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  1. I tried different caps = no differance. I changed the head and base gasket = coolant in raidiator stays full.
  2. RK Uring- Adjust once or twice = 40-50 hrs
  3. Get the EBC carbon graphite pads. The wont sqeek. I also put these in the rear because they run cooler and wont turn the rotor blue.
  4. Get a meggabomb header- will make power longer- send suspension to ENZO
  5. Want your bike higher? Easy! Add some fork oil, get a stiffer shock spring, slide fork tubes, and run a geomax m-31 with higher lugs.
  6. Get the EBC carbine graphite pads! They are way less sensitive! Also move the rear brake lever all the way down.
  7. Keep the 09. Not much differance. I just rode a 12 , 10 and a 09 back to back. Things i noticed: foot peg posisition, flatter seat , little diff in front end feel. Buy some aftermarket goodies for the 09. I was the same speed on all the bikes. Each ones power is a little different but when your wide open you wont notice.
  8. heindl440


    The new 2013 Hondas have a hydrolic hinson clutch. Kawi should put a holeshot devise on fork gaurd and move the foot pegs lower and back farther. Hinson btl slipper clutch would be cool. Allso change internal gearing to make 2nd gear longer.
  9. Villopoto is short. He has his bike lowered. Most suspension companies will do this.
  10. Then I wont get the holeshot against the other 450 bikes in the class.
  11. I want to put my bike on a scale and cut pounds off of it. Any ideas? Lite weight tubes, tires and rim locks. Cut the rear brake guard tab off. Renthal 420 chain and sprockets. Titanium shock spring, pegs and axles. Fill gas tank half full. Ti nuts and washer kit. Drill holes in plastic. No hour meter. Ti pipe and scilencer. Stock levers and bars. Anything else????
  12. My 2010 was twitchy up front. Tighten the stem nut between the bearing and the upper tripple clamp so your steering is tighter. Steering should not flop to one side wile on the mx stand. Should have some tension. The 120 rear does not go into ruts. Its horrible in soft conditions, it pushes instead of cuts threw the soil. A 110 is way more precise alowing less mistakes and easier to ride on rutted or soft conditions. I have two sets of rims and tried it back to back many times.
  13. Tighten the steering bearing pre load and ditch the fat 120 rear tire. Also, install heavy clutch springs.
  14. 30 hours is nothing. My buddy beat the shit out of his last to kx450s and rung 100 hours outa the stock pistons. He never even checked the valves.
  15. Thanks guys, I found what i needed at B R P
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