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  1. Ah, after reading a few other threads, I see you're a B rider... And you didn't even ride the bike before you spent money on it... No one to blame but yourself bud...
  2. Let's be honest, you didn't have to spend $1500 on suspension. And you even admit you could have 'just bought springs', but you chose to go that much farther after all you read... Should have just rode the bike first, no? Regarding the performance of the suspension when you get up to speed? Are you an A level guy? And you spent $500 in guards, you would have to do that with any bike so it's a moot point. As well as grease the bearings and such... Quite whining and go ride your bike...or take up Chess..
  3. Huh? There is a 2lb difference between the two... Yes, the 350 might 'feel' slightly heavier due to inertia, but not that heavy...
  4. Buy the fuel pump and put it in yourself... It's a simple 20-30min job...
  5. Na, not wider until you get our past the radiators...
  6. I would start with the injector and check all connections. Then I would test the fuel pump and pressure... Go for there...
  7. Yamaha YZ250FX... Overall the best bike you can buy...
  8. KTM Con's Expensive cost and maintenance (Bullshi*t) Weaker engine (midrange) (Bullsh*t) Reliability questionable (Again, more bullsh*t) So where are these cons again? Lol
  9. I have one for my 350xcf...200+ miles out a single tank of fuel...
  10. Just work on riding properly first.. Slow wheelie is just for show...
  11. Your understanding is clear as day... In my experience, and with other riders I work with, caffeine intake (specific to dosage and frequency) play major parts in blood flow and overall performance. One rider I work with can't have caffeine within 4-6hrs of a ride. He pumps up almost to the point of not being able to ride... But before that, not a issue at all... I can run it much closer but I have to get water down pretty hard too... Funny thing, my dad was the one who suggested it from him pumping up himself...
  12. But but, I run Rotella...
  13. Studz allowed?