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    talon lowering links DRZ

    I am selling a 2001 DRZ 400E and the guy that is looking to buy it is going to put lowering links. Is Talon a preferred brand (I have no idea) and what tip or tricks can you offer. I saw in a couple threads to watch for excessive sage and to balance the front.
  2. I have a couple posts on the issue. (I am not clear on forum etiquette so if I am supposed to be appending to the original thread, pls let me know). Thank you Eddie for all you help so far. The bike will idle when warm. I think the slide wasn't properly seated, which may have been part of the issue. I have all the stock jets as recommended, 3rd clip, 1.5 turns out. While it will idle now, there is a spot on the bottom that seems off and it is popping even on slightest throttle application. Still a lean condition? I warmed the bike up good. (But it is 30 degrees here in CT, not sure if that is a factor given the bike warmed up for 15 minutes). This link is to a one minute movie so you can hear what I am hearing. Any further advice is greatly appreciated. www.protonmarketing.com/drz Thanks much.
  3. OK, this may be part of the problem. There is a small black set screw on top of the slide pivot, raises the plate up and down. Should this be all the way snug? That is, all the snug put it in it highest most position.
  4. sorry if that 'KNOW' sounded like I was being sarcastic, def not my intention, i sincerely appreciate the help. by square side down you mean the side that has the small arch...i think it was right but just having taken it apart, i think it may have been getting hung up a bit?? idk...will reassemble and get back...any further suggestions appreciate (other than take a match to it
  5. So the arch that I KNOW is on the bottom is incorrect? is that what you mean?
  6. Trying to eliminate every variable, i put fresh gas in it. The 'old' gas really wasn't that old at all but the crap gas that is out there today, you never know. (needless to say it didn't help.) I can get it to barely idle with the idle screw all the way up. I also tried turing the gas screw one more full turn and while it seemed to help a bit, its still not idling right.
  7. I put all the jets back to stock. Cleaned em all good along with the carb. Used a thin wire to be sure no residue in jets etc. 142 main 200 main air 45 pilot 65 starter jet 60 slow air jet 3rd notch on needle; 1.5 turns out on gas screw. It doesn't want to idle and pops a lot when you come off the gas. Ugh! Any ideas? I mean, I the jets aren't old to begin with and the bike never sat too long. The carb looks clean. I blasted the circuit with carb cleaner. I'm stumped.
  8. Thank you Eddie. I do appreciate you expertise.
  9. I have a 2001 DRZ 400 with a Keihin FCR. The bike has gone through all sorts of exhaust mods etc with accompanying air box, jets and carb setting changes. I am selling the bike and going back to 100% stock, stock exhaust, stock airbox w/snorkel etc. It has a uni filter which will stay. Can someone tell me the stock jets to purchase, the needle setting and gas screw setting. It is the stock needle and gas screw. I live near the coast so approx sea level. If I missed any critical info to make the recommendations, please let me know. Much appreciated. Thank you, Ted