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  1. Im in the field that treats that (and tennis elbow). Look into a tennis elbow strap. Some people it works wonders for but it just depends on the severity of your specific problem.
  2. Erzberg America! Only five finished!!
  3. I agree on getting a different bike for your purposes. Although i love mine and would love to be able to ride around on the street here in Cali, id go for a xr650R and do it up as im honda/yamaha guy myself.. But im also a poor fool lookin for fun on the cheap so my tacoma gets my wr to the trail just fine.
  4. Nope I thought my bike ran good enough before I jetted it with the JD kit, but not till you feel it jetted.. combined with the grey wire.. huge difference, snorkel I like the sound but don't k is I gained much else from it. Like he said it takes all the guess work out. I highly recommend it. It made me realize how hard it was to ride the way it was.. I guess before I would call the way it made power was "twitchy" now the power comes on so smooth and fast. So impressed with this bike now.. had it out at the king if the hammers race today and couldn't quit grinning.
  5. Just wanted to give my review for anyone even thinking about the JD Jetting kit and the free mods. I am by no means a good rider but i like to ride in the fast desert and after ALL of the free mods and the jd jet kit my bike is amazing! runs flawlessly and SOOO much different then before, its amazing. I was running with just the pea shooter nixed and the throttle stop cut. Then all the rest of the free mods and the JD Jetting, including two clicks out on the dampening for front and rear and 2 out on the rebound on the forks... Holy crap i feel like im ready for the d-37 number 1 plate! Just do it you will not go back and only regret not doing it sooner if you dont..
  6. I hit 96 on a lake bed with just the throttle stop cut and pea shooter out.. Today i hit 86 on a fire road down hill with lots of tires spin on the rev limiter.. Both times spankin a trx450r with a fresh 505 big bore.
  7. haha! I had a tri-moto 125 for a while and i totally remember that lean feeling!! it was pretty fun for a little while right then! My first was a tri-zinger 80, a few different ones through the years now i still have an '86 350x and a 85 tecate 250 smoker .
  8. So call me special (my mom did), but i dont see a part number for the 11 wr450.. is the one for the '09 the right one?
  9. I love my wr, but the title thing would steer me clear.. could be stolen, could be it never got paid off, still technically stolen.. but its your call, maybe you Can have the highway patrol run the numbers to see if its ok, if it is, I would do it.
  10. I'm a 30 year old outta shape dude. I haven't had a bike in years, but grew up riding.. I did the free mods minus the grey wire and this bike kicks my ass I ride the so cal hi desert (Johnson valley).. in everything but the biggest woops and jumps I'm completely impressed minus the hard ass seat.. minus the track or aimilar desert terrain I think its great. hillclimbs trails, fire roads, and everything in between its Workin great for me, and when I get better and get the suspension done I think it will be great..
  11. This is my first bike in probably 7 years and its been a couple since I have even ridden a buddys.. needless to say my arms and legs are jello about five minutes into the ride.. last weekend I went out though and minimal pain.. but I think my ass is breaking into the seat not vice versa..
  12. This, to me, is getting suspicious.. I'd be stoked on that offer... Just sayin..
  13. I cut mine to yz specs, best thing I coulda done.. now I'm considering on waiting on all the other free mods again till I get used to and fully learn to ride it all over again..
  14. Eff yeah that's exactly what I'm lookin for!
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