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  1. ford7379trucks

    DRZ400 rear sprocket

    I have 13/50 on my off road set. Its GREAT off road but screams on road. If your only going down the road from trail to trail it will be fine.
  2. ford7379trucks

    drz400s MPG?

    because i have seperate off road wheels and tires so I have 13/50 for off road and love it. I dont want to swap the cs sprocket every time i take it offroad. i tried 13, 14, and 15 cs and liked the 13 best for both worlds
  3. ford7379trucks

    Blue/White headlight bulb?

    Philips night guide bulbs are great. they cut thru the rain and fog. they are blue white and yellow and look prity cool showing all 3 colors when your looking at it.
  4. ford7379trucks

    drz400s MPG?

    I get 50mpg always when onroad and i play with it. Im 250lbs MT21s 13/38 gears (same as stock) ride 60 to 65mph all day long. 3x3 JD jet kit everything els stock
  5. ford7379trucks

    post videos of you on your DRZ.

    damn 4 wheelers . I had a idiot on a 3 wheeler decide to just stop in a turn. I had no ware to go but thru some long grass. I thought theres probably a log in here and sure enough boom I hit the ground. My knee put a dent in the tank.
  6. ford7379trucks

    Insurance and Registration

    wow I pay $135 for full coverage $250dec. with Geico reg is $17 in NY
  7. ford7379trucks

    Best fuel octane

    i just had to pull the carb on my dads generator to clean out the water in the bowl from sitting 3 weeks
  8. ford7379trucks

    Best fuel octane

    around here in NY you can find ethanol free 91 at boat docks and some stations. I run 93.
  9. ford7379trucks

    20000 miles

    The DRZ400 is one of the most reliable dual sports ever made.
  10. ford7379trucks

    20000 miles

    what kind of tires? Im on my 3rd on road set at 7000miles and I have a set of wheels for off road. I set of deathwings and 1 set of MT21s. on 2nd set of MT21s but im also 245lbs so that and that the 21s are 70/30 probably makes the differace
  11. ford7379trucks

    B4 I start modding my drz, should I get a different bike?

    have you tried 15/39 or 14/39 Im the same size as you and im runing 13/39. thats basicly stock 15/44. It runs good at 65-70. For offroad I have another set of wheels with a 50tooth sprocket. I love it for off road. instead of buying a new bike maby look into a rear rim for off road. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/408849-ktm-wheel-fitment-the-how-to-%e2%80%9cbig-pics%e2%80%9d/ I got a KTM rim cheap
  12. ford7379trucks

    post videos of you on your DRZ.

    blocked on copywrite grounds?
  13. ford7379trucks

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    because the dealer gets a discount if they order so much in parts. they probably didnt order it till 2 days befor you got it.
  14. ford7379trucks

    ruptured a disk in my back s1 L5 will I ride again

    thanks for all the replys. I think ill be fine. the only time im in pain is if I stand or walk for a wile. I can sit as long as I want.
  15. I will be going in for back surgery on may 21st Lumbar Micro-endoscopic dicectomy rt. L5-S1 The disk is ruptured to the right side and pinching my ciatic nurve. They will cut off the part of the disk that is protruding out and anything they think mite cause a problem later. Dr said no more bikes any one have this happen to them. your still here so how did it go. I love my DRZ and and love to ride in the woods. Im not a jumper just a mediam paced run thru the green. I know it is differant for everyone but im bummed. I mite never be able to do my main hobby the one I love most.