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  1. my 13 kx250f and it's more fun 125 friends
  2. Hey all, I've got my first race next weekend and was just wondering if anyone hd any tips (other then the obvious ride for myself and not anyone else kinda jazz)? I won't lie, i'm pretty nervous to line up
  3. IF they'll sell to a us resident (for the address for initial reg) + taxes + import/duties fees + having it held at customs for 3 days to clear. Call the palce to make sure they'd sell it, then call us customs to get the info you need. it's not as simple as buying shoes adn wearing them home, I've purchased a few 'used' (lol 4 hrs) bikes from the us and brought em' home. It's not a 5minute process, btu worth it if you save big!
  4. at 150 vs 110USD i can almost guarantee you you'll pay virtually the same, if no tmore by the time it gets to you; shipped from ca + taxes + duties/customs/broker fees if they check, + your bank/cc's conversion fee they take (normally 1.5-3x/$)
  5. you'll get busted on duties/import/custom broker fees (a lot of the time, but not always). But yea, cadusd=X is 1.41~, so figure 1.35 atm once your bank/cc takes their fee, still an awesome deal imo Also I've been told by every dealer, in terms of a new bike i tried to purchase in the us (new, from a store) that they could not sell to me because the canadian address, and it would have ot be purchased with a us address, and can then be 'sold' to me, just due to paperwork crap, i guess. Either way, it's not as simple as pick up a bike here and drive home from my experience going usa -> can
  6. iggle

    2012 KX250F engine cover paint and new to fourstokes

    Yea, imo it's not worth it otherwise. it rubs off way too easy, there's a reason kawi killed their black covers . check your service manual for normal maintenance hours and you shoudl be good! just don't neglect it like you can a 2s and get away with it, bc it will most certainly grenade at a point if you neglect it:P Have fun, bike looks clean!
  7. iggle

    Question about valves - just bought a new '15 KX250F

    check in the classifieds here also. I picked up a brand new (with say 8 hours on it it seems) ti-4r when i had my 09 for $250 from someone on here. I still use it to this day on my 13 That said, i'd never fork over msrp for a new exhaust, like mentioned it wouldn't make a single noticeable performance difference at my skill level (though i hated teh sound of the stock 09. so yay)
  8. iggle

    2005 kx 250f cheap but...

    especially 05 and 06, weren't they the with kawazukis model? D: hope it works out for you though bud!
  9. iggle

    Best MX Boots for your $$$

    check rmav for closeout on 15' model, boots, they should have some decent prices
  10. iggle

    Helmet options, anyone?

    you can also check the inside lining/foam on come helmets where you can take the interior out, if there's any cracking or jazz as mentioned in the foam defiantly time to replace it. There's a reason I have so many helmets now, it seems i like to case doubles and go flying :|
  11. iggle

    Helmet options, anyone?

    imo the bell9 hands down. but that's just me. try to find a local retailer that carries helmets and go try a bunch on, even if it's not the colorway you want (or even model - if they have an f2 awesome!), just to see how they all feel and fit. i have 2 se3 helmets that are the same size, a fox v1 and v2 that are also the same size but both fox helmets fit like crap compared to my se3 (and weigh like.. 5x as much hah). That said, all i'm trying to say is go try them on first. You don't want to blow $ on a helmet because some dude on the internet said it fit him or her good. Either way, have fun and gl! and as side note i'd never go back to a fox helmet after my se3 cf but know many who would probably go the other way
  12. iggle


    if i remember right (heh) mine are something around: $150 mylaps X2 lap timer (for device and 1yr subscription - required for all cmrc sanctioned events 1 time fee), $120 cmrc membership 1 time fee, $35 main class entry fee, $25 per other class(es) entry fee, roughly $100 in gas to/from race & bike(vp), well say on avg $100 for parts broken up over the year. So I guess about $250/race for me. Don't forget there's per race costs, and then there's the extensive maintenance/parts you'll need more then regular also, i don't just mean if you break something. If you're racing every weekend and 1-2 practice track days you'll be eating through way more tires then someone riding once every other weekend for fun (vs pushing it) type of thing. As as well as the 1time fees that can add up quick. My first season i had to get my cti custom (i'm 5'2 normal ones were giant on em lol) at $1500, my lap timer initial cost, membership, some extra gear as backup and jazz. all that said, hope you have a great time racing and no matter where you finish, keep at it!
  13. i've seen every brand, basically, have the frame crack at the steering stem, or tc blow up at one point.. so that's kinda moot point (though i do seem to find more ktms front ends blowing up it seems). that said, there are way too many factors to say its ktms fault that the one you saw blew up was bc of it. dude could have over-torqured it and cracked them, i did it to one of my 125s a few yrs back like a noob D:
  14. iggle

    too short!

    im 5'2" and i ride an 01, 02 and 14 that had a lowering link on them and suspension set adjusted to keep the geometry. That said, i've recently removed it form the 14 and while it's harder for me to tiptoe 1 sided, its still doable and i'm getting more and more used to it. a lowering link and cut seat would defiantly help, they did for me, you'd be surprised how much 1-1.5" difference can make, but as someone mentioned its it's mainly for road use, i'd lean more to a dualsport myself also. That said i hope whatever you pick you have an awesome time on it!
  15. iggle

    Chipped gear

    I don't see why kawi wouldn't stock the part anymore, but does for order bikes? (ie: my 01 125 i recently ordered a few parst for). That said though, try through a place like RMAV for oem parts. Good luck!