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  1. I have a 2003 E offroad model here in the states. No idea of mileage or hours but internally shes all stock! Still fires up and the first hit of the go button and rips like no other! Normal maintenance and valve checks, one battery, brake pads, steering stem bearings...originals were bone dry and went bad
  2. I emailed them last week with no response yet. I now have a phone number and I'm going to call tomorrow and see how that goes
  3. My model E is a 2003 year, I have stock wiring and all I do is clean and apply dielectric grease once a year to all the wiring connections. No problems with mine and I still have original stator and everything else
  4. Ok I'm not sure but I installed it the way the picture has it. Plunger goes in first with the pointy end up into the case (looks like a Male reproductive part) and the washer down. Then the spring and bolt
  5. FOUND IT! Look under Kawasaki klx125 and it was listed, heres a picture in case anyone does this by accident. Its bolt 29066 and then washer, spring, plunger facing up
  6. Ah so its spring first then plug with the D part facing up inside the spring and then the bolt?
  7. I just got home and my son was changing the oil on his drz125. He removed the wrong plug on the bottom of the case, he removed the 17mm next to the drain that has a spring and this cup thing???? I'm not sure if theres a ball also or what way it goes in, any help becase Google was a waste of time
  8. I wish I k ow there was a company selling them four years ago, so.ehow one of mine fell out riding one day. I searched for weeks and eventually I ended up buying a factory Suzuki airbox lid...I kept the 1/4 turns and my buddy took the black cover for his S model
  9. That's awesome thanks, I have the parts in my saved list on rocky mountain. I've searched ebay and I think I found the rear light you have also. Now it's just a waiting game to see if I actually get a tag and registration from Vermont....if not this will all be wasted money
  10. It rained today and its suppose to pour all day tomorrow! Since I didnt get the new springs installed yet I'm gonna do it tomorrow and maybe ride tomorrow night. If not I'll be out Sunday when the sun returns
  11. If this works with registering my DRZ in Vermont I'm gonna register my RMZ450 ALSO!
  12. Ok I figured your weren't in JJ, I tried years ago and was turned down three times by different people. Guess I'll try the Vermont titling
  13. NewJersey

    Ok guys what did yous do to plate your "off ride only bike" here in nj? Trying to do that to my DRZ400E and I've gotten random answers...would love to get this done so I can ride again without sneaking into ever place i go
  14. Actually you cant be in nj becase we haven't had inspections for ANY motorcycle in eight years. Harley, street bike, dirt bike etc
  15. Was this in nj?