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  1. Paczowski123

    New 2010 YZ450F owner here (New to EFI)

    Ok cool, I searched a bit before asking and someone mentioned having to make adjustments with it pulled out..so just so I clear CCW is raise and CW is lower idle?
  2. Paczowski123

    New 2010 YZ450F owner here (New to EFI)

    Is raising the idle as easy as turning the choke/idle knob counter clockwise? Someone mentioned somewhere it needs to be pulled out or something? What's the correct method?
  3. Paczowski123

    New 2010 YZ450F owner here (New to EFI)

    Ok, so the bike overall has been reliable as usual with the Yami's?
  4. Paczowski123

    New 2010 YZ450F owner here (New to EFI)

    Thanks guys ill have to look into it!! Any other areas that should be cause for concern on these bikes? I know they seem to get good reviews, and have only seen a few, but they were older posts. Anything to be aware of or look out for?
  5. Well I hope I'm not beating a dead horse here, but I've got a 2010 YZ450F that i have gotten into coming off a 06 RMZ450. Man this thing is quick, BUT like most i hate the "snap" off idle. Ive seen there are "less hit" maps for the bike and I'm thinking of trying those, but wasn't sure what all i need to start messing with the EFI? Do i need one of the GYTR Power Tuners, or can it be done with something else easier/cheaper? I'm looking for an all around map, as i do about 50/50 woods/trails. I'm no A,B, or even C rider, so i generally roll on the throttles smooth, and sometimes even find myself lugging the bikes (I've heard this can be difficult with EFI) but seems most have found good performance out of some of the woods maps?
  6. Paczowski123

    Weird cold start issue?

    Man tough crowd...
  7. Paczowski123

    What year is this bike?

    Yeah this is true, but that's why i said unless they retrofitted 07's to the 05-06..Plus if its a RC (Gold rims) edition wasn't that only 07?
  8. Paczowski123

    Knocking sound 05 RMZ450

    X2 on cam chain tensioner. I got my bike making a horrible knocking/rattling noise from the motor..pulled the valve cover and can chain was sagging between the cams, reset it and it's been silent since.
  9. Paczowski123

    Weird cold start issue?

    Ok, long story short, I sold my 06 RMZ last year and bought it back from the individual I sold it from. He hardly rode it, and returned it exactly as I sold it to him. Even still had my nameplates on it. The bike was cherry, I got it from the original owner and had a handful of hours on it. Me maybe putting 25 on it, I'd say this owner another 15 at most. But since getting it back it's acting strange on the initial cold start. It's all stock to start out with. I go through my usual routine: turn on fuel, pull choke, three AP pumps with throttle an one-two kicks fires right off. Now here's where it's different, when I push choke in it will slowly die out unless I blip the throttle once or twice. I used to just be able to push the choke right in an it would run fine. This past time I even let it run with choke on for 30 secs and it still slowly does out after I push it in. With one kick it fires back off and After revving it once or twice and it runs fine. I'm super picky when it comes to jetting/running so this is driving me crazy. It always fires right off with one or two kicks, but has been finicky lately on the initial start. I checked the pilot (45) and it was clear, hot start functions smoothly, and choke seems to function properly. The bike runs fine, no popping or bogging an my fuel screw it set perfectly using the method in the jetting section. it's just this little thing that's been bothering me and I'm lost as where to look now. Any ideas or experience with this?
  10. Paczowski123

    What year is this bike?

    07....the 05-06 only had 3 bolts for the shrouds, that has 4 ( only year was 07). Unless they swapped the 07 plastics on an 05-06 an the holes are not being used.
  11. Paczowski123

    Any tips for a quick fix?

    Yeah you are it's the little mesh/graphite?? Piece that seals them..I was thinking about hi temp but figured that would just blow out...I know they make "muffler bandages" and exhaust tape so I'm probably going to try some of that..
  12. Paczowski123

    Any tips for a quick fix?

    Well tonight while slipping the exhaust back on my 06 rmz450 I ended up screwing that gasket/metal sleeve all up that seals the silencer to the head pipe...after I got done with trying to make it work it's a total loss...do I have any options or alternatives? Or is my riding weekend a total loss?? I doubt any mx shop near me would have that, and no way I could get one shipped OEM to me by sat
  13. Paczowski123

    just got an 08crf450r what can i expect?

    Yeah I generally go by the hard to start warning, but just didn't know if there was any other problems or what not. I'm all about preventative maintenance. Anyone have a ball park range what its cost to rebuild a heading course doing it the right way
  14. Well as it says I recently traded my 07rmz250 for this 08 crf450r with 77.5 hrs on the hr meter. It has supposedly been on there since new but after all it is craigslist. The clutch cover only shows slight boot rub so it could be true and the hr meter is not a resettable kind. But my main concern deal with reliabilityy. I an not trying to beat a dead horse here I know the valve issue comes up quite a bit but I'm more so wanting to hear what kind of hour ranges y'all have seen from these bike.I am def a back pack D rider and will never see the Rev limited and neither did the previous owner but is there anything I should replace? Keep an eye on? The owner said he just checked the valves and they were all in spec and he seemed like a fairly respectable guy but anything that is getting near service interval? Keep in mind I am not a racer and do not need top ends every 20 hrs. I always change my oil and filter and clean the air filter every ride so I'm good about service? Can these bikes be reliable? How many hours have y'all gotten from your later model crf450s? Id like to keep the honda as I like the design and their engineering especially with the seperate oils and unicam design as I'm all about simplicity and it seems if service is reached less has.to be replaced meaning less money. But I definitely don't want to be dumping hundreds into this thing every 30 hrs. It starts easily and runs smooth has good power and handles nicely. Also any service that needs to be done can be done by myself and and a friend but as I said I don't want to be fixing more than riding?
  15. Paczowski123

    How to install the 450 dent spring

    I did this mod on my bike without removing the shift drum. It was kinda of a pain as the heavy duty spring had to be pushed down while trying to get the bolt in without losing the little washer below it but with a buddy helping me and a little grease to hold the washer in place I got it in. Def made shifting a lot More firm. Never had any problems before but I did it before even riding the (new to me) bike. The bike barely had any hrs on it so I doubt there was any damage. But how ANYONE could do it without removing the side case or clutch basket is unknown to me. I'd love to see it done though because I don't see how?? ALSO: I used the spring from an 08 rmz250 the one that had three coils vs. the factory 2 in the 07 RMZ250. Is there yet another difference in the part mentioned above? I'd assume you are referring to the newer rmz450 detent spring?