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  1. '03 Dodge Dakota, reg cab, 4.7L, 545RFE, NV233, 135k, Ball joints replaced 12k ago, requires pulling front driveshafts. Boots look good. I'm getting a click or thunk or slap noise in 4 hi or low, primarily under load. Like when I take off from a stop, or otherwise accelerate. No noise coasting that I can hear. CV joints or transfer or ???? OK to drive in 2WD or 4WD without further damage? Thanks, Mike
  2. The seniors thread kinda became less about seniors and bikes and more like a slumber party for those old and not so old.
  3. I'm 60 and can't wait 'til tomorrow 'cause I keep getting better every day. Though I'm a bit puzzled by these geological changes with the trails getting longer and the climbs steeper. That it takes me longer provides no other logical explanation.
  4. Flagstaff

    Best way to store Kerosene

    I use a large coffee can. When it accumulates enough crap, I let it settle and pour the Kero into a new can leaving the crap in the bottom of the old and toss. Replenish from the purchased product can as necessary.
  5. Looks like that's a closer ratio gearbox than stock, though they're calling it wide, moving 1st and 6th closer to 2nd and 5th. Wrong direction in my opinion.
  6. Sale, whopping 2k off sticker here.
  7. Flagstaff

    Riding out a flat

    I run desert HT tires at higher pressures, say 15-20 PSI. The flats I've had have been nearer to home, caused by man made objects and I've been able to ride them out. I still carry repair tools for remote rides, but am reconsidering since I've never had an issue remote, the carcass is stiff, and those tires are a bit of a bitch to service even under shop conditions. Maxxis and Motoz.
  8. Flagstaff

    Wishing everybody a safe year

    I think death is not typical, but getting banged up is. Many of us have had assorted broken bones, consider it worth it. Later.
  9. Flagstaff

    Fuel additive question

    Me too, but in the winter, though I try to ride the bikes at least once a month, I keep the tanks full and add the Stabil.
  10. Flagstaff

    Financing New Bike or Buy Used?

    That makes a certain amount of sense. This is not an original topic and what we usually get is the guy who's going to finance at 5% and make 20% in the market with his cash. Of course the debt is real, and the market returns aren't necessarily, at least over the life of the loan.
  11. Flagstaff

    Financing New Bike or Buy Used?

    I think borrowing for a depreciating asset is unwise. Though I can afford new, I only buy good condition used. Always worked for me. Advice is worth what you paid for it. Maybe.
  12. Flagstaff

    Rim protectors vs rim shields?

    I've used both, just seem to get in the way for me.
  13. Flagstaff

    Scratches on fork tube

    Sounds like a plan.
  14. Flagstaff

    Scratches on fork tube

    I see nothing there that would bother me. No leakage?