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  1. The sum of all parts... But for all we know, the owner of that helmet could have been doing something way beyond his skill level and this is the result, or someone landed on him, or a footpeg, or handlebar...
  2. Every single accident in the world will always be different. No matter how hard you try to 'replicate' one equal to the last, it's impossible... So with that being said, congratulations the helmet did its job. But to discredit other manufacturers (especially when you haven't even tried one of their products), you're just talking out your ass...
  3. Naaa, your opinion, based on whatever BS uneducated, uninformed logic is dumb, simple as that...
  4. Nothing exciting or "revolutionary" on the new 19s. Some body work and smaller head... You're 16 isn't giving up anything...
  5. Lol, no... 1000s of hours riding alone and never thought twice about it...
  6. Bro, Beta 300, 2019!
  7. You'll be fine with the fan and stock stator...
  8. Faster then my buddies in a gravel pit!
  9. 6spd, e-start and kick, FI, big stator for lights and such... The X is just a YZ 250..
  10. ?
  11. The 250FX is a great machine and I consider it the best all around dirtbike you can buy...
  12. Been using good old Rotella 15/40 in my 350.
  13. I don't know who this "engineering" guy is but I don't remember him winning multiple bajas. I don't know who you are but I don't rememer you winning multiple Bajas either...
  14. Ride Engineering has had these for years...