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    love my vstrom!!
  2. I think ill just return it and get the TT kit make life easy..thanks
  3. I have frc-mx carb WITHOUT the removable bell.Is it anyway to make it work on drz400s?Thanks..
  4. ok ill take apic it was brand new,removable intake bell,I dont think It has this ,can someone post a pic of what it should look like thanks..
  5. I got this fcr carb off ebay the guy I purchased it from said it work on drz but in comparsion to tt kit it looks a diffrent It has tps wire for one can I still make it work with the right adapters??
  6. I have 06 drz400 Im putting onfcr-mx carb i have the carb already and need all the necessary apters for it to fit ,can you buy the parts on tt here for without the carb ??
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