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  1. So here is a lowdown on the bikes

    00-02 are the same

    03+ uses the adjustable suspension which is longer and thus need a longer front brake line. also changed the rear linkage from a steel to aluminum unit. If you are converting an 00-02 get the forks, front brake cable, rear shock and linkage.

    All years you can get different length "done bone" rods to lower/raise the seat height.

    Stock crank is weak. you can get a complete top and bottom end from Motosport for cheap with a hotrod crank and wiseco piston for increased reliability.

    Pipes are the same 00-05 then 05+ . All they did is change the flange from the pipe to silencer, just swapped them. if you get an aftermarket pipe, get the silencer also.

    Bikes did go through a lot of carb changes each year from kawasaki. Just set the float level correct on the bike so that bowl never gets more than 3/4 full. Jet for altitude and adjust the needle clip and air screw as needed.

    There are a few companies that make specialized parts for the bike:

    procircuit has a bunch



    Seriously for weight savings, get real. They are good bikes. You can tune the suspension a lot with the 03+ suspension with the correct springs, set the sag, use the correct length rear dog bones, then play with the suspension oil height and weight. If you want more, look at like R&D for more. they will never be a KTM, but are a great stepping stone bike. An ASV clutch lever + perch and brake lever is highly recommended. Gearing, stock front, +1 in the rear. Had great luck with a Renthal Gold chain and steel sprockets. Tires, plethora of them out there. Used the D756s while we had it. Tranny oil, I use Honda HP in everything. works great, no clutch problems, no missed shifts and has good life. Changed every 5 rides at the most. Air filter, clean after every ride.

    Most of the plastic is shared with the KLX110 up to 09. Front fender is different. YOu can use a 110 petcock and drill the reserve hole in the 65 tank for a reserve. Other than that, direct swap. graphics the same between the bikes and the seats. Different air filters.

    You can get aftermarket radiators and hoses on Ebay for cheap.

    Best advice, keep the bike maintained. DOnt dump a ton of cash into the bike as the 85s are a much better starting platform and better everything stock.

    right on, thanks for the info. I just bought my daughter an '07 KX65. She got a serious bug to start racing after going to her first SX event, she says she wants to be the first Pro Woman to make it to the SX Main :smirk: I see pros and cons to this....but knowing my daughter, I want to do what I can to help with her self confidence. I'm not trying to sound braggy, but she has a lot of natural talent in sports and acedemics, she just lacks confidence which hinders her potential...so figure I would ride with this (pun not intended LOL) and support her. And as an added bonus, this would give me a valid reason to tell ma, "hey, gotta take our daughter out to ride/pracitice...see ya later." :rant: Anywho, I hope that this KX is more reliable than our friends '07 KTM65...my buddy is constantly working on it and his son is pretty easy on that thing...he rarely gets out of 2nd. :lol:

  2. http://i258.photobucket.com/albums/hh275/nextlevelracing/LarryB_flierupdatefinal-4-4-2010.jpg

    I plan to be there with both kids for a good day riding to support a good AZ racing family. The flier doesn't show it, but Larry's son Kyle was seriously hurt at Canyon last week.

    I saw that, must be some sort of bad curse that has been put on that family:bonk:

    I plan on being at the fund raiser along with a couple other buddies:thumbsup:

  3. During a race, the large nut (and I'm not talking about the rider:p) that holds the upper triple clamp in place came off...and ever since then, the steering is real sloppy. When holding the front tire between your legs and twisting the bars, there is a lot of flex...more than normal. I can see the triple clamp move under the nut still, yet I have it torqued to spec....I loosened the bolts to clamp the forks to make sure the upper triple clamp presses down as I torque the nut....but nothng changed. What am I missing here? It's a frightening feeling to have that bar twisting more than normal in some gnarly chop/deep loam:bonk:

  4. Did you guys ride or pack up? If ya rode where is the pics????:banana:

    Always better to have all the requirements.......you can stage at the end of 136th street too....lot less "traffic" than Wildcat.

    yep, rode from there yesterday. God I love the desert right now. I do have one of those overpriced PMB endcaps, I figure the $113 it cost me for the PMB is a lot less than the ticket I might get later if I do not have one:thumbsup:

  5. ya grinding stone is pretty much it out there but its not like a traditional mx track its more like a GP track....not as many jumps. I used to race there before they made it a public track

    I would put it as more of a Traditional and not a Modern track:p It is mostly natural terrain, but still fun as all heck....it is only about 15 minutes from 101/FLW:thumbsup: Speedworld, Canyon, and ET all have night practice during the week. ACP, Firebird, Grindingstone, and Motoland just during the day...although in the summer Firebrid and ACP will have night practices as well:thumbsup:There is a race nearly every weekend somewhere, best source for MX races is www.gomxracing.com :ride:

  6. Just wondering if anyone knew of any races or such in the greater metro Phoenix area going on those dates. I go south for work about 3 times per year and other than driving around to bike shops I have done nothing biking related. I called a few places but no one rents mx bikes and the logistics of renting a truck, getting a bike, finding a open mx track, taking it all back afterwards. My evenings are mostly free but that would mean finding a track with lights. I guess that's why guys golf, it's easier to manage. I leave the frozen north and go to Scottsdale and all I can think to myself is I should be biking right now. Even taking in a race would probably be ok. Any ideas? Thanks

    Tracks are open every day of week here year round, except monday. We have so many to choose from as well:





    ACP (arizona cycle park)



    Most of these tracks have night practice during the week (on weekends as well in the summer). There are trails/single track near Scottsdale as well. So you have lots of options:thumbsup:

  7. It should be open, not suppose to get any more rain and they say they are open today: http://www.gomxracing.com/forum/showthread.php?t=36527 I rode it Tuesday and it was pretty good....had one really soft spot that even bogged the 450 a bit when I hit it, but other than that it was actually pretty good. I just had the mental "puss factor" going on as it looked intimidating...and after not riding for a month and having suspension that felt completely different (in a very good way, Randy with RMR whom use to be Motoworks did an awesome job on it from what I can tell so far):lol: The bike seems to really stick to the ground much better. :ride:

    How have you been?

  8. I'll take her out a couple of times and see what the hell. I think she'll like it knowing her... also, not buying it to her, buying it for her, it'd be titled in my name, i can see where this is going, but i'll cover my bases, i just need to find out if it's something she'll like... XR200 or 250 would be great too, just not many around, people with those bikes don't tend to sell them, they keep'em and ride them till they die.

    First thing I have to ask, rather than assuming, is...Does she have any interest/desire to actually ride? If so, does she really want something with a clutch? Or even 2 wheels vs 4 wheels?... this will help to figure out what kind of bike/quad to get her....I know my wife would not like a clutch at all, so she just tools around on my daughters PW80 once in a while and father in-laws quad. Make sure to talk to her and find out more of what she will be comfortable starting out on. If she is not comfortable/happy, you will be wasting time/money :bonk: This is my .02 :banghead:

  9. I am going to save this message forever. I have never had a vet rider say they wanted ET more technical before. :banghead: In the last 4 months I have decided that appeal to the masses outways the appeal to me any day of the week. Glad you had fun and hope to see you again soon.

    Thanks again to everyone that came out to ride this past Sunday.

    LOL. I love obstacles that make me think as to how to approach and get across them. I'm probably a SX kind of guy, if it came to it. Loved the SX track ACP used at one of their rounds back in '05 when I raced their series. I need to try SW's AX track one of these days. Guess I still have some kid left in me:busted: Jonah, you should at least build a nice set of whoops....or even another fun rhythm section that guys can find their own way through (double, triple, etc through 'em)....maybe on that long straight stretch on the south end. Just a thought:ride:Keep up the good work :bonk: if things work out for me, I'll be out there next Tuesday night:thumbsup:

  10. Pics from the ride day. Again huge props to Fred for being such a great friend to do this for Paul and to Jonah for the use of the track and donating all of the food. :cheers::moon:

    Haven't looked at the pics so not sure what is on there or how good they are.


    Good pics Brett.

    And yes, Jonah has been doing a great job with the track there...I'd like to see it a tad more technical though, it's still a pretty fast track....but still fun in it's own way, plenty of stuff that can be worked on to gain more speed:ride:

  11. Hondarules, I have been living far away from my original home in East Tennessee since I was 17, so I feel really old for sure. Man I can barely remember bein a kid and I am only 38! I've been told Canyon is no place for beginners, but Canyon is about 2 miles from my house so that would be nice. GS just really left a good impression on us...

    Sounds like we left our home town/state close to same time....been here since '90, hard to beleive half my life has been here:bonk: As for Canyon, it is definitely a jumpy kind of track, keeps you on your toes....nothing do or die, just very busy. GS is much more mellow in that sense, but is by far a faster track...I love them both, GS teaches me raw speed while Canyon teaches me to gain some endurance :moon: As long as your having fun, that is all that matter/counts:thumbsup:I love singetrackin' as well....maybe we should hook up for a ride sometime:ride:

  12. Ok I guess I'll have to go check out Speedworld one night. I have zero interest in a supercross style track with tons of jumps and doubles, I am way too old for that but the kids are good with it. By the looks of it on Google maps it looks like it has a track for everyone??

    Too Old?!?!? Man, you are making me feel old now:banghead::smirk: You're only as old as you allow yourself to be :cheers:

    Speedworld is far from an SX track but they do have a separate AX track. They have a Vintage track that is good for a beginner....I think there are maybe 3 jumps on it and none are further than about 30 or 40 ft. max. The kids track is ok for the smaller kids.....they usually let the small bikes run in their own session on the big track..always a good thing

    I still need to get out there and check out the AX track. Was going to check it out after the GP race on New Years, but that idea was killed when the bolt fell out of my bar clamp at the start of my last lap....scared the crap out of me when I landed off the fly away jump in front of the starting gate and suddenly my handlebars are twisting, thus no steering:eek: I just prayed that the wheel did not hit something and twist while I tried coasting to a stop, luckily it didn't turn :moon: Have never had that bolt fall out before, it is now on my pre-ride checklist as I may not be so fortunate next time should that happen again :smirk:

  13. Ok thanks, he really wants to go on the big track, he is a really good rider and I think this will only make him better. Hey I work on cars for a living and when the caliper slide pins stick or the caliper sticks it will really wear one pad down and leave the other looking new. Check everything good, something is not sliding or releasing when it should. Thanks for the offer though!

    That is what I am wondering, will for sure check it out...thanks:thumbsup:

    GS also has an advanced pee wee track.

    They tore it out for now...suppose to build it again this month some time

  14. Scratch that...Was prepping to go tomorrow and noticed one of the rear brake pads disintegrated down to almost metal on metal...kind of strange because the other pad looks almost brand new still <shrug> Have fun and be safe:ride:

  15. Scratch that...Was prepping to go tomorrow and noticed one of the rear brake pads disintegrated down to almost metal on metal...kind of strange because the other pad looks almost brand new still <shrug> Have fun and be safe:ride:

  16. Peewee track is OK...not sure just how much fun your 12 yo son will have, but might be a good stepping stone for him....and if he is comfortable enough, send him out on the big track, nothing do or die on it...but I recommend maybe having someone follow him for a couple laps just in case, I will be out there and will be willing to do that for a couple laps if you want. I'm on a Honda CRF450R #320 and will be there from about 9 - 11:30 :moon:

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