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  1. kholcombe392

    Show me your bad ass 06-09's

    my 09 master piece
  2. kholcombe392


    Looking for advice on rear sprocket size 2017 450rx . I can find what people are running in the desert out west but need something for NC, SC, and GA tighter trails. Thinking of a 49 but am I going the wrong direction? Want less snap.
  3. kholcombe392

    Bbr frame 150r

    Here’s my BBR 150. This bike is just fun to ride.
  4. kholcombe392

    Bbr frame 150r

  5. kholcombe392

    Bbr frame 150r

    I had 2 2007 they have just about everything I know of you could put on them. Factory Connections fork cartridge kit, etc. Sold one to a good friend I think he would let go for $4500.
  6. kholcombe392

    Best steel braided brake line?

    I used Galfer for many year always very happy with them. Just order a set for my RX.
  7. kholcombe392

    2017 CRF450R & RX Fuel Tank Opptions

    Maybe not .2 gal, but clear tank worth it!
  8. kholcombe392

    2017 CRF450RX first ride review

    Does anyone know when FMF will have a exhaust? Waiting on my RX to come in and already started the build.
  9. kholcombe392

    Something wrong with Roczen's bike?

    He didn't have the lead and was pushing's it! Then got bucked! Shit happens quick. Nothing wrong with the bike. Agree with jblob.
  10. kholcombe392

    Fuel in oil engine side

    I toke my tank off my 09 and it has a steady dip of fuel. How can fuel pump leak with no power to it. Order new fuel pump but just would like to know what the hell going on.
  11. kholcombe392

    Fuel in oil engine side

    I have a 09 CRF450R. I ride bike for 10-15mins pit for a few. Two more rounds. Then bike will not start. Look at oil in engine side level way to high. Gas seems to be leaking in to engine. Bike has just been rebuilt. Replaced fuel filter and injector. Still have same problem. Drain it and it starts right up. PLEASE Help!
  12. kholcombe392

    Honda 450RX

    Probably keeping 09.
  13. kholcombe392

    Honda 450RX

    Ok, I'm coming off 09 CRF450R setup for wood everything plus full Ohlins suspension. In a few week picking up RX. Let's start the build! HONDA 450RX Factory Connection or Other. Bars What's next?
  14. kholcombe392

    Crf450rx 2017

    I've had the 450rx ordered sense July. Can't wait, been riding a 09 450r. Was about to switch teams until I heard (button and springs) on a new HONDA. Been on team red sense my first bike (QA50). It will be nice to have a few more HONDA's on the starting line!
  15. kholcombe392

    Finding used 08 triples

    I have a new set off my 07. $100 plus shipping.