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  1. deeprecon1

    Enduro Engineering Aluminium Skid Plate

    I bashed my plastic plate pretty good so I opted for this beast. This is not a light weight piece of armor. Look close at the finish on the plate itself. It is clear E/E cares about finish and fit. The plate feels solid and doe not rattle at high revs. Coverage on the water pump / hose side is way better than the stock plate. Not sure, but it might collect more dirt than a solid plate, only time will tell. * this will add a little time to oil changes due to the mounting hardware ( 2 allens / 2 8mm bolts) and design.
  2. deeprecon1

    Fork tube scratch repair ... Or replace

    Partial polish this morning. Next step soft polish for finish. 1.Clean and prep area with acetone / brake clean 2. Clear the area of any burs or raised metal with the razor blade ( checked with a cotton ball / Qtip ) 3. Clean with acetone again 4. Apply the JB weld with a fresh NEW razor blade ( pull the epoxy over the area several times ) 5. allow to cure 6. I used emery 2500 wet/dry until smooth to touch with a little Olive oil ( extra virgin ) LOL 7. Clean with a dry rag NO chemicals The fork tube is smooth as a babies butt. I will put a final polish on the area before seal install. This is not the final result !
  3. After a good day of riding it appears I got a good size 15mm scratch and small impact pit from a rock. I thought I blew out a seal in the whoops ... I have done some searching and reading, a lot of older posts but no follow up on results for the numerous techniques for fixing the leaky scratch fork tube. What say you? Anyone had luck with a similar repair.
  4. deeprecon1

    19 250fx front brake sucks.

    Copy that, I just ordered the new line and will bench bleed the system once it arrives. If that does not work, it will be time for upgrade. I have a new issue, I have to repair or replace a fork tube due to a 15mm scratch.
  5. deeprecon1

    Zeta Racing Hand guards with blinkers

    I ordered a pair of NON led zeta hand guards from amazon. Triple clamp mounts from cycra RM $40 bucks. easy install with new rnthal kevlar grips https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078M8XWHF/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. deeprecon1

    Acerbis X-Grip Frame Guards

    Install super easy, hardware junk. Look great, we shall see how they hold up.
  7. deeprecon1

    Yamaha YZ250FX (2019)


    So far great bike, still getting it set up for dual sport (light use)
  8. deeprecon1

    Yamaha YZ250FX 2019

    So far great bike, still getting it set up for dual sport (light use)
  9. Called the service/parts guys today asking for two part numbers Oring and oil filter. 1. oil cleaner 5D3-13440-09-00 is what I was given. in the manual it has a blank spot with one word PAPER. lol KN-140 or KN-141? these run $5-9 on amazon Other options? Amazon has four pack for $36 2. oil cleaner cover O ring, this stumped the guy. Or maybe one you guys has already sourced a supplier and have a link with part number ? 3. Oil drain bolt M10 by what ? want to by a magnetic drain bolt. Going to be doing change intervals every 2 hours, every other "oil filter" until i hit the 12 hour mark. Rotella T6 10/40 Cheers T Edit 3. Im lazy and hoping someone else did the homework, I can measure tomorrow when I pull the plug and do service..... thanks
  10. 2019 fx with less than 10 hours, only mod has been to add the LEXX xc spark arrestor and the smaller tip to reduce the noise level ( Need to test this at the park soon ). I am hoping to find someone local to tune for beer. I think im going to want to try the woods map ... we shall see
  11. I am purchasing the 36mm pump carb for a 03 klx300. Jets? what set should I buy ? WE ride from seal level to 7 k I just bought this bike for my son and before I let him ride it I want to make sure the thing wont kill him on the trail. The throttle lag is well .... scary. Bone stock at this point. I have pulled the buttplug and removed the airbox cover..... I will finish the free mods after the pumper is placed on the bike. Thanks