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  1. MadMat

    Typical Brake Drag

    Try to lubricate the caliper pin where it slides in the caliper bracket with silicon or dielectric grease. Worked for me.
  2. MadMat

    XR400 0.43kg/mm Eibach Alternative

    Mine is a 2001. I don't know if they would fit in a 1996...
  3. MadMat

    XR400 0.43kg/mm Eibach Alternative

    I have the 984.043.1 in my forks. If I remember correctly, they have a smaller diameter but have the right lenght and require no spacer.
  4. MadMat

    XR 400 Fork Shim Stack Mod

    I have added 3 shims to rebound stack. With Golden Spectro 2.5W in the fork, the rebound clickers are 1 click open. I can hear the oil on the rebound stroke and have a good damping. Anywhere over 1 click makes no difference. On the XR400, the rebound screw also affects compression damping because the needle is not in the rebound valve but in the fork cap and can let the oil bypass on the compression stroke. Keeping the rebound clicker as closed as possible makes the compression damping tuning easier.
  5. What happened to me once is a valve seal which popped out of an intake valve guide. I was able to put it back in place with small screw drivers through the valve springs.
  6. MadMat

    Valve adjustment

    From a 83 XR250R owner's manual
  7. MadMat

    New valves in my 02 XR250R

    To cut the perfect seat: start by cutting the seat 45° just enough to refresh, it will generally be too wide. Check the location of the valve seat on the valve with Prussian blue. Thin the seat according to the specifications, positioning it at the center of the valve using 30° and 60° knives. Finish by lapping the valve if the valve type allows.
  8. MadMat

    New valves in my 02 XR250R

    Neway seat cutters do a great job, but I don't know of an inexpensive tool. http://www.newaymfg.com/frame.htm
  9. I'm glad to know that each change of jet is roughly equivalent to 3/4 turn on the fuel screw, thank you. I never managed to find this information anywhere.
  10. MadMat

    High rpm pop and misfire past 5k

    Mine did that when I went out in the spring with the old fuel in the tank. Now I drain the fuel in the fall. It can be bad fuel.
  11. MadMat

    How to deglaze rotors?

    You can use that on a die grinder: http://www.amazon.com/3M-07486-Scotch-Brite-Surface-Conditioning/dp/B000B91090/ref=sr_1_3?s=industrial&ie=UTF8&qid=1392481595&sr=1-3&keywords=roloc I'm not sure you can permanently get rid of it. Measure your rotors thickness Sand your pads. You should use sintered metal brake pads
  12. MadMat

    Xr400 manifold o ring

    In the parts fiche, it is written 45mm X 2.5mm. 45 is usually the inside diameter.
  13. MadMat

    riding boots for my xr400

    I use the Thor 50/50 and I'm 100% satisfied