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  1. So, today, I tried to figure out how to get the cables out of the way of the instruments. Anyone have any quick hints? Getting tired of not seeing my turn signals flashing away. Thanks. BG
  2. Hevy, Thanks for the reminder...I do have some Sidi's but this was just to get back to work after delivery...I promise I'll wear them. 😉 BG
  3. bikepsych

    FmF slip-on for 690

    Greetings, Just picked up a 2018 690 R. Am I correct in seeing that a pipe from a manufacturer for the 2016 and later models will work on a 2018? It doesn't appear that Leo Vince, Arrow, FMF offer a bike specific muffler for the 2018's. Just through 16. Thanks in advance. B
  4. bikepsych

    xr400 stock horsepower..

    I can tell you all that my 98 XR400 is much easier to ride fast than my 2008 WR250R. The torque is always on tap and it's SOOO much easier to loft the front end when necessary, and this is on a worn out engine. Will be getting the top end and piston refreshed as soon as funding allows. BikePsych
  5. bikepsych

    Acerbis Fuel Tank

    So far, it looks like a clean installation. I didn't remove the cannister, just relocated it to the other side of the bike and zip tied it to the inside of the frame above the countershaft sprocket.
  6. bikepsych

    Training Programs for Off Road Racing

    Tyler, Great to have you here. Yes, I could definitely use some insight into physcial conditioning for riding enduros. I used to be in fairly good shape for riding them, but at 57, gravity has started taking over. One of the most aggravating things is that the legs start to go after about 2-3 hours of riding in rough terrain. What can I do to improve my leg conditioning? Thanks. Bruce
  7. bikepsych

    KTM 500 EXC 2015

    So far, with only 3 hours on it, it seems like the most capable off road bike I've ever owned (after a 79 KLX250, 82 YZ125, 82 IT 125, 86 KDX200, 82 KX250, 1998XR 400, 2007 CRF450X). Bonus is it has street legal lights. :-D
  8. First ride today. Immediate modification comes to mind...Stabilizer. MAN those tires are slick on the street.
  9. Just bought a 15 500 EXC today. Looking forward to the fun in the dirt. And not having to truck it to get there. Stay tuned. Thanks for the insight on the mods. BikePsych
  10. bikepsych

    Any problems yet appear with the WR250R/X?

    So far, 6 months and no worries at all. Been through snow, deep water, 7000 feet elevation, sand on the beach. Starts within three turns of the starter. A little burp when cold and just starting out but other than that, runs away from my brother's XR400 on the street. He gets me in tight woods with the torque. Definitely thinking of the 290 kit. BG
  11. bikepsych

    Best riding gear?

    I just picked up a pair of Gaerne Balance Oiled boots. I've been riding for 35 years and these are by far the most comfortable boot I've had. Ankle protection may not be as rigid as motocross boots, but for dual sport riding, they're the best I've seen. I walked around the block in them to break them in and couldn't even tell they were dirtbike boots. Good sole on them for walking. I do recommend some good tall socks with them though. Can't judge them on waterproofness,,,yet. But they must be better than the old Alpine Star Tech3's I was wearing. My feet would get wet in those on an extra humid day not to mention riding through a puddle. The buckles on the Gaernes are easy to use and fasten securely. Velcro around the calf area seems to grip well without cutting off circulation. Two thumbs (and two large toes) up. Bruce Camarillo, CA
  12. I saw this as a PDF file someplace and lost it. Can someone tell me where I might find it? Thanks, BG
  13. bikepsych

    PowerCommander 5 on WR250X/R warning

    DugsGMs, Thanks so much. Will install it today. Love this site. I also appreciate your feedback on what it did for the bike. Luggability, isn't that what four strokes are all about? :-)
  14. bikepsych

    PowerCommander 5 on WR250X/R warning

    Does anyone know if there is a problem with the PC V on a 2008 model? I noticed on the dynojet website that they start the PC V with 2009. I just got the PC V today but haven't hooked it up yet. Waiting for some guidance from you sages on the stages. I'm thinking its the same bike, but wanted to check with the knowledge base here first. Only had the bike 2 weeks but it exceeds all expectations so far. Thanks in advance. BikePsych