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    Grindstone Pee Wee track

    Peewee track is OK...not sure just how much fun your 12 yo son will have, but might be a good stepping stone for him....and if he is comfortable enough, send him out on the big track, nothing do or die on it...but I recommend maybe having someone follow him for a couple laps just in case, I will be out there and will be willing to do that for a couple laps if you want. I'm on a Honda CRF450R #320 and will be there from about 9 - 11:30
  2. HondaRules

    ET or GS Sunday?

    I'll be at GS tomorrow...#320:thumbsup:
  3. HondaRules

    Happy Holidays!!!!!!

    Happy Holidays:thumbsup:
  4. HondaRules

    ET Wednesday 12/23

    But the track is open until 10..you'd have a good 4 hours of riding in:thumbsup:Track was pretty good over all this evening.
  5. HondaRules

    ET Wednesday 12/23

    I'll be there around 3ish:thumbsup:
  6. HondaRules

    2010 grindingstone gp

    I personally love the GPSs. I raced their first round this year and had a blast...really wish I could have done the whole series. I might try again this year even though I will only be able to do the first half ot the year since bikes race on Saturdays....and I am coaching my girls soccer again this next fall, so that will kill any races I may have at that point:bonk:But IMO, GPs are a perfect mix of off-road and MX...just an absolute blast. I feel like I get my moneys worth more with these types of races than I do with MX (unless I triple class, which gets really expensive then) I highly suggest trying it.
  7. HondaRules

    ET Sunday, may need help

    Wow, what a cool mom....my daughters mom hasn't even been out with all of us, let alone take them herself...it would "inconvenience" her too much:bonk: I would be happy to help your wife/kid out, but we can't ride this weekend...too much stuff going on. How you doing? If you need anything, drop me a note...we are practically neighbors:ride:
  8. HondaRules

    Any races Jan. 16-17?

    not sure there will be many races that weekend with the SX in town on that weekend:ride:
  9. HondaRules

    Riding this weekend 12-12 or 12-13

    how was the dust?
  10. HondaRules

    Bad day got worse......ebeck down

    man, sorry to hear this. I wish him the best
  11. HondaRules

    Riding this weekend 12-12 or 12-13

    I'm suppose to go to a track with a buddy (probably GS) on Sunday...but if that falls through I will be heading out to 136th/Dynamite:ride:
  12. HondaRules

    Bad day got worse......ebeck down

    Here is an update that exmlb just received: Eric called...he was trying to answer text but was too loopy and kept screwing up Anyway they put a rod in his left femur but didn't have to operate on his arm. He broke the bones and there are chips up by his left elbow but the Doc said they were not far enough out to do surgery on so they put a cast on. He will probably lose some range of motion. He put a Scotts damper on his bike and said that he became a little too comfortable with how easy it was making it..last lap of the day....one moto he did 15 laps... Hit that jump and the front end went up and the back end kicked out. He tried to ride it out but then got thrown off the back. He said he heard and felt his femur snap on impact.
  13. HondaRules

    Bad day got worse......ebeck down

    The "whoops" and that little fly away (table thingy, or what every you want to call it) after the "whoops" all need a little maintenance. Those obstacles were tore up pretty good and kicked you wierd in spots if you were paying attention:bonk: What a bummer way to spend the holidays, Prayers are with ya E.....keep us posted on how things are going:thumbsup:
  14. HondaRules

    Riding this weekend?

    going to Canyon tomorrow morning:ride:
  15. HondaRules

    GS 10hr report

    Try Shane from gomxracing....he is pretty well known in the mx community, sells bikes/parts/etc and is good as far as customer service goes, I know a few people that have bought from him. http://www.gomxracing.com/forum/showthread.php?t=35300
  16. HondaRules

    GS 10hr report

    dang, that rock pile looks nasty to be in a 10 hour race...especially for thos iron manning it, which I thought about doing but am in no shape for something like that at this point, glad I didn't try it LOL I'm assuming the carnage of your buddies bike was the worst of "injuries"?
  17. HondaRules

    Check this out Canyon update

    yep, have had quite a few buddies that have proven that caffiene will kill you on the track....once they cut the soda out of their diet, especially right before getting onto the track, they noticed a huge difference. Do a little research, the facts are out there:thumbsup:
  18. HondaRules

    Check this out Canyon update

    agreed...I forgot how to ride them it's been so long, but the last few weeks going out to Canyon has helped me to "blitz" through them again:thumbsup:
  19. HondaRules

    Canyon Sunday 11.22

    Brett, good to see you again...and thanks for taking some pics of me, I can now see why my lap times were a couple seconds off from last week:bonk:
  20. HondaRules

    crash at ET

    you are correct, it's a trade off. Just like a leatte....broken collar bone or lower spine when using the leatte...or risk breaking you neck higher and being paralyzed:bonk: There are trade offs to everything in life, just gotta roll with what you are more comfortable with:ride:
  21. HondaRules

    crash at ET

    Sorry to hear about your buddy. I'll pray for a speedy/healthy recovery. I had a friend (some of you may know him and/or his wife, Tad and Nancy Davis) whom wore a knee brace and the Dr's said it was the cause of the break because the knee brace did not break loose soon enough....so all the leverage caused the femur to break. Guess when something like that happens with the braces, it's either the femur or the hip that gets broken. Dr told him that if you are going to wear knee braces, the Asterisk are the best/most reliable (I'm pretty sure that is the brace, been a few years and I'm getting old:bonk:). Do your research before buying one
  22. HondaRules

    Canyon Sunday 11.22

    dang dude, I wish you the best.
  23. HondaRules

    Canyon Sunday 11.22

    you can do both, so go ahead and bring the ladies with you...it might benefit all of us:busted:
  24. HondaRules

    Canyon Sunday 11.22

    I think I am going out there....it appears some of the OT gang will be there. I'm loving this track....was suppose to meet up with some at SW to practice it prior to the race Turkey weekend, but I think I would rather practice on a more technical track that will help me with my endurance than on an "easy" track
  25. HondaRules

    Chase learned how to whip better Sunday

    Nice pics! How is FB these days, looks like it's in pretty nice shape, I'll have to get out there again sometime soon...too many tracks to chose from, so little time:busted: