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  1. One other thing, my aunt a massage therapist found the detached part of the ligament and where it detached from in about30 seconds??? I didmt have a lot of pain at that time but she found the spots that were painful !
  2. My father had been suffering with a shoulder problem for over a year before he finally found a doctor who seemed genuinely interested in helping him and solving his problem. He requested an MRI.My father was told it could take up to a year or more. So on the waiting list he went. He also pursued having it in a different province (kind of a dual citizen/health care thing going on there long story). But the wait was quite long there as well So on that waiting list he went as well. After a couple months more of suffering he found out he could pay for it himself and forked over the 1200 sumolians and got it done. The rest is history got the follow up visit and confirmed what they had though and had the surgery 6 months later. He is healing well despite his living habits HAHA and is pain free finally after almost 3 years. Now it only took me 8+ weeks to get an MRI but that was after several appointments and a finally it came down to a scene of sorts in which I made my point. I believe I saw the doctor the initital injury, a follow up in a week another folllow up and ordered a CT scan. CT scan pretty much useless. a results of the CT appointment . And another in which i needed a work note and i asked the doctor if it was ok if I dropped my pants because physio as he was scheduling me for was not going to correct the problem. i then proceeded to show him what my nee was doing and refered to a certain forum doctor who stated a proper physical examination would tell more,he then the booked an mri and then when those results were in he got me in to the specialist or rather the orthopedic surgeon. So in some respects I am better off than some in as far as the length of time. with all the foreign doctors we get here wonder if some of them get there papers from a cracker jack box? Makes me wonder what kind of screening process our government has? Theres good and bad as there is in everything. No offense Doc Mark. Anyway, feels like I had a set back today knee is hurting way worse than it has so far. My elderly step father who uses a walker cant lift himself up anymore fell so I had to get him. Hes still 220 + so I had to strain a little. needless to say the knee hurts. Next time I will call 911 if my knee is still healing.
  3. Well its been awhile , too long in fact. I have been jumping through hoops CTscan ,MRI Specialist visit with a physical examination and a review of the MRI. As I continue to find on here MRI's CTscans are in most cases of little use? Or is it because of who is viewing them when it comes to knee injuries? MRI found that I had a hair line fracture the bottom of the Tibia and what they called a sprain. I have now had a meniscus repair and they found [or rather confirmed what I thought and had originally told the general Prac. originally] that my ACL is in fact torn and the partial tear in the MCL that the MRI found has disappeared. I am pretty confused as to what is actually been done and what is in fact actually damaged in the knee. One thing I can say is when I have said that I was reading xxx blah blah blah by xxx on a motorcycle forum hosted by a Orthopedic surgeon catering to motocross etc injuries ( which I should have read more on) and asked what they recommended I was not received very well. When they did the meniscus repair I walked into surgery at 8am and was in the truck and on my way home at 1130 am still somewhat out of it with no knowledge of what was done , other than my acl was torn and that it would be about 6 months to a year before I can have it repaired, and that it would be at such and such a hospital with such and such a doctor. That didnt make me feel confident. This will be the 5th different hospital in a different town/city. CT at one, MRI at another, original examination at another and scope at another and now ACL repair at another? I am just trying to digest all of it and wrap my head around it and what really should be done. Its put a bit o pressure on regular life with a job loss but subsequently where one door closes another opens. So well I work longer hours with minimal to no benefits pack other my own health insurance as well as our provincial free health care. And I work longer hours with less pay Hey what can I say its more enjoyable being at a dealership and around bikes quads sleds boats pwcs etc then being dirty all day. Needless to say Im frustrated as hell with not being able to ride.
  4. Hijack Shmijack ! Glad to hear your getting in and getting it done !
  5. I would like to say thanks Dr. Mark, Just the little bit of insight that you gave me has helped in getting a little more attention from my local practitioner to get moving on what is wrong with my knee. I am booked for an MRI , better late then never . A total of 6 weeks past the injury date. And I have managed to at least get a referral for a Orthopod. Now waiting for an appointment date and requested that I be put on the cancellation list as I will make myself available. I am putting a lot more weight on the knee and only using one crutch now. i have seen an improvement but the knee is still not stable if I lose focus. It will snap backwards every now and then or feel like it is going to pop out towards the opposite knee if I turn the wrong way. Not always but quite frequently . Well at least the ball is rolling, as my concern was that if this is not diagnosed correctly and subsequently repaired properly it would limit my activities and cause me extra grief in time. Just as the other injuries I have had in the past are starting to hamper my physical abilities/activities now. jJust reading a few of the the other posts in here about collar bones etc has actually ticked me off a little as I can remember complaining about the figure eight strap and asking for them to be pinned. As they both stick out and are jagged now. Well not as jagged as they were ,but protruding and I sure can tell when I bang it the end of it, loss of ROM, and it makes carrying anything with a strap over the shoulder a real uncomfortable PITA. Done FN
  6. Apologize for being rude :banghead:and not thanking you for your comments. I sincerely appreciate and thank you for your comments and direction Doc.
  7. In order to get into see said knee specialist one needs a referral from a general practitioner. I see a road trip in the near future to see an old doctor of mine. In the meantime Doc Mark , any value in pushing the knee to its limits? Or will this be harmful? Oh and if a CT scan will not offer any info on knee ligaments can you guess as to why I was sent for one of those then? It will show torn ligaments will it not ?
  8. Well I forced my way in to see the doctor, and now I am totally confused! The CT scan showed no torn ligaments? I guess a positive thing. Only showed bursitis and a bone spur. Physio is next apparently ? I can not take a step though. And the knee feels extremely unstable. I can support more weight with it now but there is pain when I try to take a step with it. And it feel like it wants to slip to the inside. I am totally confused now and am going to try and work the knee hard for the next 3-4 days until i get into physio. Any advice? Should I not work the knee hard, should I seek a second opinion? Is it possible that the ligaments stretched way out of shape and the LCL tightend up faster then the MCL and thats why it feels so unstable still? Oh one more bit of info that has me puzzled: If I am in a sitting position and try to lift my leg to a horizontal position I may be able to get it 6 - 8 inches off the ground and there is quite a bit of pain to even do that ?
  9. I had both my hands done a little over 5 years ago. My right turned out better than the left. All though there is a definite loss of dexterity and strength more so on the left again the benefit of losing the numbness and lack of sleep far out weighed the loss. However I have numbness in my left again the pinky and the next tow digits. There is a certain spot on the wrist if i touch it just the right way ,it will shoot a very weird numb sharp pain into the middle of my hand. As well I am not sure if this is the correct name for it but the thenar muscle ( the bulge below the thumb) Mine is full of scar tissue and large with a very hard bump of scar tissue close to the wrist at the middle of the hand. Riding I go numb very quickly in that hand now and with being on crutches my hands a fatigued and ache. I am assuming because of the scar tissue caused by the release. But a hell of a lot less pain and sleepless nights. But I think I have an elbow issue now too! its a later rather then sooner fix.
  10. Over two weeks ago, whileattempting a Blusiak quick turn I put my leg down and promptly dismounted, hard. When I got uptried to take a step it was as if I was cut off at the knee. I subsequently fell 3 more times getting to the bike then passed out briefly after getting the bike up. Came to on top of the bike but managed to get the bike up again and lean against it. Signaled for help. My daughter who was riding with me was fantastic, not freaked out at all ! I was concerned about this leaving a negative impression for biking with her. But it didnt phase her. Later she said she thought I was faking because of the goofy way I fell when I got up to walk. A half turn, pirouette, arms flailing. in the air kinda fall. lol Sorry making a long story longer. I get right to it ! I was taken immediately to emergency (which is a story in itself) and my knee /leg was xrayed . No fractures that they could see. The doctor came in and poked and prodded at the knee to see where the pain was, gave me a couple shots, a few t3s, a prescription for more, wrapped the knee in a couple tensor bandages, hooked me up with some crutches and sent me home . Told me to come back in a week (6 days to be exact) and to make sure the knee was elevated and to stay off of it( no work). Swelling had gone down quite a bit by the appointment day and pain was just a dull annoying pain. Doc moved the knee around asked about the pain level said he was sending me for a ct scan. No work for at least 2 more weeks. I got in for the scan quite quickly from what I have been told which was 5 days after I saw the Doc. So 11 days after the injury. So today I called the clinic about 4 times and the results have shown up ( now at day16)but ........... The soonest they can get me in to see the Doctor is Monday ??? Which if I am not mistaken is Easter Monday? I highly doubt the clinic is open. So I guess my question is what the hell is taking so long? But wondering more how this time frame is going to harm me if at all? I would venture to guess that it will seriously delay my recovery time? Thanks to Decreasing Dave on SMJ pointing me in this direction. Even though I was on TT I never clicked on the Halth and Fitness Thanks in advance
  11. Nice job! there t3hricardo. Makes me wish I never would have sold my XR ! But my DRZ shows up today so hopefully that will make it easier to take. Best way to forget about the old bitch is to get a new bitch !
  12. Slowly I am getting more information . I thought with the information age it would be more easily accessible ! lol In my particular situation I plan to use the toy hauler for more than one season. And unlike California we get some darn nasty weather as it has been for the past week here already. So insulation values , construction ,heated basements enclosed plumbing, dual pane windows etc are all necessary options and things to consider. I have always wanted a large toy hauler but never really could justify it until now. Which is another story in itself. Under normal circumstances my current set up would suffice. I thrpough a picture in for s**ts and giggles. I like the Cyclone # 3914 but so far only from a floor plan and pictures. As I have yet to locate one close enough to me to view. As well the " Wide Open " by Gulf stream Coach is very interesting. so far it has the best insulation or I mean R rating I have found. As well they have a new model out that has a swing away wall to open the garage up into extra living space. Here again only view it from pictures. Should be viewing one with in the next few days. So far the XLR 385, Cyclone 3914 and this new 40 Wide Open or Enduramax look to have the best suited " to me " floor plans.
  13. I am currently looking at xlr "canadian edition" 385. I was wondering if you have experienced any negatives with your unit yet ? Any things you wish you would have got as options? Any advice or things to look out for while shopping for a toy hauler ? That price is unreal, even with the can /amer exchange .
  14. They always seem to pop up when other things have to take priority,, Dam! http://edmonton.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles-motorcycles-dirt-bikes-motocross-2007-KTM-EXC-W0QQAdIdZ150378486
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