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  1. 07ATKEnduro

    ATK OWNERS ('94-'00) ?

    have a 93 and a 99
  2. 07ATKEnduro

    Fantasy SX 2019

    Results for A1 are up
  3. 07ATKEnduro

    Fantasy SX 2019

    I had to update the site this morning and picks were lost. please reenter picks. the site should be working for the most part, I am still working on some stuff. I am planning on converting the site to bootstrap in the future so it would be easier to view and use on a phone. @7thirtyseven I changed the link color to blue so it can now be seen easier
  4. 07ATKEnduro

    Fantasy SX 2019

    I will be doing the updates during the week/tomorrow. Did server upgrades and some of the methods are deprecated. I will have it up before week 1.
  5. 07ATKEnduro

    Just picked up 2 Cannondales - advice needed

    one of the reasons they do't start if they have fuel and spark is the kill switch, I replaced mine when I ran into those problems. also if it has the stock disconnects those cause starting problems as well. There is also a regulator that can cause starting problems as well. Can't think of any other issues that caused non starting when you have spark and fuel off the top of my head.
  6. 07ATKEnduro

    Fantasy MX & SX

    Here are the final standings
  7. 07ATKEnduro

    Fantasy MX & SX

    Standings are updated now. looks like you lost ground
  8. 07ATKEnduro

    Fantasy MX & SX

    points are updated
  9. 07ATKEnduro

    Fantasy SX MX?

    I changed to west for 250's last night
  10. 07ATKEnduro

    Fantasy SX MX?

    I extended picks to 4 CST
  11. 07ATKEnduro

    Fantasy SX MX?

    its up. I need to fix the events that are running both 250 classes, but should have them this week. Also for A1 I included both East and West.
  12. 07ATKEnduro

    MX Revival

    I have an XC, so its prolly a littler heavier than that, its feels like the same weight as my CR 250
  13. 07ATKEnduro

    MX Revival

    You'd be surprised how well the 406's still work today. My '93 still runs like a champ, the suspension re valve I had done on it makes it a joy to ride.
  14. 07ATKEnduro

    fantasy mx

    I have activated everyone who signed up. I really need to add a contact us to this. I don't check as often as a should and I have no idea what happened to rando?
  15. 07ATKEnduro

    What's up with fantasy sx/mx?

    you have points for every event. you are in 26th so on the second page. If you want to make the first page I would suggest not putting JS7 in first every race