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  1. So i dumped my bike and bent my left radiator. I was trying to find one from tusk, but rocky mtn didnt have one listed for my year, they did for the yzf, are they the same? Who else makes them?
  2. barrypilot

    Replacement for a 2015 wr450f

    Just looking for a replacement end for the stock exhaust to open it up. But i need a spark arrestor and keep it around 96 db, is there anyting? Whats everyone running
  3. barrypilot

    2015 wr450 seat

    Just wondering what everyone is running for a more comfy seat, i do most of my riding from the seated position, i checked guts racing but the lastest year they have is 2011
  4. barrypilot

    2015 wr450 throttle stop screw

    Thx for the info
  5. Whetes the best place to get an aftermarket throttle stop screw kit?
  6. so im retiring my 89 xr600 to street use only. I'm looking for ideas. I have seen some people use 450 forks and cbr rims. I have a newer swing arm to convert it to a newer brake system. I also want a bigger tank. whats everyone else running. I would to see some pics. thanks in advance
  7. barrypilot

    what mod first?

    I just got a brand new 2015 wr450. I was wondering what power mod would people do first? Also if I buy a programmer with I still need to buy a performance ecu and if so what do people recommend?
  8. barrypilot

    XR or XRL tank help....

    anyone have any pics of XRL tanks. I think the tank I bought from ebay is for an xrl not my xr600. it has a metal mounting bracket with rubber mounts that mount on the neck of the frame near the seat. I'm just trying to figure out what tank I have. i'm currently having trouble up loading the pics I have. thanks in advance.
  9. barrypilot

    best exhaust for 2014

    I just got a 2015 wr 450 I am looking to upgrade performance this winter. whats involved in removing the throttle stop?
  10. barrypilot

    2016 / 2017 WR450F GYTR ECU

    i'm new to the wr world. I have been thinking about a programmer. do you have to change out the ecu if you get the programmer to upgrade performance? my old bike is an xr 600 so I didn't have all this new electronic stuff to worry about.
  11. barrypilot

    Key for 2016 WR, or Kill Switch?

    what key did you use? or which one is cheapest? I would to do this on my 2015
  12. barrypilot

    Aftermarket tanks

    Looks like im going with ims tank. I really wanted something i didnt need to trim anything
  13. barrypilot

    Aftermarket tanks

    I looked at both of those. I really didnt want to trum my shrouds for the ims, did you have to trim the shrouds for the acerbis tank?
  14. barrypilot

    Aftermarket tanks

    Just got my first new bike. A 2015 wr450 getting good mod ideas already. But i was wondering what everyone is running for larger aftermarket tanks.
  15. barrypilot

    What did you do to your pig today?

    just wondering how the new second gear feels is the nx gear taller?