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    CR80 for the kid
  1. Garry_on_a_426

    Gasoline Valley MX Park

    I have called them and left them emails but no one has ever gotten back to me..
  2. Garry_on_a_426

    O'Neill - Irvine Spectrum

    Wrong O'Neill O'Neill is for surfing ONeal is for MX ONeal moved to Simi Valley some years back... (They sponsor our team)
  3. Garry_on_a_426

    Beckworth Pass & Fort Sage OHV - Red sticker question

    I would love to head through Lassen, one of my favorite places in the world is Lake Almanor. We will be in Mammoth June 19th->23rd, then heading up 395. I was thinking of cutting across at Susanville but other than Almanor, I don't know anything around there. I will be pulling a 33' Weekend Warrior, and I ride a red sticker bike.... that is what started my thinking is where can I ride without getting in trouble. Down here (so cal) there is NO place to ride during the summer unless you hit the tracks. Riding fireroads for a 1/2 day would make the wife happy, if there is a neat single track someplace the kid and I could hit after she has had enought would be cool.... THANKS
  4. Garry_on_a_426

    Beckworth Pass & Fort Sage OHV - Red sticker question

    I live in Ventura, but am staying in Mammoth for a few days. Heading up the 395, then across to the coast. The wife is a novi and wants to ride in the trees. ANY help suggestions would be apprecicated. If you go the extra mile and want to meet up I will even buy you a beer and a steak.
  5. Are these areas under the red stick/green sticker regulations? I want to make a trip up to 'norcal' and am looking for places to stay. Would prefer if there were some pine trees....
  6. Garry_on_a_426

    Soboba trail ride

    My son is only 13, so he can't go. I will be there with my brother, and a few friends.
  7. Garry_on_a_426

    Advice on CA tracks

    My main advice, don't go on the weekend. Go when the track first opens, be the first one there. Also hold your lines, and if too many people get on the track with you call it a day, or at least take a break.
  8. Actually it clogged an injector, then the injector dumped a bunch of fuel. The dumping of the raw fuel is what ruined the cat. My father was a mechanic for 35 years, he knows his stuff. And that was the diagnosis he gave.
  9. Garry_on_a_426

    This is absolutely nuts!

    Where is that at? In Thrillbillies they just say 'castaic'
  10. Garry_on_a_426

    Had to share - pics of my kid

    If it is not raining too hard we will be at Piru on Friday.
  11. He turned 13 and we moved him up to a CR125. It is a 60' double he is jumping I just wish I had the nads to do it.... But at 43, I don't want any more broken bones.
  12. Garry_on_a_426

    How do you keep the chain tight?

    OFF TOPIC Go to the forest above gorman, Los Padres National Forest, there be trees in dem dar hills...
  13. Garry_on_a_426

    Anyone heading to Gorman tomorrow?

    I am going up on Friday, I want to wait until it rains....
  14. Garry_on_a_426

    skills 2

    Part of that video (the 2nd one) was shot at a private track right behind my house. The segment at 4 min 30 seconds, where he is doing the rutted turns... That was cool
  15. Garry_on_a_426

    Quail Valley MX Track ?

    That was 'baggies' right? Why did he close it?