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  1. hey mike think you could send it my way thanks
  2. redracing38

    Pictures of 09's

  3. redracing38

    CRF 450 Wont kick Start..vid inside

    the exhoust should be .11
  4. redracing38

    CRF 450 Wont kick Start..vid inside

    the valves r to tight thats what it sounds like to me have you checked them
  5. i have a sears bike and i cant fig out what year it is. the vin # 806 895403
  6. redracing38

    09' crf450r pro circuit or yoshimura

    it pulls alot more then stock
  7. redracing38

    09' crf450r pro circuit or yoshimura

    i just got my yoshimura and love it it gave it more bottom and didnt take away any top
  8. redracing38

    my new bike 09 crf 450 what do ya think

    thanks guys 5'10
  9. http://i699.photobucket.com/albums/vv354/redracing38/cid_media1.jpg http://i699.photobucket.com/albums/vv354/redracing38/100_0859.jpg
  10. redracing38

    09 Throttle issue

    how can you say the bike sucks when you dont have one. i have about 47 hours on mine with no trouble most of the bad things on here are the people that dont even have one they are just reading peoples post i wish people would not make comments if you dont have one
  11. redracing38

    Installed the Rekluse Pro in my 07450R

    iam looking to get one can you still use the clutch if you want to
  12. redracing38

    mounts for a vapor computer system on a crf 450?

    i have fat bars on mine and they use a big square bar par i just cut the center out and put it in it
  13. redracing38

    Anyone racing ENDURO with their 09???

    i have raced mine in 2 enduro's and loved it its really feels light and turns good i wouldnt ride a ktm for nothing they dont handle worth a shit and there Suspension is the worse out of any bike but thats just my thoughts eveyone has diff choice's
  14. redracing38

    crf450r fuel range

    yea i have raced a 56 mile race and made it