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    Stained I-Bike

    A buddy of mine had the problem on the white gas tank on his '94 CR250 (It use to be my bike). I think he said he used bleach to remove the stained look. I will check with him again to see if that was all he did to get the whiteness back.
  2. HondaRules

    04 CRF-450 Test Ride

    Seat? What is that for, are you suppose to sit when riding?
  3. HondaRules

    Check these shroud graphics!!!Pic inside!!!

    very cool...I may have to put that on my xmas/bday wish list
  4. I keep hearing contradicting info on whether you should rely on the window and check hole for proper oil level. What is/has been everyone elses experience on this? I bought my bike used and the guy said that you should rely on the window/check hole...so it's not like I can just drain the oil and say, "OK, I need to put this much back in". I thought it was only the check hole on the '02s that was not correct...otherwise, the '03s and newer do not have this issue. Thanks for any input.
  5. HondaRules

    New to Forum, just switched to 4 stroke!

    Welcome to the site, there is a lot of great info floating around here. I've been grazing through from time to time and finally decided to get on the boards. I am new to the posts here on TT as well. I live in wonderful Snottsdale. I have been here for 13 years now I am now just getting back into the riding scene again after being married for 5 years now..the boss cut my riding down to about 4-5 times a year but am now putting a stop to that. I now am a proud owner of an '03 CRF450 and have never used the hot start lever yet. She starts up on the 1st or 2nd kick with rare occasions of a 3rd. AZRider, we should hook up sometime and go for a ride assuming you live here in the valley.
  6. HondaRules

    Whats it worth?

    I just bought my new Billet End Cap from a local distributor for $100. www.monkeybutt.com I couldn't find any for cheaper. I also just rode with a guy yesterday that runs a website (I don't remember it off the top of my head) and he just registered as a distributor...he may even be able to get it cheaper. I will look into it if you want.