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  1. Hans Schmid

    Leader of the pack?

    In your riding group, where do you fit? In front leading? Pulling up the rear? Somewhere in the middle laying low? How about your roll when it comes to other riders, example being do you help them or is it every man for themselves? For me I prefer to be at that back. Easier to kinda keep a eye on things, as well as help when a slower rider might struggle on a section. Doing this also allows me to improve my riding as I can practice small things I might not get a chance to do. I actually prefer to ride with a slower group as the risk of getting hurt goes down as well as the overall speed. Some of my faster friends ride at an unbelievable pace all the time which I find quite dangerous.
  2. "An enduro motorcycle should be registered as street-legal, in order to compete. Riders have to take care of their own motorcycles during a race and need to be able to fix minor damages. At the end of each day they have to change tyres and perform a series of basic maintenance tasks in a restricted time limit."
  3. Hans Schmid

    350 xcf vs xcf-w

    One has a close-ratio transmission with stiffer suspension and no lights... The other has a wide-ratio transmission with softer suspension, no linkage and lights...
  4. Yes, and many transfer sections take place on or across roads.. In many countries require street legal registration too...
  5. Hans Schmid

    Pot & Riding

    Mmm, I don't think the comparison is equal here. Lots of people use pot recreationally and are very very successful people. And so are people who might have a glass of wine or two every night. But when you compare the extreme ends of both (an alcoholic and heavy drug user), then you are always going to find examples of the worst.
  6. I don't know, many of our races are still true legit offroad races. Legit cross-country 3-5hr races, and yes, with chest high logs...
  7. It's not about being tough at all... I just find the benefits of flags far outweigh the benefits of wrap-arounds...
  8. Uhhh, ok... Pretty sure I race in much of the conditions you describe... I still use flags...
  9. Hans Schmid

    Pot & Riding

    I think that a pretty broad statement. 1 or 2 drinks does not have the same as 14 or 15. 10mg of edibles is not going to do much for the average person. Equally so, everyone has a different tolerance level too...
  10. Hans Schmid

    Pot & Riding

    When I get high, I just like to chill and let my brain wonder. That mind-set is really hard to get out of when you are trying to push/train to improve your lap times. Maybe using it while practicing on a trials bike could show more positive results!? Having a little THC in my system seems to really help communication with my kids better too. Not high all the time, but when I am, and I engage with them, I feel more empathy and understanding when I listen to them. Granted, these are 3yr and 5yr old little kids so communication is already difficult...plus kids are so basic in their approach to problems as they don't really suffer the same consequences as being an adult does.
  11. Hans Schmid

    2019 FX350 questions

    Are you really suffering on the AER forks? Go the MXTECH route as it's insanely cheap and the results are 10x fold...
  12. Hans Schmid

    18 FC350 Rear too plush

    Does it do this because you chop the throttle? Under throttle? Improper riding position? Etc? Unfortunately it's not that simple but I would recommend doing some bracketing to find out what direction you need to go...
  13. Hans Schmid

    Tires for Mud?

    No, for offroad
  14. Hans Schmid

    Tires for Mud?

    Well the picture you posted is of my YZ450s rear wheel, so pretty sure I have... Lol