

    Oil brand change advice

    Bought my 03 brand new and only ran suzuki 10w40, around 2005 my dealer closed up so I went to the local honda dealer and started running honda 10w40. A year ago rocky mountain atv/mc started carrying suzuki 10w40 in the gallon jug for 17 or 18 bucks! Bought six gallons and I've been running that ever since, I change the oil and filter ever 15/20hours (I have a US e model I just made street legal in New Jersey, I ride single track and some open atv paths) my bike is internally all original with nothing more than routine maintenance and she still pulls your arms off
  10. I have a 2003 E offroad model here in the states. No idea of mileage or hours but internally shes all stock! Still fires up and the first hit of the go button and rips like no other! Normal maintenance and valve checks, one battery, brake pads, steering stem bearings...originals were bone dry and went bad
  11. superdutyscaler

    Trying to street legalize my DRZ400E

    I emailed them last week with no response yet. I now have a phone number and I'm going to call tomorrow and see how that goes
  12. My model E is a 2003 year, I have stock wiring and all I do is clean and apply dielectric grease once a year to all the wiring connections. No problems with mine and I still have original stator and everything else
  13. superdutyscaler

    What's the bolt next to the drain plug?

    Ok I'm not sure but I installed it the way the picture has it. Plunger goes in first with the pointy end up into the case (looks like a Male reproductive part) and the washer down. Then the spring and bolt
  14. superdutyscaler

    What's the bolt next to the drain plug?

    FOUND IT! Look under Kawasaki klx125 and it was listed, heres a picture in case anyone does this by accident. Its bolt 29066 and then washer, spring, plunger facing up
  15. superdutyscaler

    What's the bolt next to the drain plug?

    Ah so its spring first then plug with the D part facing up inside the spring and then the bolt?