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  1. Hans Schmid

    2017 250 SXF clacking noise

    Cam chain tensioner is hydraulic and relies on oil pressure. When you first start the motor it takes a few seconds to build pressure...
  2. Hans Schmid

    I have a few 2018/19-tx/te 300?

    AC for the 2t, DC for the 4t. And that's total output, which doesn't account for what the bike itself is using... The FX models are less so.
  3. With 440+hrs on my 16 350xcf, and the idea of racing a full season again in 2019, a new bike looked to be in the works. So, with permission from the boss I went and purchased a new 2019 Husqvarna FX350. I tried my hardest to work with my local KTM dealer to ride orange for 2019, but with a management change and a few new sales guys, getting any sort of deal on a bike was near impossible. With the new bike is sitting in the shop, and my trusty old one sitting on a stand for the last month, this weekend I made some time to moto down, both yesterday and today. After a few laps on my practice course a buddy of mine rolled up with his 19 Husky FX350 with approx 10hrs on the motor. Virtually the same bike I bought. So I did what seemed natural, I took it for a lap. And, I swear on my childrens life, I was actually sad when I was done my ride. Not because the bike wasn't good, but because it wasn't 'THAT' good. I expected this new 19 to really be the next step above but it clearly wasnt. There was some good points about the motor, it felt light and quicker to build RPM then my 16. But it had 10hrs on it, not 440hrs, it should have felt faster. But it didn't feel any more powerful when the bike got moving. The frame, suspension, etc all felt nearly identical which, according to the magazines shouldn't have been. I will give credit on 3 things on the 19. The clutch pull was considerably easier, the bike did feel thinner near the rads, and the traction control was next level. I could not believe how well the bike responds to the TC and how coming out of slippery corners, or going up slippery hills the bike just kinda pulls itself up. For anyone who thinks a Rekluse is cheating, 15min with TC under the right conditions and a Rekluse seems virtually pointless. But, my whole point of this post wasn't about the 19 Husky, but more so how maybe new bikes aren't always as good as the reviews say. I am starting to believe that when someone says "buy the new one as its 10x better", that opinion cannot be, or is not accurate in most cases. I felt a much similar opinion when it came to the new 19 YZ250F. It just didn't feel 'that' much of a improvement over the previous gen, as does this 19 FX350 over the 17 FX350, or even my 16 350xcf. Yes, I do think certain models do offer some real improvements over last year's models (think the 19 KX 450 vs 18, the 16 KTMs vs the 15s) but overall probably not as much as most would lend you to believe. Overall, just pick the best model you can afford and spend quality time and money personalizing it to better suite your riding discipline.
  4. Hans Schmid

    First Bike

    +1 on the DRZ400s... Would be a great bike to get your feet wet with...
  5. Hans Schmid

    New tow rig

    Is this a new truck? I own 1/2, 3/4 and 1 tons. The bigger you go the more expensive they get, not only to buy but operate. Unless you plan of putting them to some serious work, a 3/4 or 1 ton is virtually pointless for the average guy. If you must have something with a box, maybe look at a midsize truck like a Canyon or Colorado, or a Toyota Tacoma.
  6. Hans Schmid

    First Bike

    Same frame, motor, suspension, etc...
  7. Hans Schmid

    First Bike

    Lol, but that wasn't your original statement. You made bold claims saying the KTMs are not as reliable as the KTMs... That's untrue
  8. Hans Schmid

    First Bike

    Lol, me too...Both have been proven to be equally as reliable...
  9. Hans Schmid

    Husqvarna TX300 TPI in 2020?

    Like when the 4ts went to EFI, people will bitch and moan for a while about the added weight and complexity...but over time no one will want to go back to a carb.
  10. Hans Schmid

    First Bike

    Yeah, a 350/390 would be a good option...
  11. Hans Schmid

    TX 300 for Moto

    The TX300 will be more then adequate in the track... Essentially is very similar to MX only model but with a 6spd, larger tank, e-start and 18in wheel. Unfortunately the more you try to make it work better for one discipline, you'll be taking away from another... Seeing as you are already on a 4t, why not move over to a Husky FX450? Or even the FX350?
  12. Hans Schmid

    First Bike

    Have you any experience on a dirtbike?
  13. Hans Schmid

    First Bike

    Who would advise someone to buy a 450 as their first bike?
  14. Hans Schmid

    Sx 250 lights