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  1. number9

    Where to get TTR125 head rebuilt?

    Got the call about the head today. $125 for labor, disassemble, clean, recut valve seats, install new valves and seals, reassemble. $73 for parts, both new valves and seals. He said the ex valve was pitted pretty bad and the IN valve could've been cleaned up, but for $2x for a new one, that made more sense to just replace it. $18 to ship it back $216 total. I'm real happy with that. I was afraid it was gonna be $300+
  2. number9

    Where to get TTR125 head rebuilt?

    Well as an update if anyone else runs across this thread. I called several places today to get a guesstimate of cost and settled on Tom Zont Racing. Guy took his time talking to me, didn't make me feel like I was bothering or putting him out and was really thorough and helpful. I'll be sending the head out tomorrow and I'll post updates as well.
  3. number9

    Where to get TTR125 head rebuilt?

    No one has had valve guides / seals / seats replaced? Dang
  4. number9

    Where to get TTR125 head rebuilt?

    My sons 2003 TTR125 sucked chunks of the air filter through the engine. Of course soon after it started smoking like a freight train. I cleaned intake and exhaust tracks out, adjusted valves and changed oil. It started and ran smooth after but still smoked like crazy. It finally gave up the ghost and will no longer start and has nearly zero compression. I pulled it apart today and cylinder looks good (no scars) but I'm certain it needs piston and rings. I'm also sure it very likely needs valve guides / seals / valve job. Any good recommendations of where to send the head for a rebuild? Just stock rebuild, not high performance.
  5. Have I missed something in my vacation from TT? Seems the DDT topic is toxic?? ...
  6. With the build sheet I posted, would trying the Mid like Grey or you (CJ) had be a move in the right direction? I haven't ordered shims yet, actually waiting for some suggestions so I know what sizes and how many. ...
  7. I read these threads last night and recreated my build sheets as excel files until my eyes started crossing lol I've already spent a lot of money on this SPI suspension and I think it is just a small tweak away from being great, I just need to find it. But since this is my first attempts at suspension valving, I need to find some guidance from knowledgable guys who have been there done that. Just to confirm two things - 1) My issue with the forks is the initial harshness over slower speed chop - the jolting leads to arm pump, to fatigue, and so on 2) My reasoning for changing to the Yamaha S1 fork fluid is that if I am going to be giving this a try myself and going in/out of the forks, I want the ability to run out and get fluid locally if needed. I was expecting the replies to be more in line with earlier disucsions in this thread around the Mid as Grey and CJ seemed to have hit on something most that tried it seemed to like (however, they weren't listing their Base, I was taking for granted it was same as mine, maybe not?) Anyway, from eariler in this thread, here are Grey and CJ's Mid and comments...... Grey's Mid valve 20x 0.11x 8 11x 0.30x 8 18x 0.11x 8 16x 0.11x 8 14x 0.11x 8 11x 0.25x 8 11x 0.25x 8 17x 0.30x 8 SPI 62 Spring SPI 175 Spring 8x 7.30x 6 CJ's mid 20x 0.11x 8 11x 0.30x 8 20x 0.11x 8 20x 0.11x 8 18x 0.11x 8 16x 0.11x 8 14x 0.11x 8 11x 0.25x 8 11x 0.25x 8 17x 0.30x 8 SPI 62 Spring SPI 175 Spring 8x 7.30x 6 I wonder if these guys (or anyone else) are still running these setups and if their base is same as mine? ...
  8. Yes, the build sheet above is as it is now. ...
  9. Diggin up an old thread.......we bought some property (80 wooded acres) and I've found it to be more work than recreation What little riding I have been doing is with my boys and I find riding the TTR125 with them is more enjoyable, so I've not ridden the 09 YZ250 much at all. Anyway, my boys have been begging to race and we went to their first Hare Scrambles race last weekend. Now they are hooked and we are going to run the whole series next season. I ran the race as well and was painfully reminded of the forks initial harshness over trail chop. The race course was a 10-mile loop of 100% single track, which was a rock/root factory. My average speed was around 10mph (yes, I am out of shape BAD lol). I need to address these forks and I don't know that they need completely redone, I think some tweaks could get them working great. I want to have a stab at it myself first, but if needed, I'll send them out somewhere and get them fixed. I've never revalved suspension before, but I am mechanically inclinded, have no doubts that I can do it, but just need to understand what tools/shims I'll need and learn the process of doing it. I am going to order the Tusk KYB Dual Chamber Fork Cap Wrench and am thinking of runnnig the Yamaha S1 fluid. I have some links on places to buy shims, but am unsure of what specific sizes I'll need to order. I am 190#, B skill level (but out of shape slower than I should be), 100% eastern woods, single track, roots/rocks/ruts. Based on my current build sheet below, could some of you experienced SPI guys that ride woods, give recommendation on where to start? Maybe change to the S1 fluid / adjust levels first, then move on to shim work?
  10. number9

    What protective gear do your kids wear and why?

    I recently bought my two boys (7&8) the new Fox Youth Raptor LC and love it. Total wrap around protection and no restriction in movement. They were more than I wanted to spend, but as a Dad it's my job to protect them as good as I can. We ride woods and if we were to be sitting in an ER with a side puncture wound, I'd GLADLY pay $1,000 to take it back. http://www.foxhead.com/raptor/
  11. number9

    Outgrown JR50 - where next?

    Just to update. Ended up going with a KLX110. Decided that the best growth path would be to put them from the JR50's to the KLX110. They can learn to shift without worrying about a clutch and the power is tame enough that they can handle it. All the reviews and stuff I read put the KLX over the TTR without question, plus I'd seen several posts and pics of the TTR frame broke in two at the steering stem from jumping them. When they out grow the KLX110, I'll move them to the TTR125L we have. They will already be used to shifting the auto KLX, and adding the clutch work on the TTR125 when they shift should be easy. Once they out grow the TTR125, I'll move them to a KX / YZ 85. The oldest boy fit the KX65 perfect at the dealer which was tempting, but I know the KLX is a better stepping stone at this point. Anyway, they've both ridden it a little at my Dad's and they are crazy about it. ...
  12. number9

    Outgrown JR50 - where next?

    I am now thinking of foregoing the KTM 50SX and just getting him a Yamaha TTR110 or Kawasaki KLX110. I'd love to find him a clean PW80 but those seem to be rare - or trashed when I see one. Maybe a 110 would be a better stepping stone? Then put him on a KX65/85 or YZ85 when he gets too big for the 110. A 110 may survive better and also be a stepping stone for little brother too? Any idea which is the better bike between TTR110 / KLX110? Seems all I can find in searches is adults modding them out. ...
  13. number9

    Outgrown JR50 - where next?

    Guys, I've got 2 boys on JR50's. They've both been riding them since they were 3. They are now 6 & 7 (be 8 next month). 6yr old is about ready for me to raise his suspension up on the JR50, but he's already blown the rear shocks out and broke several rear spokes jumping. Size wise though, he's not ready for anything taller or heavier at this point. Older boy (go ahead and call him 8) is tall for his age and is WAY too big for the JR50 now. Suspension is raised and I've raised his handle bars 1" and he's still WAY too big for it. His knees are almost at the grips. Thing is, we just ride woods around the house. Mostly they play ride around and sometimes we all 3 go deeper in the woods. Because they like to jump and I MUCH prefer 2-strokes, I was looking at getting the 8yr old a KTM 50SX soon, but it seems the more I read about them people say they aren't good for woods / play riding and are constant maintenance and money pits. I don't wanna pay $4k for a new bike and then be throwing money at it or working on it all the time, I've got enough to do when I get home from work. At the same time, I don't wanna get one if it's no good play/woods riding. We don't race MX - track is too far away and I work a lot of weekends, so again, not time for that - but they have been begging me to build them a track, which I've said I would do....and of course they want jumps (I'll build smooth, small doubles or whatever). I REALLY hate the thought of getting a 70/80/110 playbike with noodles for suspension, drum brakes and too heavy for him to pick up when he crashes (most I see are 140-160# range). Are the KTM's really that bad a bike for just play/woods riding? Am I REALLY gonna have to go with an over weight, under powered and under suspended 4-smoke? His b-day is next month, and I was leaning toward getting him a new bike by then. Any help would be greatly appreciated. ......
  14. number9

    Just installed a Rekluse exp 2.0 in my 01 yz250

    Just like someone told me after I posted that......I no longer even pull it ..
  15. number9

    Rekluse chatter?

    Awesome man!!! Glad to hear you got it lined out! ...