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  1. Bike_Pilot

    Trailer Stolen in Vancouver, WA

    I was told the Lexus is an SUV, Pearl white with snow board racks and a smoke color license plate cover. Get em!!!
  2. Bike_Pilot

    Trailer Stolen in Vancouver, WA

    My son works on a truck lot in Vancouver and he told me about this trailer sitting there on the lot. I told him to check it out that it could be stolen and sho nuf it was this one. Good on ya for this post as this is what linked the fact that it was stolen! The owner has it back tonight with all the gear and tool etc in tact! Video showed it being pulled by a gray Nissan Armada flanked by a white Lexus. Cops have reviewed the video! Congrats to the owner! Nothing like a happy ending.
  3. Was browsing the Husky Casual apparel (Hoodies, shirts, hats etc.) Does anyone know a dealer who actually carries them or where to purchase them in the USA?
  4. Bike_Pilot

    F350 - worth fixing?

    Hey Chickenhauler! Or anyone else, I have yet to replace my track bar or shackle bushings! Any online part resources to keep the price down? I really need to get the rest of the slop out of this front end!
  5. Thanks Jeff! I still have my '06 TE250! Thanks for a great bike!
  6. Bike_Pilot

    Ripping it up in Bend Oregon...

    Mmmmm...... BEND! I love riding there.
  7. I had issues with my choke that was not related to the remote start. It seemed as if the choke cable was a 1/4 inch to long and the cable would pop out of the end attached to the choke arm. I put a ty wrap around it to hold the cable in place and it works fine now. When I would use the remote start I would activate the choke and that would cause the choke cable to come loose. The genny would just turn over and wouldn't start until my ty wrap fix. Hope that made sense. Anyway it might be worth looking at.
  8. Bike_Pilot

    TE Rack Support

    Hey guys! I've been off the TT grid for awhile trying to keep a business running . I have 4 pm's about making rack supports (from this thread http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=452154&page=5&highlight=rack). Anyone know if they are available from Husky now? If not I've got some time next week I can make a few.
  9. Bike_Pilot

    07 te 510 blinker's stoped working

    Mounted on a small tab. It is about the size of a computer cpu chip.
  10. Bike_Pilot

    long time lurker, trouble deciding

    I see you've upgraded your SM thinking and decided on a true SM instead of the DRZ SM? 510 is a great choice. So is the 450. Are you just cruising roads or racing or both? Can you afford the 510 or need the depreciation of the used bike? Answer the questions in your mind grasshopper and truth will prevail! Not sure what your point was about on the plastics color. The '06 SMR's were advertised as red and white. They can be changed.
  11. Bike_Pilot

    What Should I Buy

    Speaking of the toy, maybe you veterans can help me here. I'm considering a meal with a toy for my wife but I'm not sure if I should get her the meal with a preschool toy or the over 3 year old toy. Any direction?
  12. Bike_Pilot

    What Should I Buy

    I heard that triple burgers were outlawed because of that kid dying! Can anyone confirm this? I know In n Out has a 4 patty (I think they call it a 4x4) but their products are difficult to get outside of California! Damn imports!
  13. Bike_Pilot

    New Pic

    +1 Love the red white. The graphics with a touch of green?
  14. Bike_Pilot

    Wayback Machine 2

    How much did ya give for her? Looks pretty clean if it's original (sans RM stuff). Are you restoring or riding it?
  15. Bike_Pilot

    Husky Factory Pics

    Cool! That is obviously a TC bike. Wonder if the black will carry over into the TE line up. Time will tell.