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  1. 450fguy

    Sunline Wheels?

    i didn't break the riim, but the front bearings would last more then a few ride(i have installed hi-end bearings, no more problems).. The rear keeps breaking spokes.. about 1 spoke every ride.
  2. 450fguy

    Sunline Wheels?

    I have broken 2 of them
  3. 450fguy

    Flame-out Question

  4. 450fguy

    Flame-out Question

    Would a flame out on a 09-10 450 most likely be due to a lean or rich condition?
  5. I am running 4.2 and if i leave any gas in the tank, the fuel will slowly seep down and sit on the valves..The fuel then evaporates and is leaving a sticky residue inside the throttle body butterfly and in the intake port. I have a new fuel pump and a new injector, but i really would like to know which part is causing this problem?? Any ideas? Thanks!
  6. The 110/80 is of course going to be lighter...it is made for a 250f
  7. 450fguy

    Need 2009 CRF 450 Cylinder

    motosport.com says they have one
  8. 450fguy

    09 all of a sudden running rich???

    Looks like it was the injector that was bad.. Put a new one in..started right up and runs great...
  9. 450fguy

    09 suddenly running like crap

    does it feel rich?? will it idle?? or does it feel lean?? like it's running out of gas??
  10. 450fguy

    09 all of a sudden running rich???

    Thanks..i bought a new injector going to try it out
  11. 450fguy

    09 all of a sudden running rich???

    yes..drained it on sun night...and refilled it with fresh...
  12. 450fguy

    09 all of a sudden running rich???

    i have Eddie's map installed(works great)....went back to stock to try it,,no luck....went 12% leaner from the stock map just to get it to run.... oil is changed every weekend..when i got home i drained the oil and it did have a very strong gas smell...could be the problem?? no blinking code on the kill switch..
  13. 450fguy

    front wheel niples

    yamaha and kawasaki nipples will work...
  14. Went riding sat and when i started the bike it was way way rich....ran great the week before...checked everything with no luck...air filter was not over oiled..i even remapped the bike and it took going 12% leaner to get it just to even run...another thing is that the fast idle knob does nothing...when i pull it out it does not increase the idle at all...... could my injector be bad?? o..while at the track i put in a new pgm-fi unit..new fuel pump..and a new plug ...nothing helped at all... anyone else have this problem??? Thanks!
  15. well maybe not exactly....but it would stall for no reason..and very hard to restart...it would be way down on power after about 2-3 laps....cleaned the filter and is good as new now...btw..i filter my gas thru a funnel with a screen in it...so not sure how it got clogged up