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    125 idle engine knock?

    Hello all, I just adjusted my idle which was WAY too high. I had to adjust the screw a good 3/4 turn out now it idles perfect. but anyways, when its idling warmed up or cold the engine has a sort of... knock to it. not really a KNOCK but a clangy sound. It doesnt sound serious at all, it very well could be the sound of the motor.. but im unsure. It has stock exhaust and I can hear it coming from the motor not the tail pipe. If I had a recorder I would record the sounnd, but im just wondering if your guys's TTR's engine's sound that way too. I would think if it was the motor bearings, it would be worse at a cold startup. which it isnt. it always sounds the same. Thanks.
  2. AbsoluteZero

    1st ride on our TTR125

    You need a frame cradle for those jumps. Really, a TTR is just simply not built for jumping, but a frame cradle will help the strength of the frame and motor mounts. I have a feeling he will be asking for an upgrade soon! =) Have fun!
  3. AbsoluteZero

    play in rocker arms=noise??

    If it's any consolation, I have an 02 that I bought used around 05. My engine also makes a strange ticking and whistling noises. It has done this for the entire 6 years of hard riding. The bike may have something wrong (or not) I am just sharing my experience. I got a question for you, does yours have any free play in the rear wheel? I can jiggle my rear wheel slightly and feel the "click". I tried new wheel bearings and everything, nothing seems to get rid of it. Does yours do this? edit: Actually, been here since 2003, so make that 8 years of hard riding.
  4. I'm having troubles holding the wheelies on my 125. I can get it up no problem but holding it up is the problem.. (hehe) But seriously, I seem to run out of motor in second gear.. and I cannot shift without the front coming down. I have 2 questions: 1: Those who have done the flywheel mod, does it help with wheelies? Are they easier to hold? 2: Would gearing UP the TTR make it easier? My friend has a stock xr100 with outrageously huge rear sprocket but he can wheelie for ages and shift through all the gears... I'm guessing because its the sprockets and each gear is very close together? thoughts/opinions?
  5. AbsoluteZero

    FINALLY...finished the wife's 08 125LE

    Wife's my ass... Hey Jackal you got my beat by one month here. I was sure that I had fewer post than you... I figured I may of had the least post per membership time but you beat me there too! I feel worthless now. awesome bike, long live the TTR125
  6. AbsoluteZero

    TTR125 bad clicking noise

    My 125 is clicking real bad when under a pull. If going up a hill with rocks and ruts (usually in 1st or 2nd due to terrain) the bike will click really bad.. almost as if something cannot handle the stress anymore. I thought it could of been the front sprocket wore out, but I put on a brand new one with no difference. It seems when the rear tire hits an obstacle and when I'm on the throttle at the same time... it will click and clack really bad.. Very loud and I can "feel" it in the bike. The noise can be mimicked on a slight uphill by going from no gas-- to wicking the throttle causing the bike to "lurch" forward. Everytime it lurches it will have that harsh clanking sound. Seems to be coming from the front sprocket, what else could it be?
  7. I would get a skid plate. Banging the motor off rocks is not a cool thing to do
  8. You mean like the bikes Honda made back in 1972? Its a shame they have changed so much to the "bigger = better" idea. I would suggest trying a Yamaha TW200. I bought one used for 700 bucks and absolutely love this bike beyond words. Its short, easy to ride, FUN to ride, can go ANYWHERE, and hauls down the road 55-60mph just cruising. I also have a TTR125 and have found the TW can go anyplace that bike can go. But considering the TW is road legal and can be driven anywhere... the TW can go many MORE places then the TTR could ever dream of.. in that aspect I think you would like the TW, give it a try then just look for a used one. P.S The XT225-250 are not nearly the same. Its taller, tipsier, more congested, and just has more of a street bike feel. Sit on them and you will see what I mean Good luck
  9. AbsoluteZero

    TTR125 bad clicking noise

    Thanks for the feedback but it isn't any of those things I can jump up and down on the bike while coasting down a rocky hill and the noise will not be there... only if the CHAIN is under a pull. I honestly think its the counter shaft bearing. Has anyone had one of these go bad on their bike? Boy, this is gonna suck. probably a $300 job.
  10. AbsoluteZero

    Question for Yamaha TW owners?

    Handles great in my opinion. I love this bike to death.. and most people get about 70-80mpg on average. I simply changed my tires and decided to switch brands and it handles totally differant, sticks to the road almost too much. Hands down, best bike ever.
  11. Try this: http://ministothemax.com/hop_ups_airboxmods.htm Save money and troubles of having to constantly clean a naked foam pod filter.
  12. AbsoluteZero

    TTR125 knocking HELP!

    Perhaps it was due to the oil change. Try to use a good synthetic motorcycle oil or Rotella Synthetic 5w-40 from walmart. Perhaps you are using the wrong oil. Im guessing the knock isnt that loud and it is just pinging alittle bit from thin car oil. Worth a shot?
  13. AbsoluteZero

    Picked up a new toy

    Hey look a Chinese knock-off! j/k dude awesome bike.. have fun !
  14. AbsoluteZero

    Xt250 Vs Klx250

    you must consider the TW200! Do not overlook this bike...
  15. I bought a 1974 XL70 which has nearly the exact motor for 100 bucks beat to death. Cleaned the carb, points and drained the road tar oil. Runs like an animal. Its a 4 speed standard and can wheelie 2nd easy! If you let the whole neighborhood ride it and never did a lick of maintenance... It would still probably out last you enjoy!
  16. AbsoluteZero

    Picked Up Leftover XT225

    mini enduros are extremely fun and easy to ride. You made the right choice!
  17. AbsoluteZero

    TTR 110 or XR100

    A blue bike is the next logical step up from a red bike. Everyone knows that.
  18. AbsoluteZero

    Can I run 10/40W motor oil

    These motors are so old and reliable you could run olive oil and it probably wouldn't blow up. But for safe measure, just make sure it doesnt have the energy conserving seal.
  19. AbsoluteZero

    clutch gone?

    If the motor is off and the bike is in 1st even holding the clutch will not make it push as easily as neutral. It's is definitely harder to push this way and sometimes the wheel will drag. If the clutch works fine with the motor running, there is nothing to worry about.
  20. AbsoluteZero

    2002 Xr 50

    .6 quarts. just make sure it has no energy conserving label
  21. AbsoluteZero

    Any Exhaust Modds for my 125L?

    Replace the spark arrestor with one of those ebay endcaps.
  22. AbsoluteZero

    TTR125E to a WR125F (Or the bike Yamaha should make)

    do mine do mine!
  23. AbsoluteZero

    crf50 or replica?

    Be patient and look for a used Honda. Or find a good dealer, bargin around, and get 1000 out the door price. It can be done P.S Bring Cash
  24. AbsoluteZero

    2005 TTR-125L warm up advice

    Completly normal for these bikes. Lean from factory causes this, and can be fixed with some larger carb jets. Iv warmed up my TTR for 2 years by riding it (easy) with the choke on for 3 min or so. Don't worry about it at all, just ride and have fun.
  25. AbsoluteZero

    Real " Hop Ups' " for the fiddy

    Enjoy it for what it is.