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  1. I know this is an old topic but I'm interested in purchasing a XR400 and I've heard they are a beotch to start when cold and after laying on it's side. What the best carb setup(pumper kit, lectron?) that will allow 1 to 2 kicks cold start and after laying on it's side? I have knees that have mild arthritis and want to avoid kicking(ouch) a bunch.
  2. austin03

    Will a 140G work for me

    Thank you! I was wondering if my inseam would make me feel cramped on it.
  3. It's been about 9-10 years since I rode off-road and I'm 62 yo and my knees are a little sore. I'm 6", have a inseam of 32" and weigh 215 - 220. I'm a slow single trail rider! Just little jumps. Recreational 100%. My question is, will a 140G work fine for me? I also like the $3700.00 tag on it. I would probably add bar risers and I don't know if heavier front and rear springs are available for this model. The last time I rode I had a 2005 KTM 400 EXC and I was slow on it then.
  4. If I make my KTM 400 exc street legal, would it sell faster and also have a higher value to it?
  5. austin03

    HOW CAN I MAKE A XC 450cc INTO A 400cc

    I have the answer to your problem, just drive here to Texas and buy my '05 400 exc w/ 1100 miles on it.
  6. Wanting to dual-sport my 400 exc. A reviewer said the components quality in the Tusk dual-sport kit is as good as the Baja kit, looks like it gets great reviews and has a great price (159.00.) Any of you installed one of these on your KTM and how do you like it? The trail tech X-2 headlight looks pretty cool and a price 0f $112 and DOT approved. Anybody on the trail-tech headlight?
  7. austin03

    Front brake not working

    Ziptied the hand brake over night and "dang," it worked. I was at first skeptical about that working but you guys are the best! Thanks a whole lot! You have a great holidays!
  8. When I apply my front brake, the handle goes all the way to the handle bar. I checked the reservoir and it's full, brake line doesn't leak. I tried pumping it and no pressure build up is felt. I have hardly ridden it the last two years. But it worked a month ago. Could it be that it's cold outside (40+ degrees?) Would bleeding it help? The rear brake works fine.
  9. Have you or others that you know are 55 or older stopped riding dirt bikes?
  10. Purchased some carb cleaner, sprayed it in the throttle body and no more sticky pedal. Thanks Guys!
  11. This only happens in cool or cold weather. The accelerator pedal feels like it's stuck after it's been sitting for a while and after I press on it, it's free and it's fine. When I park the truck again and after it been sitting for a while, it does the same thing again. I've tried sprying lubricating oil on the throttle linkage under the hood and the hinges on the pedel inside the cab. Any suggestions?
  12. My '03 Ford F-150 has 80,000 miles and the dealer is saying my injectors need to be cleaned. I have been pouring in injector cleaner in my tank every 3000 miles since it was brand new and the tip of my exhaust pipe shows no soot at all, just bare metal. I keep my K&N air filter clean. Truck runs great and starts real easy. I also change the fuel filter every 35000 miles. I don't think the injectors need cleaning. What do you think?
  13. Read in motorcyclenews.com that Harley-Davidson is terminating Buell motorcycles.
  14. What insurance company have you had the best luck with?