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  1. Bunch of riding buddies went up to Lesotho, this last weekend, to watch the Roof of Africa Rally. We ended up riding about 250km of the actual race course over Friday and Saterday. For some reason, the organisers seem to have gone a little soft as the racers only had to cover 300km each day (good luck to those who entered). As a result there were record finishers of the event this year. Almost tempts me to want to race it next year. Anyway, enjoy the pics. As always, pics never do the terrain justice. In the really narly stuff, you are in survival mode, just trying to get through it. The last thing on ones mind is to get out a camera to capture the pain and suffering of self and comrades. Beautiful riding area, none the less. I'd like to thank all the Lesotho herd boys and their cattle for creating the trails we rode and making this epic journey possible.
  2. CraigW

    My bike cought on fire yesterday, Why?

    Does your 02 450R have the original or Honda uprated backfire screen in it? Honda issued a revised system to all buyers of the first 02 model. I know, because I received the upgraded backfire screen from Honda. It was a lot finer mesh than that originally fitted to the bike.
  3. CraigW

    Lightest/Best helmet?

    Awesome helmet, I agree. Had mine for some 3+ years now, weighs 1.06kg = 2.4lb. I find a heavy helmet very incomfortable, puts a lot more strain from whiplash on your neck (I tend to fall a lot ) Edit: In fact I'm wearing mine in the picture icon of me on the left
  4. CraigW

    05 450X Valve Seats

    Would appreciate clarity on this matter: does the 05 450X have the softer valve seats, as installed on the 06 250X/R models
  5. Hey Trannie , go shove your fingers into your rear sprocket, put the bike in gear and gas it You somehow manage to get my vote as the most irritating member on this forum Back to the topic at hand: 1) I find the front end a little squirrly. Could be I have my steering head bearing a little loose. Have tightened it up and will see if there is an improvement. If this does not work , I will throw away the front tyre - a Bridgestone Gritty, and replace it with a D756 2) Tank is wider than I would like. Makes my old 03 WR450 tank feel slim. 3) Would also prefer a 55/60w light. The current 35w is a little dim compared to the WR450 units. We often return from an afternoon ride in the dark. I would be nice to be able to stay on the gas and not to have to back off because you cant see far enough. Plus I like the occasional night ride. Other than that, its a great bike. Nice to be riding red again
  6. Knock the old ones out and replace them with sealed units. Whats the problem here? If the hub is so worn that the bearings wont stay seated, send it to a machine shop for buiding up and remachining. I cant think of anything else that makes a front wheel bearing change complicated.
  7. CraigW

    vermulen to motogp for 06 ?

    I think Vermeulen is making a big mistake. Suzuki has proved to be a resounding POS so far. Should have stayed in WSB another year and tried to move to MotoGP on a Honda ride. On the Suzuki, he is guarranteed a back marker ride, moving chicane for the Rossis/Haydens and Melandris of this world.
  8. CraigW

    Don't trust zip-ty

    I've had no problems with ZipTy racing. To date I've ordered from them twice. Had goods shipped to South Africa. Both times they were quite clear on the shipping costs I would occur. They even verified order before charging my credit card.
  9. CraigW

    Ordering Online Engine spares for 250X ?

    Unfortunately Service Honda only ship in the States. Anyone else able to recommend a vendor?
  10. Buddy dropped an exhaust valve on his 05 250X on Saturday. Looks like in order to do a proper rebuild he will need a new head (06 preferred), 2 exhaust valves and a piston for good measure. SS inlet valves and spring kit is already on order with Thumpertalk store Here in South Africa, Honda charge crazy prices for their spares. It will more than likely be more cost effective to buy online, pay with a credit card and ship the parts back to SA. Can anyone provide links to good online purchasing companies selling oem Honda spares? Appreciate your help.
  11. CraigW

    CRF450X or KTM 450/525 EXC?

    I would look seriously at something like an XR650 for the type of riding you want to do. Could be a good compromise?
  12. CraigW

    CRF450X or KTM 450/525 EXC?

    Be careful of the KTM for highway use. They specifically warn you its gearbox is not designed for continued use on these types of solid surfaces. That's why they and most other Motards run cush hubs, to dampen the drive train shock loads. 6 speed box is great, the problem is the gears have to be narrower to fit in the space available, hence their inability to handle continuous shockloads from an undamped drive train. In dirt, its not a problem, the harsh load being dissipated through the rear wheel spinning up.
  13. CraigW

    Rode my buddy's 06 CRF450

    Its funny. When the first 02 CRF450 came out, I was riding a KTM520SX at the time. My first test ride on the Honda, I thought it was horrible. didnt like the low, flat and wide feel. Even the power did nothing for me. Handlebars were way to low. Friend of mine bought one and set it up properly. What a difference, convinced me to buy one. Something as simple as properly set up controls for a tall rider was all it took. Had mine for a 1.5 year period and loved it. I then went the WR450 route. Bike fitted me like a glove from day one. Now I've recently switched back to a Honda 450X and am having to reacclimatise once more to its ergonomics, set up and feel.
  14. Glad it seems to have turned out okay. You are a very lucky man ! I would still watch my coolant level - just to make sure no loss via a warped cylinder head. Also keep an eye on your oil, that there is no water contamination. One more thing, certain water pumps do not like to run dry. If you have one with flexible rubber lobes , make sure that none of them are damaged or sheared off (I've never looked at my honda pump - maybe it is the solid centrifugal type, it that case it will be fine)
  15. Listen, if the bike's motor is making obvious noises it never made before, its telling you something is wrong. I dont buy the "oil viscosity" story and flushing the motor twice is going to save you engine. I manufacture lubricants for a living, while it would be nice to market them as having engine renovating characteristics, sadly this is not the case. Strip you engine down now and find the cause of the noise. Continuing to run it, will only lead to more, expensive consequential damage.