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  1. ridingagain

    hammerhead shifter

    I have a hammerhead shifter on my yz250f and love it. My stock lever was too close for my size 11 boot so I bought a hammerhead with different offset. They were very helpful when I called and product shipped the same day. I've had it for over a year and a half now and it is as good as the day I bought it. No excess wear at all. I have a few friends have bought one too and they have had no issues. I highly recommend Hammerhead shifters!
  2. ridingagain

    04 yz250f harder to start

    thanks, I'll check valve clearance again. The reason I changed starter jet was because I was cleaning my jets and accidently stripped out the starter jet trying to get it out. I replaced with a new one.
  3. ridingagain

    04 yz250f harder to start

    I have 2 hrs on my '04 yz250f after changing the piston (oem) and installing stage 1 hot cams. The bike seems to run great but it now takes 4 or 5 kicks to start when warm and a few kicks longer when cold. The bike used to start 1 or 2 kicks every time before piston and hot cam change. Do the hot cams make the bike a little harder to start? I love the added snap, but this starting will kill me on dead engine start hare scrambles. Other info: -put in new spark plug w/ piston & hot cam install -Valves were in spec, only had to shim middle intake -I cleaned carb and installed new starter jet -Today was about 70 degrees which is a little warm for my JD blue needle I have in there now. Bike could be rich, however, using the hot start didn't seem to help either. I know the hotstart is working properly though, because the RPMs go up when I pull it. Any ideas?
  4. ridingagain

    **please help me**

    did you see it go into the case? My friend did the same thing and we spent hours trying to get it out with a magnet, only to find it the next day laying on the garage floor about 20ft from the bike.
  5. ridingagain

    Hard to kick

    Don't you mean 12 pins between cams? I hope so, because I just screwed up my hotcam install if I needed 28 pins between punch marks.
  6. ridingagain

    fork bleeders

    I personally like the STR speed bleeders. They cost a bit more than the Motion Pros but are lower profile and fit better under my bars. http://www.systemtechracing.com/parts_speedbleed.htm
  7. ridingagain

    Rekluse For MX???

    i ride mostly mx and am a beginner. I probably don't shift when i'm supposed to either--99% of the time i'm shifting between 2nd and 3rd gear. I've never had a problem. I love my rekluse. At install i changed out all my clutch and friction plates to Honda's.
  8. ridingagain

    steering bearing question

    ok, so i'll remove the washer above bearing but below dust cover. thanks
  9. ridingagain

    steering bearing question

    i'm regreasing the stearing bearings on my '04 yz250f. I pulled off the triple clamps and noticed there was a washer between the upper bearing and the dust cover. I don't see this on the OEM microfiche and am wondering if the previous owner misassembled it. Is there supposed to be a washer between dust cover and upper bearing? Here is the order I disassembled: Nut washer upper triple clamp washer spline nut dust cover washer <= same thickness as washer between spline nut and upper tc upper bearing upper race
  10. ridingagain

    Stator question

    thanks rudy. I just got it all back together and the bike fired right up! Next time I have to get into the side case, i'll try nail polish as you suggested.
  11. ridingagain

    Stator question

    I'm changing my cam chain and piston and as I was pulling the stator plate off my screwdriver slipped and I accidently broke off some of that orangish coating thats on one of the wires. The wire is still being held onto stator but the wire end is exposed. Think this will be a problem. I'll find out when I reassemble and fire it up but i'm praying there isn't going to be an obvious problem. thanks
  12. ridingagain

    UPDATE: Part 2: Where's my oil going? Arrgghh.... rings?

    ok, its been a week since the last post. Still too cold to break it in and give us the verdict?
  13. ridingagain

    19x2.15 rear rim?

    My stock rim 19x1.85 has a slight crack so i need a new rim. I got a couple estimates from some local wheel lacing guys and they all said I should replace with 19x2.15 for better hookup and I should run a 110/80 tire. I'm hesitant to deviate from stock. I asked about added weight or impact to turning and they said no detectable impact. Anyone switch to the x2.15 rear and is it really better? Sorry, I'm sure there is plenty of info on this topic but the search function has been disabled for days.
  14. ridingagain

    need rekluse install help

    Did the break-in today. Seems to work great. The creeping went away after about 5 min of riding. I could crawl along at 1 mph or go hard and lock up the brakes with no stalling. This thing is awesome! I was going faster than usual just doing figure 8s. I don't feather the clutch well so I lose momentum when I'm grabbing the clutch to keep from stalling. Now I can just concentrate on the throttle and keep power to the ground at all times. I debated the rekluse for a long time and now I wish I would have bought it sooner. My only concern was it was spitting some radiator fluid during 20 min break-in. I rode for awhile after and it seemed to diminish to a small occasional drip from the overflow. My bike has never overheated in the past. Is this typical during break-in? Hopefully not an ongoing issue. I'd hate to think what it would do when its 50 degrees hotter and I'm stuck in a bottleneck. Also, I could find neutral if I shifted as I'm rolling to a stop. Finding neutral when at a complete stop was difficult. Is this typical or do I need to make an adjustment? I checked my install gap after about an hour of riding and its at .042. Since its within range and was working great, I didn't change anything. I'm using the light spring with about 3 threads showing on the barrel. What does the barrel adj do? I didn't want to ruin a good thing so I didn't play with it. What would change it I were to show say 5 or 6 threads?
  15. ridingagain

    need rekluse install help

    Thanks, I'll do the break in tomorrow and recheck gap. My initial gap was about .39 but I did put in all new CRF250 friction disks so I'm guessing it will be out of spec after break-in. Dumb question, which is engagement vs disengagement? When I pull in the clutch lever its disengaging and when I'm moving its engaged? Or is it the opposite, when pulling in the clutch I am engaging?