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  1. nobodycls

    clutch spring question

    Does anyone know what stiffness the different colors are? I have an 04 450R and my springs have blue paint on them. I read a post that mentions pink springs, and was kind of hoping that pink was weaker than blue. My clutch is not real hard to pull, but I want to get it as light of a pull as possible. Thanks for reading, and for any info.
  2. nobodycls

    clutch spring question

    I just have a ques
  3. nobodycls

    Pics of my 03 with Doma Shorty

    +1 on the white plastics, I want to do that to my '04. The muffler looks nice, too, and LOUD ! I was thinking about shortining my fmf factory 4 to get that look, but it's already pretty loud, and I'm not sure just how much louder that would make it. Did you run the bike with that muffler before cutting it down? If so, could you post about any change in sound, I'm curious about how much difference it makes.
  4. nobodycls

    just bought 2004 crf 450 damn clean bike.

    I got an 04 a few months ago, AWESOME after riding around on an xr 250. I love everything, and it feels like about the same weight, with about four times the go! The only problem is finding graphics for it, but that doesn't make it any less fun.
  5. nobodycls

    Bad valves??

    Sounds like the vacuum release plate got put back in upside down on the carb. I did the same thing when I cleaned my carb, but I did a search on here and figured it out before going crazy. If you have the patience to sort through it all, you can find just about any answer you are looking for.
  6. nobodycls

    got it runnin tonight !

    I've always had to rebuild everything I've owned immediately after buying it ( I've never been able to turn down a cheap basket case) so I'm only really worried about the crank now, but it felt really good and side clearance was ok so I didn't split the case. I put in a stainless filter hoping I could rinse out and see any debris. Thanks for the magnet idea, I have an old teloscoping magnet tool I could rip the magnet out of.
  7. nobodycls

    got it runnin tonight !

    Well I've finally gotten all the parts and the time needed to get the 04 450 together and fired up. New head, valves, etc. new piston, timing chain and gear, new shock and linkage bearings, hotstart cable, handlebars and grips. I did a complete teardown and clean up of everything, including the carb. Guess what? I put the stinkin vacuum release plate in upside down! It's times like that I really appreciate this website and all the people that take the time to share thier knowledge and experience. I did a search and was able to fix the problem in no time, no more backfire! Hopefully I will be able to take it out and break it in soon. Now all I need to find is some graphics I like!
  8. nobodycls

    pivotworks or oem?

    I didn't even think of all balls, Ill look into that. It doesn't look like the pivotworks kit comes with the lower shock bearing.
  9. nobodycls

    pivotworks or oem?

    Yeah, I guess you're right, there are only so many bearing and seal manufacturers. I usually go to fleck bearing and order things like wheel bearings and crankcase bearings and such, they usually can get most things . I kind of like the idea of just ordering a kit, though.
  10. nobodycls

    pivotworks or oem?

    I have to replace all the shock linkage bearings in the 450 I just got(some of the needle bearing roller pins are actually rusted together) and was wondering if it would be better to order a kit from pivotworks or get oem pieces, as far as value and longevity are concerned. I read somewhere that pivotworks pieces have a little more free play than oem. BTW, I was reading through a clymer manual and noticed that they are pushing pivotworks and motionpro products. I wonder - how much do they get paid for that?
  11. nobodycls

    Bel-Ray Air Filter Oil in Transmission and Crankcase

    I got to thinking about this on the way home, and if he's talking about adding a small amount, isn't it just like adding lucas heavy duty oil stabilizer? I use it in my xr250 and it quiets it down and the clutch seemed to feel a little smoother, too. I would have thought of that sooner but he- BLINDED ME WITH SCIENCE! hehe
  12. nobodycls

    Bel-Ray Air Filter Oil in Transmission and Crankcase

    I seen the mythbusters play with non-newtonian fluid.
  13. nobodycls

    got started on teardown

    I plan on going with the hinson, not too expensive and everyone recommends them. Has anyone welded up the groove on the frame from the shroud plastics? I'm about to weld up where the frame got bashed in by the steering stops and also weld up some deep grooves in the swingarm from the chain, and was wondering if it was worth messing with. I'm partially concerned with the looks, but mostly wondering how much it weakens the frame - they're pretty deep. I also have a lot of wear from the tank on the inside corner of the rails. The only thing I haven't pulled apart is the lower end of the motor, it shifted perfect and the crank feels good, but I keep thinking maybe I should just be safe.
  14. nobodycls

    got started on teardown

    Well I went to the race shop last night and ended up ordering a new head, 4 new valves( stainless intakes) a piston kit and gaskets. The old head had a chip in one of the exhaust seats that made re-cutting it pointless, and with the cost of doing seats, guides, etc. it was about the same as a new head. The intake valves were trash, too - and this head was supposed to have been done recently! The guy at the race shop said it looked like a lot of dirt had gone through the motor, and was worn more than any he'd seen in a while. One clamp on the intake boot was loose, and the other was missing the screw, along with loose hardware holding the boot to the airbox. Next up on the must fix list is the clutch-all of it. The inner and outer hubs both have deep grooves and the pressure plate was worn so deep that the aluminum part of the friction disk was touching it, and that is with plenty of friction material left. It's a damn good thing I didn't have to pay money for the bike, or It would take forever for me to be able to afford to fix it!
  15. nobodycls

    cam tesioner mod

    Thanks for the reply, guys, I made the tensioner on my cbr f2 manual by drilling it out, threading it, and adding a sealing washer and jam nut. It still leaks the tiniest bit of oil through the threads, but only enough to see wetness. I was looking for a way to do it that kept it all internal - thanks again! BTW, I've heard lots of people saying the 04 450 is really fast and powerful etc. compared to other years, whats the reason for that?