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  1. TrikeKid

    another log crossing question

    Here's some good examples of text book log crossing.
  2. Did you put the stock needle back in? The 120/45 jetting is for the stock needle, not the power-down needle.
  3. TrikeKid

    2003 230CRF won't turn over

    I think he means it'll crank and not start. This is a no-start, not a no-crank problem. "Turn over" means different things to different people. Sounds like a battery to me too, especially if it's the original.
  4. TrikeKid

    Titles for assembled vehicles

    Unless you're going for a street legal bike, IMO, what the state don't know won't hurt em. I'd like to find an aluminum CR frame to stuff my 230 engine in at some point, and if I do, it's going to be registered as a CR. I collected a good portion of the parts to do the same with an RM80 chassis and an XR100 engine, and I would have registered that as an RM as well.
  5. I used to ride with a guy that had a cr250 that we put a kouba link in, he didn't notice any adverse effects. I wouldn't lower a 230 from stock for fear of losing the ground clearance (I raised mine from stock) but that may not be an issue for you.
  6. No, 250R has a 19" rear wheel, the 230 has an 18" rear wheel.
  7. The guts tall seat I rode with was more comfortable than stock by far, and its something I plan on for my 230 when I can afford it. Adjust the rear sag to help the tracking like I said. More sag will slaken all the front end geometry and be more stable at speed. Less rear sag will make everything steeper and turn quicker. If you have the stock tires still, yes, they do suck.
  8. 1.Guts makes a tall seat, more cushion and it makes the transition from sitting to standing easier. 2. Set the rear sag for your weight, or maybe a little extra to slow the steering down. 3. Put the stock needle back in with a 120 main jet and a 45 pilot. I run a 12t front sprocket as well, don't have any trouble getting the front wheel up as long as I'm in the right gear, maybe a little hit of the clutch once in a while.
  9. It depends on where I am, on a track/fire road/wide trail they can find their own way around, in a trail, pull over. But, I don't race either.
  10. Toby, did you ever do anything with the levers? I read through the thread but there's a lot of info here. I trimmed my clutch and brake today, left room for 2 fingers on the clutch and 3 on the brakes. After the Naches ride I went on this weekend I'm kinda motivated to work on the bike again so I'm gonna copy some of your work. Swapped to a shortened stock exhaust today and cut my side plates and shrouds similar to yours as well.
  11. TrikeKid

    keep wrecking in turns??

    If your front end is washing out, you either need a tire more suited to your conditions or to simply get more weight over the front end. You might try a little more front brake on entry to force your weight forward. Part of having the foot out in front is to get more weight up there.
  12. TrikeKid

    What to oil BBR air filter with

    Well, the UNI was a gift, works, hasn't fallen apart yet. But, I also don't ride as often, and therefore don't wash my filter as often as some people. Like I mentioned, only problem I've had with the no-toil was having my water too hot the once. I got lucky and my filter came back together once it cooled.
  13. TrikeKid

    What to oil BBR air filter with

    Biggest thing with the No-Toil is be careful with how hot your water is, it doesn't take much to melt the glue holding filters together.
  14. TrikeKid

    bbr motorsports exhaust

    Just save your money and take the baffle out of the stock exhaust. If you need more than that the Powroll header is a lot cheaper than the BBR exhaust and will provide similar performance.
  15. TrikeKid

    What to oil BBR air filter with

    It's a Uni filter, I've been running No-Toil products on mine for a few years now and it's just fine.